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One of the greatest inventions of modern times is office pods, acoustic pods, home-office capsules, etc. An office pod is an appointed place, especially for clerical work. Typically, office pods have become a massive part of our daily lives, either working from home or in a designated individual workplace. Here’s a comprehensive guide on selecting office pods based on the types, salient features, and price range.

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A brief overview of the office pods market
Types of office pods
Pros and cons of office pods

A brief overview of the office pods market

single kolo office pod with sliding door

Office pods are in huge demand due to the flexibility of the workspace, especially after the pandemic, when working from home was a must. But working from home comes with some drawbacks that can disrupt workflow. Hence, an office pod is an excellent addition that improves workers’ efficiency and reduces distractions. 

Research shows that around 1.93 million people are working in coworking spaces. Nissan has stepped in to produce a foldable workspace in their cars; this vehicle is available in Japan for retail at approximately $22,000 to $38,000. Office pods are also a blessing in disguise for teenagers or introverts looking for some privacy. The key driver of this market is the increased demand for flexible office spaces for performing repetitive tasks. 

Types of office pods

office area with various meeting pods

Office pods can be briefly classified into the following types:

Kolo pods

Employees working simultaneously in two kolo meeting pods

The word Kolo is inspired by “colloquy,” which means conversation. They were designed to offer peaceful and quieter office spaces for private meetings or discussions. Since coworking is sometimes flawed and some people work more efficiently in an enclosed place, kolo meeting pods are an ideal solution for them. It ranges from $6,878‎ to $30,076.

Single booth

personalised single booth in home’s garden

The single booth is designed for users who prefer to work in a private, quiet environment with a focused work territory. This design is available in single standard seating for two or side-by-side units. This pod is constructed especially for consumers that love a soundproof environment, like the public phone booth, as it lets you make calls or attend office meetings without distractions. It has various options like air conditioning, air conditioner heating, etc., and the single booth ranges from $4,500 to $11,500.

Phone booth

single phone booth pod in an office

A phone booth is a solution designed for taking private calls or conference calls in a disruptive soundproof environment. In addition, its structure is designed in a way that enables two-way sound isolation. So, the conversations inside can’t be heard outside, and the one inside the phone booth can’t be distracted by the noise from outside. The phone booth usually goes for $4500 to $11500.. 

Privacy pod plus

privacy pod with a single chair and workstation

Privacy pod plus is a dream come true for a private meeting between two employees or a confidential phone call. It enables its users to have private conversations without being distracted by external disruptions. Thanks to its soundproofing capability, consumers can also use this pod for live instrument practice sessions, live broadcasting, study room, etc., and it goes from $12,250 to $19,500.

Meeting pods

Four Empoyees having a meeting in meeting pods

Meeting pods are a new level of office aesthetics that features a room for two or more people.. The primary purpose of this room-in-room team meeting pod is to have noise-free sessions. Meeting pods are widely used in schools, offices, hotels, houses, workshops, etc., costing $15,750 to $19,500.

Pros and cons of office pods


enclosed meeting office pods with three empty chairs

Noiseless working environment 

Research proves that background noise decreases productivity by 66%. And an office pod provides employees with a quiet working environment, which improves their productivity, and enhances their capabilities.

It saves money and space

Employers that want to create more space in the office on a low budget opt for office pods. So, office pods save costs and accommodate more employees alongside. 

Reduces stress 

A personalized cubicle gives employees a sense of privacy. Hence, providing employees with a personal office/cubicle to perform their work reduces stress and increases productivity.

Fewer distractions

An employee working in an open environment is more likely to get distracted easily. However, an office pod saves employees from distractions, keeps them on track, and helps them deliver their assignments early.


Employees having a meeting in an office pod

Limited interaction

For extensive collaborative projects, where employees’ contribution is necessary, only an open space workplace can provide that environment. 

Cramped space

Office pods for individual employees could make the whole look of the office clustered. Having proper space planning could give a better idea about the space. 

Supervision issues

Managing an office pod is a bit troublesome as it’s tough to supervise employees’ activities efficiently.


An office pod cuts across to consumers that want to redesign or recreate an energetic space without any major construction. Undoubtedly, office pods may have drawbacks, but it’s worth the investment as it’s an efficient option that saves time and offers comfort without breaking the bank. But sellers must know their target audience to stock up on the right varieties to boost sales.

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