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Everything You Need To Know About Sourcing Bar Tools in 2024

Overhead shot of various bar tools on a wooden surface

For cocktail enthusiasts who like mixing their own drinks at home or bartenders looking to restock their bar, having the right bar tools is essential to making top-level tipples. From classic shakers to muddlers, there is a huge range of products to consider. 

In addition, data from Future Market Insights reveals that drinking at home is continuing to grow, further driving the barware market. 

Here we highlight the most common cocktail tools, provide an overview of the bar tools market, and outline various sourcing options that retailers will want to consider before stocking up. 

Table of Contents
An overview of the bar tools market
Essential bar tools
What to look for in bar tool sets
How to source bar tools

An overview of the bar tools market

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According to Future Market Insights, the barware market is projected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% from 2022 to 2032. By 2032, this sector is forecasted to be worth USD 10 billion in sales.

Households, bars, and restaurants are all contributing to the increase in bar accessory purchases. Themed bars, specialty nights, and alcohol-driven holidays further drive the continuous need for custom drink equipment and stocking of tools. 

Another report from Future Market Insights notes that 86% of American households consume alcohol, with bar sets slowly becoming a staple in homes as people branch out into making more and more complex drinks.

Essential bar tools

Bartender using a bar spoon to mix a drink

With sets varying from four to 40 pieces, the additions that one can make to a bar set are nearly endless. However, there are some fundamentals that consumers should have in their reach, including:

Female bartender pouring a drink through a cocktail strainer
  • Cocktail strainers

Purpose: This two-piece set filters out ice and solids from the mixed drinks.
Types: Julep, Hawthorn, and fine strainers

  • Cocktail muddlers

Purpose: Muddlers are used to smash fruits, spices, and herbs to release flavors before adding them to drinks
Types: Plastic, metal, and wood

  • Cocktail shakers

Purpose: Shakers combine and chill drink ingredients before straining them into the glass
Types: French/Parisian (two-piece), Cobbler (three-piece), and Boston (two-piece) shakers

Horizontal view of bar jiggers in various sizes
  • Jiggers

Purpose: Also known as pourers, jiggers are double-sided stainless steel tools that measure precise levels of liquids

  • Bar spoons

Purpose: Bar spoons have long handles to help seamlessly stir drinks

  • Cocktail mixing glasses

Purpose: This bar tool is used to stir drink ingredients instead of shaking them
Types: Glass, crystal, or stainless steel

Bartender peeling the skin of an orange
  • Peelers/zesters

Purpose: Peelers are used to prepare garnishes by peeling a fruit’s rind, while zesters shave the rind to add flavor to a drink

  • Citrus juicers

Purpose: Citrus juicers are used to extract juice from citrus fruits

Other items to consider for your home bar or business are bottle openers, corkscrews, cutting boards, coasters, bar mats, straws and stirrers, bar towels, various ice molds, ice buckets with tongs, and garnish containers. Of particular importance to a bar’s setup is its glassware, requiring at least Martini, Collins, highball, beer, wine, champagne, pint, rocks, shot, and brandy glasses to cover the basics. 

What to look for in bar tool sets

Overhead shot of various bar tools on a marble surface

Buyers will want to consider finish (usually stainless steel, brass, copper, and gold), capacity (commonly 350ml, 550ml, 650ml, and 700ml), and the number of tools included in the bartender sets they’re looking to purchase. Additionally, bar tool stands can be found in bamboo, plastic, metal, and copper finishes, allowing for an elegant finish fit for display on a bar, cabinet, or countertop. Most sets will be dishwasher-safe.

How to source bar tools

Assortment of bar tools on a white bar top

There’s significant competition among big-name bar tool retailers and wholesalers, with companies providing different services depending on whether the sets are for personal or wholesale use.

For wholesale bar supplies, start by reading reviews, shopping brands with good reputations, and comparing product and shipping costs. Some companies will offer bulk purchase discounts.  Another option is to become a member of a loyalty club to get discounts or promotional savings. 


Bartender pouring a drink into a glass

Having the essential bar tools allows consumers and bars alike to be well-prepared when it comes to mixing, stirring, shaking, and pouring a variety of cocktails for guests or patrons. With time, consumers may look to add customized tools to their collections for personal use, while business owners may want to incorporate them as a way to market and brand their products. 

Thanks to more households expanding their bar tool sets and increased interest in creating cocktails at home, demand looks to remain steady for this market. No matter what your needs, Alibaba.com has a huge variety of cocktail tools, bartender tools, and bar tool sets in an array of finishes. 

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