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Hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Hair Extensions & Wigs Products in February 2024: From Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair to Synthetic Bundles

Hair Extensions & Wigs Products

In the dynamic world of online retail, staying updated with the latest trends and top-selling products is crucial for success. This month, we’ve focused our attention on the Hair Extensions & Wigs category, a niche that has shown remarkable demand and customer interest. Our selection is based on actual sales data from Alibaba.com, ensuring that we highlight products with the highest sales volume in February 2024. This process guarantees that we bring forward items that are not just popular but also come with the assurance of quality and reliability that “Alibaba Guaranteed” offers.

“Alibaba Guaranteed” is a testament to our commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience. This service ensures that retailers can source products without the hassle of negotiating with suppliers, worrying about shipment delays, or dealing with order issues. With “Alibaba Guaranteed,” products are offered at fixed prices, inclusive of shipping costs, with a promise of timely delivery by the scheduled dates and a money-back guarantee for any product or delivery issues. The three core benefits—guaranteed fixed prices, guaranteed delivery, and guaranteed money back—make this selection especially appealing for retailers looking to stock up on the latest trends in Hair Extensions & Wigs without any risk.

In this article, we’ll showcase the top 10 “Alibaba Guaranteed” Hair Extensions & Wigs products that have dominated the market in February 2024. Each product has been chosen for its standout performance in sales and customer satisfaction, making them excellent choices for retailers aiming to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of their clientele.

Alibaba Guaranteed

### 1. Noble Bone Straight Hair Extensions: Natural Black to Ombre Blonde

In the realm of Hair Extensions & Wigs, synthetic options have emerged as a popular choice for their affordability and versatility. A standout in this category for February 2024 is the Noble Bone Straight 12 to 36 inches hair extensions. This product line, known for its high-quality synthetic hair, showcases a natural black to ombre blonde color, providing a range of styling options without the commitment to permanent dyeing.

Crafted from high-temperature fiber, these hair bundles are designed for long-lasting use and can withstand various styling tools without damage. Each bundle includes a closure, ensuring a seamless blend with natural hair and a professional finish. The silky straight wave style offers a sleek and sophisticated look, suitable for a wide array of occasions, from daily wear to special events. Notably, these extensions are made with a double machine weft to minimize shedding and tangling.

Noble’s commitment to quality is evident in the meticulous production of these hair extensions. With a weight range of 120-200g, they provide ample volume and length. Although not suitable for dyeing, their original color variations cater to diverse preferences, making them a versatile choice for consumers. Available for immediate shipment, these extensions come in a protective PVC bag, ensuring they reach retailers in pristine condition. With a minimum order quantity of just one piece, they offer an accessible option for businesses of various sizes looking to expand their synthetic hair offerings.

Noble Bone Straight Hair Extensions Natural Black to Ombre Blonde

### 2. Afro Kinky Remy Human Hair Extensions for Black Women

For retailers targeting the niche market of authentic human hair extensions, the Afro Kinky Remy Hair Extensions represent a significant trend, especially noted in February 2024. Originating from Henan, China, these extensions are specifically designed to cater to black women, offering a natural and voluminous look that blends seamlessly with natural hair textures.

Crafted from 100% Virgin Remy Brazilian hair, this product line stands out for its premium quality and durability. The hair is virgin, meaning it has not been chemically treated in any way, thereby preserving its natural strength and sheen. At 10 inches in length and weighing 50g, these extensions are perfect for adding volume and texture. Their natural black color enhances the authentic look, making them versatile for various hairstyles without the need for dyeing.

The Afro Kinky Bulk model is characterized by its unique texture and volume, making it an ideal choice for achieving a bold and natural afro style. Double weft construction ensures minimal shedding and tangling, enhancing the overall durability of the extensions. Despite their high grade, these extensions are presented as a cost-effective option for retailers, thanks to Noble’s efficient production and distribution channels. The packaging options offered are flexible, catering to different retailer requirements, including PVC bags or more durable cardboard boxes for enhanced protection during shipping.

With a sample order starting at just one piece, these human hair extensions are accessible for businesses of all sizes looking to diversify their product offerings with high-quality, natural-looking hair solutions.

Afro Kinky Remy Human Hair Extensions for Black Women

### 3. Mona Hair Indian Raw Hair Extensions: Unprocessed Virgin Quality

The search for authentic, high-grade hair extensions leads many retailers to Mona Hair’s Indian Raw Hair Extensions, a product that has made its mark in February 2024. Sourced directly from Delhi, India, these extensions are a testament to the beauty and quality of unprocessed virgin hair. Representing the epitome of natural beauty, these extensions are available in a variety of textures, including Kinky Curl, Water Wave, Deep Wave, Body Wave, and Straight, catering to a wide range of preferences and styles.

At the core of these extensions is the commitment to purity and quality. Each bundle is made from 100% Remy human hair, ensuring that the cuticles are aligned and the hair is free from any chemical processing. This not only maintains the hair’s natural sheen and strength but also ensures that it can be dyed in all colors, offering unparalleled versatility. Weighing 100 grams per bundle, these hair extensions are substantial enough to offer fullness and length without compromising on comfort.

Mona Hair takes pride in the durability of their product, utilizing a double weft construction to minimize shedding and tangling. The natural color 1B of the hair allows for easy blending with most hair types, while the ability to dye the hair broadens the customization options available to the end consumer. With lengths indicating a high percentage of long strands, buyers are assured of getting value in terms of volume and appearance.

The brand goes beyond just offering quality products; they also provide significant support for retailers, including OEM packaging options with custom branding and efficient dropshipping services. This approach ensures that retailers can offer their customers high-quality, versatile hair extensions with ease and confidence. Mona Hair’s promise of no shedding, no tangling, and soft, shiny locks, combined with their rapid shipping options, make these Indian Raw Hair Extensions a compelling choice for businesses looking to source the best in virgin human hair.

Mona Hair Indian Raw Hair Extensions Unprocessed Virgin Quality

### 4. WXJ Longhair Brazilian Human Hair Frontal Bob Wigs

As we continue our exploration of February 2024’s hot-selling hair products, the spotlight turns to the WXJ Longhair Bone Straight Bob Wigs. These wigs represent a fusion of style and quality, crafted from Brazilian human hair to offer a natural and luxurious look. The versatility in styling options is remarkable, with available styles ranging from Body Wave to Silky Straight Wave, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every preference and occasion.

These Lace Front Wigs are designed with a focus on authenticity and comfort. The transparent HD full lace front wig is made using Swiss lace, known for its durability and natural appearance, blending seamlessly with the scalp. This feature, combined with a cap size that fits most, provides a secure and undetectable fit, making it ideal for everyday wear or special events. The range in lengths from 10 to 16 inches allows for personal customization, whether the wearer prefers a shorter bob or a longer, flowing style.

Density is a crucial factor in the natural appearance of wigs, and WXJ Longhair does not disappoint, offering options of 150%, 180%, and 200%. This variety ensures that each wig has a full and voluminous look, mimicking natural hair density. Furthermore, the wigs are crafted from 100% unprocessed virgin Brazilian hair, ensuring that they are soft, tangle-free, and possess a healthy sheen. The lace color is thoughtfully chosen to be light brown, catering to a wide range of skin tones for a more natural blend.

An added advantage of these wigs is their durability and ease of maintenance. They can be dyed in all colors, allowing for total creative control over the look. Additionally, the ability to iron the wig makes it simple to switch styles, from sleek and straight to curls and waves, without compromising the hair’s integrity. Each wig is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready to wear or sell.

WXJ Longhair’s commitment to quality is evident in their seamless blend of style, comfort, and versatility, making these frontal bob wigs a must-have for retailers aiming to cater to the discerning tastes of their clientele.

WXJ Longhair Brazilian Human Hair Frontal Bob Wigs
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### 5. Grade 12A Indian Temple Hair: The Epitome of Virgin Quality

In a marketplace where authenticity and quality reign supreme, the Grade 12A Indian Temple Virgin Cuticle Aligned Hair stands out as a beacon of excellence. Offered by Mona Hair, this product underlines the brand’s dedication to supplying retailers with hair extensions that are not only of unmatched quality but also ethically sourced from Indian temples, ensuring a direct impact on the authenticity and spiritual significance behind each strand.

Crafted meticulously from 100% human hair, these bundles are the epitome of virgin quality, untouched by chemical processes and retaining their natural vitality. The weight of 100 grams per bundle is standard, providing ample volume and length for a full, luscious appearance. Available in a wide array of styles from the classic Straight to the more textured Kinky Curl, there is a style to meet every consumer’s desire, further enhanced by the hair’s ability to be dyed in any color, offering limitless styling possibilities.

The double machine weft technology used in crafting these extensions not only minimizes shedding but also ensures the durability of each strand, maintaining the hair’s natural flow and ease of styling. The natural color 1B blends seamlessly with the wearer’s hair, offering a natural and undetectable finish. With a longest hair ratio exceeding 30% in various categories, these extensions promise volume and length without compromise.

Mona Hair extends its commitment to excellence through comprehensive support for retailers, including customizable packaging options and efficient dropshipping services, ensuring that these high-grade extensions are accessible to a broad audience. The Grade 12A Indian Temple Hair bundles represent the pinnacle of hair quality, offering a combination of ethical sourcing, exceptional quality, and stylistic versatility that is unmatched in the market.

Grade 12A Indian Temple Hair The Epitome of Virgin Quality

### 6. Natural Elegance: Unprocessed Indian Virgin Hair Bundles by Mona Hair

Mona Hair continues to set benchmarks in the realm of premium hair extensions with their offering of Unprocessed Raw Bundles, a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and natural beauty. These bundles are a celebration of Indian heritage, meticulously sourced from Delhi, India, and embody the essence of natural elegance with their 100% cuticle aligned virgin hair.

These extensions are a paradigm of the brand’s dedication to providing hair that is not only of the highest quality but also versatile and enduring. Weighing in at 100 grams per bundle, they are available in a spectrum of styles that include Kinky Curl, Water Wave, Deep Wave, Body Wave, and Straight, ensuring a perfect match for every styling need. The ability to dye these extensions in any color opens up a world of creative styling possibilities, allowing end-users to customize their look to their heart’s content.

The craftsmanship behind these bundles is evident in their construction. The machine double weft technique significantly reduces shedding and tangling, a common concern with lesser quality extensions, ensuring that each strand remains intact and beautiful over time. Furthermore, the extensions boast a diverse range of longest hair ratios, ensuring that each bundle provides not only length but also unmatched fullness and texture.

Mona Hair’s comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction is further highlighted through their tailored services, including customizable packaging and efficient dropshipping options, making these hair extensions an attractive proposition for retailers. The promise of no shedding, no tangling, and a soft, shiny finish positions these Unprocessed Indian Virgin Hair Bundles as a prime choice for those seeking to offer their clientele the pinnacle of hair luxury and performance.

Natural Elegance Unprocessed Indian Virgin Hair Bundles by Mona Hair

### 7. Raw Brazilian Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs: A Synthesis of Style and Quality

The beauty industry continuously evolves, yet the demand for high-quality, versatile wigs remains constant. Mona Hair’s Top Grade Cheap Short Bob Wig stands as a prime example of this enduring appeal. Originating from Pernambuco, Brazil, these lace front wigs are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and style, catering specifically to black women seeking a blend of elegance and natural appearance.

Constructed with 100% human hair, these wigs offer a range of styling versatility that is hard to match. The double drawn technique ensures each wig is thick from top to end, eliminating any concerns of thinning or unevenness. With a weight range of 150g to 180g and available lengths from 10 to 40 inches, they provide ample opportunity for personalization in both volume and style.

The texture offerings are expansive, from Body Wave to Kinky Straight, ensuring that every preference is catered to. This variety allows wearers to switch their look effortlessly, whether they’re aiming for a casual day out or a sophisticated evening look. The transparent Swiss lace used in the cap construction is designed for comfort and undetectability, blending seamlessly with the scalp for a natural hairline.

These wigs are not just about aesthetics; they’re also about convenience and longevity. Capable of being dyed, styled, bleached, and permed, they offer a durable solution for those looking to invest in a high-quality hairpiece that can adapt to various looks and occasions. The availability of different hair colors, including natural 1B, #613, and #99J, provides further customization options to match the wearer’s preference or skin tone.

Mona Hair ensures these top-grade wigs are accessible without compromising on quality. Their factory price point is a testament to their commitment to providing value, coupled with the advantage of thick, healthy ends and a natural appearance that can be tailored to individual tastes. With swift shipping options, customers can expect their new, versatile wig to arrive ready to wear, promising an immediate transformation that’s both high in quality and style.

Raw Brazilian Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs A Synthesis of Style and Quality
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### 8. Ethical Excellence: 15A Grade Indian Temple Hair by Mona Hair

In an industry where quality often speaks volumes, Mona Hair’s 15A Grade Indian Temple Hair Bundles set a new standard for excellence. Sourced ethically from temples in Delhi, India, these hair extensions represent the pinnacle of virgin, cuticle-aligned hair, reflecting a commitment not only to beauty but to ethical sourcing practices as well.

Each bundle is a testament to purity, weighing 100 grams and available in an array of textures, from the classic Straight to the more intricate Kinky Curl. This versatility ensures that every user finds their perfect match, whether they seek to embrace a natural wave or a sleek, straight look. The hair’s ability to be dyed in all colors further underscores its versatility, making it an ideal choice for those looking to personalize their appearance while maintaining the integrity of their extensions.

What sets these bundles apart is their unparalleled 15A grade, a classification that denotes the highest quality in terms of strength, beauty, and longevity. The double weft construction reinforces this quality, minimizing shedding and tangling and ensuring that each strand remains intact and vibrant through various stylings.

Mona Hair’s dedication to ethical sourcing and exceptional quality is mirrored in the services they offer, including customizable packaging and expedited shipping, ensuring that these premium hair bundles are accessible to a broad audience. The promise of no shedding, no tangling, and a soft, shiny finish, coupled with the company’s ethical sourcing practices, positions these Virgin Indian Hair Bundles as a prime choice for those seeking to offer their clientele the very best in hair luxury and ethical beauty.

Ethical Excellence 15A Grade Indian Temple Hair by Mona Hair

### 9. Burmese Curly Wig: A Glimpse into Vietnamese Craftsmanship

Venturing into the exquisite realm of raw, unprocessed hair, the Burmese Curly Wig stands as a testament to the unmatched craftsmanship and quality of Vietnamese hair products. Sourced from Bac Ninh, Vietnam, this lace frontal wig is a showcase of the luxurious and natural beauty that Vietnamese hair is renowned for, providing an authentic and high-quality option for those in search of something truly exceptional.

Crafted from 100% raw, unprocessed Vietnamese hair from a single donor, this wig offers unparalleled purity and quality. The meticulous attention to detail in selecting and processing the hair ensures that each wig maintains its natural luster, strength, and texture, making it a durable and versatile choice. With weights ranging from 250g to 400g and lengths from 16 to 30 inches, the Burmese Curly Wig is designed to cater to a variety of preferences and styling needs.

The diversity in style is one of the wig’s standout features, with options including but not limited to Body Wave, French Curl, and Kinky Curl, allowing wearers to express their unique style effortlessly. The 180% density ensures a full and voluminous look, while the transparent Swiss lace base and average cap size provide a comfortable, secure fit that mimics the natural hairline for an undetectable finish.

Notably, this wig boasts a significant advantage in terms of longevity and versatility. It is capable of being bleached into color 613, maintaining its quality for up to 5-6 years, highlighting the exceptional raw hair quality. Alternatively, it can achieve a lighter shade like 27, with a lifespan of around 2 years, showcasing the wig’s adaptability to various styles and colors while retaining its integrity.

The commitment to quality extends to the packaging and delivery, with each wig carefully housed in a PVC bag, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition. Customizable bulk order options and swift shipping via DHL or FEDEX within 3-5 days make it an accessible luxury for those seeking the pinnacle of hair beauty and craftsmanship.

The Burmese Curly Wig represents not just a hairpiece but a blend of tradition, quality, and style, bringing forth the best of Vietnamese hair craftsmanship to the global market.

Burmese Curly Wig A Glimpse into Vietnamese Craftsmanship

### 10. Sleek Synthetic Hair Bundles: The Feel of Brazilian Human Hair

In the ever-evolving landscape of hair extensions, the quest for alternatives that mimic the quality of human hair without the associated maintenance has led to significant innovations. Sleek’s Synthetic Hair Bundles with Closure stand out in this category, offering an unparalleled hand feel that closely resembles that of Brazilian human hair. Crafted from high-temperature synthetic fiber, these extensions promise a blend of softness, smoothness, and ease of maintenance that is hard to find in synthetic offerings.

Originating from Henan, China, these hair bundles are designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, ranging in length from 12 to 36 inches and boasting a weight of 120g. The emphasis on a machine double weft construction minimizes the potential for shedding and tangling, a common concern with both human and synthetic hair extensions. This attention to detail ensures that the product remains durable and maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.

One of the key advantages of Sleek’s Synthetic Hair Bundles is their maintenance-free nature. Unlike human hair extensions, these do not require dyeing or chemical processing, offering a convenient solution for those looking for low-maintenance yet stylish options. The high-temperature synthetic fiber used allows for limited styling with heat tools, providing versatility in styling without the commitment required by human hair extensions.

The bundles come in a color as shown in the picture, offering a natural look that can complement a variety of skin tones and personal styles. With a longest hair ratio of over 60%, these extensions promise volume and length, enhancing the wearer’s natural hair with a seamless blend.

Sleek offers customized packaging options to suit different retail needs, from simple PVC bags to more elaborate cardboard boxes, ensuring the product reaches the customer in perfect condition. The brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the provision of OEM services, allowing for custom color and weight options, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and requirements.

These Synthetic Hair Bundles with Closure represent an ideal choice for those seeking the look and feel of Brazilian human hair with the practical benefits of synthetic extensions, making them a noteworthy addition to any retailer’s inventory.

Sleek Synthetic Hair Bundles The Feel of Brazilian Human Hair


This curated selection of Alibaba Guaranteed hair products, ranging from high-quality hair extensions to versatile wigs, showcases the diverse and top-selling items in the Hair Extensions & Wigs category for February 2024. Each product, carefully selected based on sales volume and customer satisfaction, exemplifies the commitment to quality, innovation, and customer needs that Alibaba and its vendors uphold. From the luxurious virgin hair offerings of Mona Hair to the innovative synthetic solutions by Sleek, this list provides a comprehensive overview for retailers aiming to meet the demand for both natural and synthetic hair solutions. Ensuring a blend of style, quality, and versatility, these products are poised to cater to a wide array of consumer preferences, reflecting the latest trends in the hair industry.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

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