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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Kid’s Chairs

2 modern baby-feeding high chairs

Choosing ideal kids’ chairs can be frustrating and overwhelming for parents.

The right chair allows children to enhance creativity, finish homework, enjoy meals, and sit with parents for family discussions. While versatile chairs can become beds, others are designed for studying.

However, because the chair should withstand many years of heavy use, choosing a sturdy, safe, and easy-to-clean chair is essential.

Fortunately, this guide provides essential factors to consider when choosing chairs for little ones in the family.

But before that, here’s why Kids’ furniture offers excellent business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Table of Contents
The global market for kids’ furniture
Factors to consider when choosing the best kid’s chair
Types of kids’ chairs

The global market for kids’ furniture

What is the projected market growth for kids’ furniture?

According to Allied Market Research, the global kids’ furniture market was $26.6 Billion in 2020. And the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% from 2021 to 2030, reaching $48.9 Billion by 2031.

This projected growth is propelled by the following:

  • Many middle-class parents want to provide their children with comfortable lives.
  • The increase in learning from home has surged since 2020
  • Increased urbanization exposing parents to various kid’s furniture designs

Factors to consider when choosing the best kid’s chair

Kid’s furniture marketplace is inundated with different brands and designs, which can be tricky for parents sometimes. This section clears the air by highlighting key things parents can look for when choosing the right kid’s chair.


An ideal kid’s chair should allow a baby to get in and out easily. A parent could also examine if the chair has a tray that can be operated by one hand.

Will the chair be moved, or is it stationary? A stationary chair should have lockable wheels to keep it stable.

On the other hand, if the chair’s design encourages movement, a parent could choose models with wheels. With wheels, parents can push the chair to the table for meals and back for storage.

Another functionality worth considering is whether the chair has a transition option. This would allow a parent to use it as a comfortable cradle and a toddler booster for self-feeders.


A child’s safety when sitting on a chair should be a parent’s priority; otherwise, neglect can result in severe injuries.

Here are some safety features needed for a kid’s chair:

• It should have seat straps (easily buckled and unbuckled).

• It should be certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPAM).

• The material should be strong and sturdy to withstand rough treatment.

• The material mustn’t consist of harmful or toxic substances.

• The chair should have smooth edges

• It shouldn’t have slippery surfaces


Comfort is a must-have for a kid’s chair. The seating area should be well-padded with soft materials. And if it’s a high chair, it should have a footrest where the child can rest their feet.

Easy to clean

Kids are messy eaters; hence they require chairs that are easy to clean after a messy meal. Chairs covered in vinyl materials are one such example.

Kids also require chairs with fewer crevices and seams, thus preventing crumbs and sauces from remaining on the furniture.

Some parents even settle for chairs with tray-within-a-tray as they can remove the top tray for cleaning, leaving the inner one for use.


Kids’ chairs come in different colors and materials, with some boasting embellishments and fun characters.

Here are some common materials and their benefits:

Wood: Wood chairs exude a classic vibe to any room. They are often sturdy for safety and can endure kids’ playtime for years. Furthermore, most kids’ wooden chair designs resemble adult versions, thus making them blend easily with the house décor. And since wood can be stained or painted, parents can customize them.

Metal: Metal chairs are often easy to clean, making them an ideal option for a parent looking for stylish and durable options. Many parents love foldable designs since they are easy to store away when not in use, thus creating more space.

Plastic: Plastic chairs are lightweight for young ones to move around. They also come in various bright colors and are easy to clean. They are relatively cheap and don’t need complex assembly at home, making them ideal for little kids.

Therefore, parents, guardians, and teachers should look for durable, stable, and customizable materials when choosing kids’ chairs.


Like dining table designs and their seats, kids’ chairs should fit their tables comfortably, allowing them to concentrate.

Small chair sizes are suitable for toddlers between 2 and 3 years, while larger chairs are ideal for kids between 8 and 10 years.

When kids are seated on a chair with feet flat on the floor, their knees should be 90°. Most seat heights range from 8 to 18 inches, and every parent should know the right chair height for their children.

Types of kids’ chairs

Looking for suitable kids’ chair recommendations? Here are some examples worth considering on the market.

Baby swing chair

Automatic electric baby swing chair

Rocking a toddler to sleep can be frustrating for parents with busy lives. However, one can make a crying baby sleep faster with baby swings.

Swinging chairs also provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging spot to lay an infant as the adult does other pressing tasks.

For instance, consider Swing Electric Chair Bed for kids that employs new black technology to care for the baby. This rocking chair has an ergonomic design that holds the baby at 25° to care for the baby’s spine.

It also comes with a gentle 4-gear swing to easily rock the baby to sleep. The rocking chair will automatically stop when the set time is up, allowing the mother and the child to sleep well.

Furthermore, the Swing Electric Chair Bed has built-in Bluetooth cradle music that moms can play through a U disk. The music is designed to keep the baby calm for a longer rest. It is also portable, sturdy, stylish, and convenient for travel.

Baby rocking chairs

Wooden children’s rocking chair

Babies naturally love rocking, with evidence suggesting that rocking slows the infant’s heart rate and activates their sensory and motor systems.

TAs mentioned earlier; rocking soothes babies to sleep, helping mothers do other tasks or enjoy sleep.

However, rocking the baby to sleep all day long can be exhausting. Plus, modern life is busy with many things to attend to, and mothers don’t have all the time.

Fortunately, infant comfort rocking chairs allows a parent to rock their baby to sleep faster. The rocking chair is made of a lightweight, but stable, practical, and strong stand, ensuring that the infant is safe. Its adjustable belt ensures the child is safe as the mother rocks it.

But that’s not all. It’s easy to assemble and made from child-friendly materials.

The cushion is made from high-quality organic cotton and is washable.

Parents can rock the chair with their feet as they engage in other activities. And since the infant comfort baby rocker is highly portable, a parent can carry it to the office, living room, and bedroom.

Adjustable ergonomic kids’ chair

Adjustable smart ergonomic kids’ study chair

Ensuring that children have the right workspace is a positive step towards providing a conducive environment for them to learn. An adjustable ergonomic kid’s chair is ideal for study since it meets the need of kids of different ages.

This chair is suitable for children ages 3 to even 18 years old. And because it is ergonomic, it helps the young ones keep the right posture while studying.

This ergonomic kids’ chair features adjustable armrests, depth, height, and swivel. These features help kids achieve great comfort as they study or work on their projects.

The backrest of these chairs is designed with spine protection, a three-dimensional wrapped back, and double adjustment seat depth to ensure children maintain a 90° sitting position.

Furthermore, the double back also ensures correct sitting posture, and the adjustable cushion makes it possible for parents to adjust the chair’s cushion height to suit different ages.

Baby high chairs

Plastic feeding baby chair

Children are usually excited when they can also sit at the dinner table with their parents to enjoy a family treat.

Some parents prefer portable and foldable baby-feeding high chairs because they are built with sturdy plastic trays. The tray provides kids with their eating surface and makes cleaning easy after unexpected and inevitable spills.

Some baby-feeding high chairs have unique features, providing a kid with something to focus on or play with in-between meals.

Types of high chairs include folding, single-stem, clamp-on, traditional booster seats, and harnesses.

Baby strollers

A set of multifunctional 3-in-1 baby strollers

As the name suggests, baby strollers allow parents to enjoy regular walks with their kids when going for a stroll.

These kids’ chairs come in different shapes, and the unlimited options can make choosing the right one challenging.

Here are some basic factors to remember:

  •  Ensure the stroller can fit in the car’s backseat or trunk.
  •  Ensure the stroller is big enough for the child to grow into it. Strollers tend to be expensive. Therefore, one should ensure their child can use them until they start to walk.
  • Ensure the chair has enough storage for diapers, snacks, and bottle


The kids’ furniture industry is full of different types of chairs. Hence, parents can choose kids’ chairs that suit their family’s needs and lifestyle. Why not start with basic chairs that address immediate urgent needs before exploring complex chairs?

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