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Review Analysis of Amazon’s Hottest Selling Pet Food in the US

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In the ever-expanding world of pet care, choosing the right food for our furry friends is paramount. Pet owners increasingly rely on customer reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, seeking products that promise not only nutrition but also satisfaction for their pets. This blog delves into the nuances of customer feedback on Amazon’s top-selling pet food products in the United States. By analyzing thousands of reviews, we aim to uncover what really makes these products stand out in the crowded pet food market. Our analysis covers both the highs and lows as reported by real users, providing a balanced view that can help manufacturers and consumers alike understand the key factors that contribute to a product’s success.

Table of Contents
1. Individual Analysis of Top Sellers
2. Comprehensive Analysis of Top Sellers
3. Conclusion

Individual Analysis of Top Sellers

hottest selling Pet Food

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food With Probiotics

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Introduction to the Item: This product is crafted for dogs who require robust nutritional support, integrating high-quality protein from real chicken and probiotics for digestive health. This formulation aims to meet the needs of dogs across all life stages.

Overall Analysis of the Comments: Garnering an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this dog food is frequently commended for its high protein content, which supports strong muscles and a vibrant energy level.

Technical details: Contains live probiotics to aid in digestion and immune health, with a guaranteed analysis of 26% crude protein and 16% crude fat.

Likes: Pet owners often report improved vitality and health in their dogs, attributing it to the rich protein content and the inclusion of essential vitamins and minerals.

Dislikes: Some criticisms relate to packaging and shipping, with occasional reports of damaged bags upon delivery. A few reviewers also mention that their dogs did not prefer the taste.

Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry and Beef

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Introduction to the Item: This line of cat food features tender cuts of poultry and beef in a savory gravy, designed to appeal to cats with a preference for moist food.

Overall Analysis of the Comments: It has an average star rating of 4.5, with many reviewers praising the food for its palatability and moisture content, which is particularly beneficial for cats requiring higher fluid intake.

Technical details: Each can contains approximately 70 calories with a composition that emphasizes both meat and by-products to ensure a rich protein source.

Likes: The moisture-rich gravy is often highlighted as a benefit for hydration, and the variety packs are appreciated for offering different flavors to keep cats interested.

Dislikes: Negative reviews sometimes focus on the food’s consistency and the presence of by-products, which some pet owners prefer to avoid. Issues with can integrity and delivery have also been noted.

Greenies Original Large Natural Dental Care Dog Treats

pet food full of vitamin

Introduction to the Item: Designed for dental health, these treats help clean dogs’ teeth by fighting both plaque and tartar buildup, freshening breath, and maintaining healthier gums through natural chewing action.

Overall Analysis of the Comments: With an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, these treats are highly endorsed by customers for their dental benefits and palatability.

Technical details: Formulated with highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest. The treats are VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) accepted for plaque and tartar control.

Likes: Dog owners frequently commend the product for reducing dental problems and note a marked improvement in breath and dental cleanliness.

Dislikes: Some owners express concerns regarding the size and hardness of the treats, which may not be suitable for all dogs, especially those with existing dental issues.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Science Diet Dry Dog Food

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Introduction to the Item: This scientifically formulated food addresses the needs of dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin. It is designed to be highly digestible and promote a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Overall Analysis of the Comments: This product holds an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, praised for its digestive and skin health benefits.

Technical details: Includes an exclusive blend of omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients that promote a visible improvement in skin and coat health within 30 days.

Likes: Reviews often highlight the food’s effectiveness in alleviating skin irritations and improving coat health, as well as its positive impact on digestive issues.

Dislikes: Criticisms generally relate to the product’s cost and some dogs’ reluctance to eat the food, possibly due to its unique formulation.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Original Dog Oral Care Water Additive

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Introduction to the Item: This easy-to-use water additive promotes oral health by freshening breath and reducing plaque and tartar buildup without the need for brushing.

Overall Analysis of the Comments: Averages a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, with many pet owners appreciating the hassle-free approach to maintaining their dogs’ dental health.

Technical details: Contains natural green tea extract, which is safe for pets and effective in combating bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.

Likes: The simplicity of adding it to water and the noticeable improvement in breath freshness are commonly praised.

Dislikes: Some pets do not like the taste, which can discourage them from drinking water, and a few users question the long-term effectiveness of the product.

Comprehensive Analysis of Top Sellers

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In this section, we dive deeper into the collective insights drawn from the reviews of the top-selling pet food products. This analysis aims to understand the overarching desires and dissatisfactions of customers purchasing pet food.

What do customers who buy this category want to get most?

Quality Ingredients: Across all product reviews, a recurring theme is the emphasis on high-quality ingredients. Consumers are increasingly aware of the nutritional content and are looking for products that offer real, identifiable sources of protein such as chicken, beef, or fish, and are free from fillers or artificial additives.

Health Benefits: Another significant aspect that consumers prioritize is the health benefit that the products promise to deliver. This includes improved digestion, better skin and coat health, dental benefits, and overall vitality. Products that deliver on these promises tend to receive higher satisfaction ratings.

Palatability: For pet owners, the palatability of food is crucial. Products like the Purina Fancy Feast which offer a variety of flavors and a moisture-rich texture that appeals to pets, tend to perform well. The ease with which pets transition to these foods and their eagerness to eat them are frequently noted in positive reviews.

Convenience: The ease of use of the product, as seen in the TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive, indicates a growing trend towards valuing convenience alongside health benefits. Products that simplify routine care without compromising health standards attract positive feedback.

What do customers who buy this category dislike the most?

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Inconsistency in Product Quality: One of the most common complaints across pet food reviews relates to inconsistency in product quality, such as variability in kibble size, formula changes without notification, or inconsistency in the texture and amount of gravy in canned foods. These inconsistencies can lead to dissatisfaction and distrust toward the brand.

Packaging and Shipping Issues: Issues with packaging and shipping also surface frequently in reviews. This includes damaged packaging, cans arriving dented, and bags that burst during transit. Such issues not only inconvenience the customer but also raise concerns about the safety and freshness of the product.

Health Issues: Negative reactions, such as digestive upset, allergic reactions, or dislike of taste, although less frequent, are significant detractors for pet food products. These issues can lead to critical reviews and are often deal-breakers for pet owners who are vigilant about their pets’ health.

Value for Money: Price sensitivity is evident in pet food purchasing decisions. High-cost products are scrutinized closely, and any perceived lack of value can result in negative reviews. Consumers expect visible benefits that justify the price, especially for premium products.


Our review analysis of Amazon’s top-selling pet food in the US highlights the importance of quality ingredients, health benefits, and palatability as key factors driving consumer satisfaction. On the flip side, issues like product inconsistency, packaging problems, adverse health reactions, and perceived value significantly impact customer satisfaction. For manufacturers and retailers, addressing these points is crucial for maintaining customer trust and enhancing brand loyalty. This distilled insight not only aids industry stakeholders in improving their offerings but also helps consumers make informed decisions for the well-being of their pets.

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