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The Best Golf Hitting Nets for Outdoor Training

Large outdoor golf hitting net on driving range

Outdoor training is key for practicing golf swings and perfecting one’s game. One of the best ways to do this is to use golf hitting nets. These nets offer a convenient and versatile way for golfers to practice their shots at either a driving range or from the comfort of their own backyard. Keep reading to find out more about how different types of golf hitting nets can help optimize training sessions outdoors.

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Global market value of golf training aids
Best golf hitting nets for outdoor training

Global market value of golf training aids

Woman performing golf swing on artificial grass mat

Golf training aids are a continuously growing market, with modern accessories like VR headsets and new training systems hitting the shelves. With all these new accessories emerging, many consumers are still taking advantage of traditional gear such as golf hitting nets and targets.

Golf coach teaching young player to swing on course

According to Future Market Insights, the golf training aids market reached USD 869.3 million in 2023. By the end of 2024, that number is projected to increase to over USD 912 million. Between 2024 and 2034, analysts are predicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.10%, which is more than the 4.80% growth between 2019 and 2023.

Best golf hitting nets for outdoor training

Tall golf hitting nets set up on driving range

Golf training is an essential component of anyone’s game, whether they are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner. Choosing between the many styles of golf hitting nets will require considerations such as portability, overall training goals, budget, and space. There are a few golf hitting nets that stand out as top choices among players, though.

Modern driving range with golf hitting nets set up

According to Google Ads, “golf net” has an average monthly search volume of 40,500. Searches remain steady throughout the year, sitting between 27,100 and 49,500 searches per month. The most searches come between May and August, with 49,500 searches per month.

Google Ads also reveals that the top searches for golf hitting nets are “golf driving range net” with 14,800 searches, “golf cage” with 2,400 searches, and “pop up golf net” with 880 searches. Keep reading to learn all about these popular types of golf hitting nets.

Golf driving range net

Tall golf driving range net next to river in city

Golf driving range nets are key components of any successful driving range, as they provide high-quality practice facilities to players. They’re designed to provide a controlled environment for players to practice their golf swings, and they’re suitable for places like academies, sports complexes, and golf courses.

These nets must be made of a durable material, such as nylon or polyester, to ensure they can withstand the high speed that gold balls are hit at. The addition of UV protection will help to prevent deterioration over time, and having a sturdy frame made of steel or aluminum will add to their longevity. Golf driving range nets should also be constructed using reinforced edges and seams to prevent unraveling, and some designs may include impact panels that will absorb the force of the golf balls.

Golf driving range net with metal poles for support

Golf hitting nets used for driving range purposes must be tall enough for players to practice their full swings without the ball leaving the enclosed space. The height of these nets ranges from 25 feet to 125 feet, depending on the needs of the driving range, but they can be customized to be even higher if necessary.

Consumers will be looking for golf hitting nets that can easily be installed with either frames that require minimal assembly on-site or that include pre-installed poles. The frame or poles will need support cables to attach to nearby structures or anchors that can fit into the ground to prevent the net from collapsing. These nets will range from USD 200.00 up to several thousand dollars, depending on the features and size required.

Golf cage

Man hitting golf ball into golf cage on roof

Golf cages are a fantastic alternative for businesses that don’t have the space for a full-sized driving range. These golf hitting nets still provide golfers with a high-quality training facility, but with a lower risk of injuring others or damaging nearby property. They’re constructed using the same materials as driving range nets, nylon or polyester with UV protection, but they’re significantly smaller in size.

Typical golf cages start at heights of 7 feet but can reach above 10 feet if needed. The width can also be customized from anywhere between 10 feet and 20 feet or above. The frames or poles should be made of a durable metal, such as steel. By providing more space, the player is able to produce full swings with driver clubs without fear of hitting the net.

Man in front of large golf cage on grass

Unlike driving ranges, golf cages provide a completely enclosed space, so players can work on the mechanics of their swing as well as accuracy without needing to go to a driving range. They do require more technical installation, though, which will involve assembling the entire frame and ensuring the poles are firmly stuck into the ground. Golf cages are popular in places like academies, backyards, and the side of driving ranges where players may want to practice their swings without distractions.

Prices for this type of golf hitting net start at approximately USD 500.00 and can reach over USD 2,000.00 depending on the size, materials used, and additional features it may include, such as a speedometer or targets.

Pop-up golf net

Ball lined up on golf tee in front of net

Many consumers find that pop-up golf nets are an accessible and convenient way to practice their swings wherever they desire without needing to go to a driving range or sports center. They can be used indoors and outdoors in spaces such as backyards, garages, and parks, just to name a few. And unlike other types of golf hitting nets, pop-up golf nets are more affordable, ranging from USD 50.00 up to USD 300.00 depending on size and durability.

These nets will be made of either durable nylon or polyester to ensure longevity, with reinforced seams to prevent tearing. Since these nets have a “pop-up” feature in their design, the frame needs to be made of flexible fiberglass or metal that will support the structures but still allow for them to collapse and fold away for transportation.

Pop-up golf net with target in the center

Pop-up golf nets aren’t designed to be as secure as other types of golf hitting nets, but they should still be able to withstand golf balls being struck at them at close range. Having a diamond or mesh pattern in the netting will allow the net to absorb and collect the ball more effectively. Consumers may also want to include a target to practice their accuracy.


Close-up of a golf hitting net at sunset

Golf hitting nets are designed to help golfers perfect their swings and accuracy in an enclosed space. There are various styles available, but they are all built with longevity in mind, with durable materials that can withstand the speed of golf balls. Golf hitting nets remain some of the most popular pieces of golf gear today.

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