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Top 3 Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Warmer Rides This Winter

Pair of black heated motorcycle gloves on beige background

Motorcycle rides don’t stop when the weather turns colder, which is why heated motorcycle gloves are essential. These gloves are designed to defend the hands from the freezing cold air and harsh weather conditions, often using the latest technologies to do so. As well as providing ultimate warmth to the rider they’re also a stylish and comfortable accessory for riders to have on hand.

Heated motorcycle gloves are now available in different sizes, thickness, and styles and each pair has different features that appeal to consumers. This guide will look at which of these gloves are the most popular and what they can offer riders.

So keep reading to learn all about the world of heated motorcycle gloves.

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Global market value of motorcycle gloves
Top 3 types of heated motorcycle gloves

Global market value of motorcycle gloves

Pair of black leather motorcycle gloves being put on hand

The surge in sales of motorcycles in the past decade has fueled more of a demand for motorcycle clothing, electronics, and riding accessories. Equipment such as motorcycle riding gloves in particular are highly sought after with companies introducing more affordable gloves that not only provide comfort for the riders but also an additional touch of safety while on the road.

Hand with leather motorcycle glove being worn in sunlight

By 2023 the global market value of motorcycle riding gloves had reached USD 115 million. It’s expected that by the end of 2033, over a 10 year period, that number will increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3%, bringing the total value to USD 154.9 million. Heated motorcycle gloves for the wintertime are a popular option for riders who need additional warmth in colder climates than regular riding gloves can offer.

Top 3 types of heated motorcycle gloves

Heated motorcycle glove wrapped around handlebars of motorcycle

Winter motorcycle rides have become more popular in the past several years and with that has come a demand for weather-appropriate motorcycle clothing and accessories. Heated motorcycle gloves are available in different forms and each type has its own important features that cater to the specific needs of the consumer.

Black motorcycle glove being worn by man on motorcycle

According to Google Ads, “heated motorcycle gloves” has an average monthly search volume of 14800 with the most searches coming in December at 33100 searches. Between August and January, over a 6 month period, searches increased 80%.

Google Ads also reveals that the most searches for gloves were “rechargeable heated gloves” with 2900 searches followed by “battery powered gloves” with 1000 searches, and “infrared gloves” with 210 searches. Keep reading to learn about the key features of each of these heated motorcycle gloves.

1. Rechargeable heated gloves

Black rechargeable heated gloves with button on wrist

Rechargeable heated gloves are increasingly popular among motorcycle riders due to their convenience and versatility. They’re especially reliable in wintery conditions as the built-in heating element can be customized to suit the level of warmth needed. The heating element is typically found across the fingers and the back of the hand, and it’s made of either alloy or carbon fiber wires.

The rechargeable battery pack should be lightweight and easy to attach to the gloves, causing no hindrance to the rider, and these batteries can last between 2-8 hours. Traditional motorcycle gloves are only able to protect the hands from wind and rain whereas the addition of a battery-operated heating element allows riders to enjoy winter rides. In extreme winter conditions regular gloves won’t be able to provide adequate protection and can create a safety hazard.

It’s essential that these heated gloves are waterproof and materials such as synthetic fabrics or leather are ideal for the outer shell of the gloves whereas the interior should be insulated to retain the heat. Many modern heated motorcycle gloves incorporate touchscreen capabilities into them as well.

What makes these gloves so popular is that they are quick to heat up in cold conditions, allowing riders to enjoy the great outdoors in all weather conditions at the touch of a button without worrying how the cold will affect their hands.

2. Battery powered gloves

Pair of gray and black battery powered heated motorcycle gloves

Battery powered heated motorcycle gloves use a direct wired power connection to generate the heat elements that can be connected to the electrical system of the motorcycle. This ensures continued warmth for the duration of the ride and eliminates the need to recharge a battery.

Since these gloves will be connected to the motorcycle the cord length needs to be long enough to reach the power source on the motorcycle comfortably while providing flexibility of movement when the motorcycle is in motion. A short cable is a big safety concern and will put buyers off purchasing them. As these gloves are designed for use in the winter, consumers will be looking for a fast warm-up time, a flexible design that allows for natural hand movements, waterproofing materials, touchscreen capabilities, and a secure fit that’s often in the form of a strap or cuff.

These gloves offer convenience where traditional motorcycle gloves don’t. This hassle-free solution to staying warm allows riders to enjoy themselves in extremely cold conditions without the need of an external power source. They can also be used for other activities outside of riding.

The downside of these gloves is that they need to be connected to a power source to work so they can’t be used for other activities such as winter hiking or skiing. More portable styles of gloves are more versatile in that respect.

3. Infrared gloves

Pair of black and red infrared heated motorcycle gloves

Infrared motorcycle gloves are a popular choice among riders due to the deep-penetrating warmth they provide. The infrared technology helps to improve blood circulation as well as give a feeling of natural warmth that doesn’t come with battery powered motorcycle gloves.

These gloves use an advanced technology that produces infrared radiation in order to generate the heat needed. The heat elements are made of carbon fiber or other conductive materials like infrared yarn to efficiently keep the hands warm. Riders will be able to adjust the level of heat emitted from the gloves to suit their preferences.

These gloves can last anywhere between 12-36 months, depending on how frequently they are used. To get the most out of them it’s recommended that consumers turn them off using the panel on the outside of the gloves when they’re not in use. Compared to traditional motorcycle gloves these heated gloves provide ultimate warmth as well as flexibility, allowing the rider to use them at any time of the year in different weather conditions. Regular gloves may have some insulation built into them but they should be avoided during the winter.

Heated motorcycle gloves sizing chart from MKC Moto

Having a glove that’s too large can hinder their control of the motorcycle and impact the heat penetration provided by the infrared technology. Overall, this is one of the best heated motorcycle gloves for the winter and is growing in popularity thanks to its modern features.


Man pulling on black motorcycle gloves wearing white helmet

Motorcyclists now have a good selection of heated motorcycle gloves to choose from, whether they prefer leather gloves or synthetic fabrics. Riders who want a flexible and versatile pair of gloves will be looking to purchase either the rechargeable motorcycle gloves or the infrared gloves and those who want uninterrupted warmth will turn to the battery operated gloves that plug-in to a power source, such as the motorcycle.

With the latest technologies incorporated into motorcycle gloves, riders are now able to enjoy the freedom of the open road in all weather conditions.

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