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Scandinavian Décor to Stock in 2024

A beautiful room decorated with Scandinavian décor

Scandinavian décor, with its timeless appeal and elegance, presents a significant business opportunity for sellers in the interior design sector. This décor reflects the simplicity of Nordic landscapes, emphasizing natural materials and a balance between form and function. It embodies critical trends that resonate deeply with contemporary consumers. 

This guide will explore different Scandinavian design trends that furniture sellers and interior designers may want to capitalize on in 2024. 

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Scandinavian décor market overview
7 Scandinavian design trends to stock in 2024

Scandinavian décor market overview

The home décor market, which includes the Scandinavian design décor market, has steadily grown in the past few years. As of 2022, it was valued at USD 672.20 billion, according to Market.us, and is expected to be worth USD 949 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 3.6%. 

Factors contributing to the popularity of Scandinavian design décor

Preference for minimalism and simplicity

Modern consumers are increasingly embracing a lifestyle characterized by simplicity and decluttering. They are doing away with excess and favoring a more mindful approach to living. This preference has become a guiding principle in shaping consumer choices, and Scandinavian décor offers just that.

Influence of Nordic culture

Nordic culture has significantly contributed to the rising popularity of Scandinavian design décor. Many Nordic people place a high value on simplicity, functionality, and a strong connection with nature. This distinctive lifestyle philosophy emanating from the Nordic region has given birth to the Scandinavian design aesthetic, capturing the admiration and interest of a global audience.

Preference for sustainability and eco-friendliness

Recent campaigns on sustainability and eco-friendliness have significantly shaped consumer preferences. People now prefer products made from recycled wood, reclaimed materials, and sustainable fabrics. This shift elevates the appeal of Scandinavian design among consumers, as it incorporates these values into its core principles.

7 Scandinavian design trends to stock in 2024

Fluid statement pieces

A living room furnished with a curved sofa

Fluid statement pieces infuse spaces with an elegant, dynamic presence. They are characterized by smooth, fluid lines and shapes that evoke a sense of movement and grace. Whether incorporated into furniture, lighting fixtures, or decorative accents, these pieces serve as focal points in a room, offering a visual break from the straight lines and angular forms common in modern interiors. 

Consumer interest in fluid statement pieces is demonstrated by the associated keyword search volume. For instance, according to Google Ads, there were 60,500 average global monthly searches for curved couches and sofas in the past year. This search volume reflects the popularity and appreciation for these Scandinavian décor pieces. 

Bold red room accents

Brown sofas with bold red pillows and cushions

Bold red brings a splash of dynamism to any décor. Pieces that integrate this color attracts attention and elevates visual appeal, consequently becoming the focal point in the room.

In addition, this color stimulates people’s response to a room thanks to red’s association with energy, passion, and excitement. It can also help to break the monotony of neutral tones prevalent in the Scandinavian palette, and is best used on specific accents like chairs, sofas, throw pillows, or artwork.

According to Google Ads, average global monthly searches in the past year for red items such as red sofas were 12,100 and 14,800 for red chairs. 

Metallic finishes

Beautiful metallic wall art finishes

Metallic finishes bring out a sense of contemporary elegance and sophistication. They have an inherent ability to catch and play with light, which adds a dynamic visual element to any space. In addition, metallic decor pieces are durable, resilient, and versatile. This dual nature – blending aesthetic charm with robust functionality – makes metallic finishes perfect for homes that aspire to a modern yet practical aesthetic.

There has been a growing consumer interest in metallic finishes. According to Google Ads, average global monthly searches in the past year for related items, such as metal wall décor, were 27,100. 

Geometric décor

Living room with geometric pattern paintings on the wall

Geometric décor is characterized by geometric shapes, patterns, or symbols conveying mathematical elegance. These designs are adaptable to different interior aesthetics thanks to their timeless appeal. 

Moreover, their symmetrical and structured nature brings a sense of order and balance, which makes them ideal additions to modern Scandinavian décor.

Google Ads data recorded 5,400 average global monthly searches for geometry wall art in the past year, demonstrating a consistent interest in geometric marvels.

Versatile multifunctionality

A multifunctional coffee table with storage compartments

Most modern Scandinavian designs are mindful of reducing clutter and maximizing the functionality of living spaces. These multifunctional pieces serve different purposes without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of Scandinavian design. 

Take, for instance, a Scandinavian flip coffee table. Its clever flip-top design transforms from a stylish coffee table to a functional workspace or a dining surface. This adaptability not only caters to the varied modern living needs but also enhances the overall space efficiency. Multifunctional pieces are perfect for homes that value both style and practicality.

Consumer interest in multifunctional pieces is evident. According to Google Ads, there were 1,900 average global monthly searches for a related item, multifunctional coffee tables, in the past year.

Artistic posters

Interior of a living room with artistic posters

Artistic posters create a distinctive charm in interior spaces through visual storytelling. Likewise, Scandinavian design tells a unique story that conveys a narrative, an emotion, or a connection, often to nature. These posters also contribute to the overall ambiance of a room by complementing existing décor to create an appealing personalized environment. They are perfect for those seeking to add a touch of personal expression and cultural richness to their living spaces.

Artistic posters are popular, as revealed by Google Ads data, which recorded 27,100 average global searches in the past year. 

Japanese-style lamps

Japanese style retro logia lamp

Japanese-style lamps incorporate natural materials like bamboo, rice paper, or wood. This incorporation of organic elements serves a dual purpose: illuminating the room and bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. In addition, Japanese-style lamps introduce a touch of cultural fusion. Each lamp’s design embodies and touch of simplicity, a principle that aligns with Scandinavian philosophies. They are perfect for cultural enthusiasts seeking a blend of Eastern and Nordic aesthetics.  

According to Google Ads, there were 8,100 average global monthly searches for Japanese lamps in the past six months. This consistent interest is a sign of appreciation for the unique charm that Japanese lamps bring to interior spaces.


Like the home décor market, the Scandinavian design market is growing and evolving, with new trends shaping its landscape. These trends determine how consumers perceive and engage with their living spaces, making it crucial for businesses to remain in tune with the ever-changing design dynamics.

As a seller, you can capitalize on this evolution by curating your inventory to reflect the latest design trends. To keep tabs on the latest market trends and to source quality décor items from trusted suppliers, visit Alibaba.com

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