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Tap into the Booming “Wedding Prep” Beauty Trend in 2024


Bridal beauty is big business, with today’s couples investing more time and money than ever before to look their best on their wedding day. In the months leading up to their nuptials, brides and grooms are seeking out specialty skin and makeup treatments, products, and gift sets to help them prepare. This emerging “wedding prep” season presents a lucrative opportunity for beauty brands. Read on to explore this growing bridal market, key purchase drivers, and recommendations on curating targeted offerings to make the most of increasing consumer spend around wedding preparations and parties. Thoughtful entry into this space allows brands to accompany couples during an intensely personal life stage, fostering lasting emotional connections long after they say “I do.”

Table of Contents:
1. The rise of multi-step bridal beauty routines
2. Curating gift sets for wedding parties
3. Personalized and scented products for the betrothed
4. Marvelous approaches for Wedding Prep Season
5. Final takeaways

The rise of multi-step bridal beauty routines

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Bridal beauty preparations are becoming more extensive and starting earlier than ever before. With the average engagement length increasing, many brides begin planning their skincare and makeup routines 6-12 months prior to their wedding day. They want to allow adequate time to commit to treatments and products that will help them look their best when they walk down the aisle.

According to recent surveys, today’s brides are especially focused on achieving a natural, effortless glow with clear and radiant skin. To accomplish this, they are investing in clinical skincare ingredients and procedures like microdermabrasion and laser facials. These are often followed by recovery-focused products to soothe skin and minimize redness or irritation.

Brands have an opportunity to curate multi-step skincare and makeup regimens specifically tailored for the bridal market. For example, a 6-month bridal skincare routine could include clarifying and brightening cleansers and serums for the first few months, followed by plumping and firming products closer to the wedding date. Pairing these with coordinating makeup palettes and lip colors allows for a cohesive, pull-together bride look.

Kits containing a complete routine are attractive as all-in-one solutions for stressed brides. And enhancing the packaging and marketing to align with the wedding theme makes them suitable for showers and proposal gift giving as well. Tapping into this growing bridal demand by positioning products for wedding prep presents a lucrative possibility for beauty brands.

Curating gift sets for wedding parties

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In addition to the bride herself, bridal parties and wedding guests are also interested in looking their best for the special day. This creates an opportunity for specially curated skin, makeup, and personal care sets that are positioned as the perfect wedding party gifts.

Attendants often appreciate pampering presents that help them relax and unwind during the traditionally chaotic lead-up to their friend’s big day. So gift sets with a focus on self-care, like scented candles, bath soaks, and facial masks are likely to appeal.

When it comes to makeup, complementary collections that align with the bride’s own wedding beauty look make for thoughtful gifts. For a romantic, rosy-hued bridal style, include corresponding pink-toned lip glosses, blushes, and eye palettes for the maidens. Tailor shades to a variety of skin tones for the most versatility within the group.

And don’t forget the men! From the groom to the groomsmen, male wedding gift sets are a relatively untapped market. Kits containing skin-refining facial washes, smoothing shave creams, and hydrating sun protection products instantly upgrade prep for any style wedding.

No matter the recipient, themed packaging and customization options give wedding beauty gifts a special bespoke feel. Offer engraving, individualized labels, trendy bridal wraps, or clever wordplay names on the sets to capture sales around weddings.

Personalized and scented products for the betrothed


Today’s couples want to infuse their personalities, backgrounds, and even their love stories into their weddings for a meaningful, custom affair. This provides openings for bespoke beauty products just for the bride and groom that hold sentimental value for their special day.

Customizable fragrances have become quite popular, with workshops allowing couples to create signature scents for their weddings. The personalized process fosters intimacy between the pair while producing unique perfumes and colognes. These can then be gifted to members of the wedding party as meaningful keepsakes.

Some services even capture the scent of a couple’s venue flowers, bouquet, or favorite romantic meal into one-of-a-kind perfume. Wearing these fragrances after the wedding evokes nostalgic memories for years to come.

In addition to fragrance, customized vitamin C serums, facial mists, and lip glosses allow couples to develop formulations specifically for their skin needs and makeup looks. Opting for decorative packaging featuring their names, wedding date, or custom logo elevates the bespoke factor even further.

Proposal boxes and bridal beauty countdown calendars also present fun opportunities for personalization while building anticipation. Showcasing images of each partner alongside coordinated lip and cheek shades makes for playful gifts for the betrothed during wedding prep season.

Marvelous approaches for Wedding Prep Season

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With growing consumer interest in extended wedding preparation, a strategic marketing approach is key to maximizing related beauty sales. The wedding prep timeframe typically ramps up 6-12 months prior to peak summer and early fall wedding dates.

Leading up to this season, limited edition sets, unique messaging, influencer partnerships, and social campaigns help position your brand as a go-to for bridal beauty solutions. Emails and blog content educating soon-to-be brides on achieving a flawless bridal glow can nurture leads during the long prep phase.

Unique bridal beauty imagery and copy on website landing pages and product listings also helps grab attention. Consider catchy niche hashtags to tap into social buzz and search around wedding skincare or makeup looks.

In terms of promotions, compel brides-to-be to lock in multi-step regimens with enticing discounts on full routine purchases. Free customization on certain products also adds value during the wedding lead-up.

Post-wedding, continue nurturing relationships with thoughtful, personalized email outreach. Provide guidance on transitioning her skincare regimen as needed, along with exclusive savings toward replenishing favorites. Building lasting connections leads to long-term loyalty beyond her special day.

Final takeaways

With weddings coming back in full force, the months-long preparation process presents tremendous openings for tailored beauty offerings. Couples are investing more than ever to put their best face forward on their big day. Tapping into the burgeoning market for bridal skin solutions, makeup looks, complementary wedding party gifts and custom keepsakes allows brands to foster lasting relationships with newlyweds. Consider specialized sets, targeted marketing campaigns and personalized touches to make the most of this major event season. Strategic entry into the wedding prep space will pay customer dividends for years to come.

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