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Popular Solar Garden Lights Customers Will Love


Solar-powered garden lights are quickly garnering a lot of attention as more environmentally conscious customers realize their importance and the value for money they provide. Solar garden lights can be a great idea if one wishes to illuminate specific areas of a garden at night. These simple lights might have a higher upfront cost, but their energy savings make them a lucrative buying option in the long run.

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Overview of the market
How do solar garden lights work?
Best outdoor solar lights for the garden
Help your customers brighten up their outdoor space

Overview of the market

Solar garden lights have become a dependable form of naturally powered lights in no time at all. Global warming and increased oil prices have further led to the rapid development of cost-effective and efficient solar garden lights. These lights can be used in residential, industrial, and commercial sites. 

In 2020, solar LED street lights had a revenue share of more than 50%, so they dominated the market. Moreover, when it comes to the solar LEDs used for gardening purposes, the overall demand is likely to experience a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2028. In addition, several smart city projects taken up by governments are endorsing solar street lights.

The global outdoor solar LED market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 24.6% between 2021 and 2028. Consequently, leading global vendors seek to expand their product portfolio and production units across multiple regions in the years to come to gain a competitive edge in the market.

How do solar garden lights work?

Solar-powered LED garden lights shining at night
Solar-powered LED garden lights shining at night

Solar garden lights store power by taking energy from the sun and converting it into sustainably generated light when in operation later at night. One or two small photovoltaic cells on the top of each light absorb energy from the sun and convert it into stored electricity. During the daytime, this energy is used to charge batteries. Moreover, a photoresistor registers the lack of light after sunset and triggers the LED light to turn on. The energy stored in the battery is used to power the garden light without grid energy. It is noteworthy that solar garden lights usually last 12-15 hours on a full charge. Furthermore, eight hours of good sunlight are enough to charge a small solar garden light.

Contrary to popular belief, planning and installing solar garden lights is easy. Each light is a standalone item; all you need to do is stick these lights in the ground according to where you need the most light in your garden in the evenings.

In a typical yard solar light, all the working components are mounted in a single unit. There is a controller board, LED, and battery. When it comes to a solar yard light, the functionalities are pretty straightforward. One solar cell can produce a maximum of 0.45 volts of energy, but the amount of generated energy depends largely on the amount of light that strikes its surface and the size of the cell. Hence, you require four-cell wires in series in an archetypal solar yard light. 

Best outdoor solar lights for the garden

Solar pathway lights

Solar pathway light during daytime
Solar pathway light during daytime

These lights can be lined up to illuminate driveways, pathways, fields, and pastures. They give an elegant look to the garden and generally point to the ground, so you can discern where you are walking. Users can install these lights by pushing them into the ground. These path lights are a great idea as they add to a garden’s overall beauty. 

Wall-mounted solar sensor lights

Wall-mounted solar lights can be installed along the house’s exterior or on the garden walls. These not only add to the garden’s ambiance but also improve safety by lighting the walls and the boundaries of the garden. They are versatile and can give gardens an impressive outlook. The installation process for these solar lights is also convenient; once installed, they can last for a long time. These lights also have sensor-based alternatives that get triggered by motion. 

Solar floodlights

Floodlighting is used to light up large outdoor spaces and generally requires a lot of electricity due to the size of the bulbs. It is used to help improve safety after dark or highlight the architecture of a building. Like all outdoor solar lights, these lights are weather-resistant. One can either keep these lights on till the battery runs out or set a timer. Your customers can also choose solar floodlights with motion-sensor options, so nothing passes their vicinity without some limelight. 

Solar lamp posts

Solar lamp posts can be installed along a walkway, on the gates, or randomly across the garden to add to its beauty. These lights are available in various shapes, sizes, and themes. Installing them may take some effort, but they serve as a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective option for the customer. 

Solar pond lights

Ponds look incredibly alluring when they light up from the inside. Underwater solar lights can be a fine addition to the garden, drawing attention to the pond. Moreover, they reduce the risk of someone accidentally falling into the pond at night. These lights are waterproof for usage inside or out of the water. They are also light and easy to move, so your customers can put them anywhere in the garden. Alternatively, they can keep these lights submerged in water, and they will work perfectly. They are a great addition to aesthetics and security. 

Solar spotlights

Solar spotlights are incredibly bright and can illuminate a specific spot in the garden. They can be either mounted on a wall or installed vertically from the ground to highlight one specific spot like a flagpole, vegetation, or landscaping. These solar spotlights are great in terms of aesthetics as well as security.

Moreover, your customer will not have to pay a fortune to install power outlets and electricity bills. These lights are not just power-efficient but also eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Most solar spotlights are automatic, so they turn on at dawn and dusk. Other solar spotlights have motion sensors, so they are switched on every time there is a movement around them. 

Help your customers brighten their outdoor space

The demand for solar garden lights is increasing across the globe. Moreover, these solar garden lights are also ingenious as they offer outdoor lighting while taking care of the environment. If you plan to add these practical solar garden lights to your portfolio, this guide can help you narrow down the trendiest and latest designs your customers will love.

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