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5 Amazing Fashion Tie Dye Beanie Women Styles for 2023


The hats season is here again, and women are gravitating towards beanies. These hats can help women escape terrible hair days and look cute in any outfit.

But beanies can look even more fantastic with tie-dye aesthetics. Psychedelic trends continue to permeate various fashion trends, and beanies are no exception. Tie-dye takes the classic item for a hippie and colorful spin.

Explore five eye-catching tie-dye beanies for women that will rock 2023.

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How profitable is the beanie market?
5 reigning & profitable beanie tie-dye women’s designs
Capitalize on these beanie styles

How profitable is the beanie market?

Beanies are cozy hats that are part of the winter hat market. Globally, experts value the 2021 winter hat industry at $25.7 billion. They expect the segment to register a CAGR of 4.0% from 2023 to 2030.

The beanies market owes its tremendous potential to the global increase in fashion trends awareness, changes in environmental temperatures, and the rising demand for more stylish winter hats.

Additionally, the beanies segment holds the largest share of the winter hat market, accounting for over 40% of the generated revenue in 2021. Beanies are incredibly versatile, and most consumers use them for everyday urban wear. They’re also staples for outdoor and indoor activities, cementing their positions as winter hat essentials.

Beanies are also widely spread across multiple regions with cold climates. And most youths love these trendy hats because they look great with every outfit. Experts predict the segment will continue to show promise over the forecast period.

5 reigning & profitable beanie tie-dye women’s designs

Slouchy beanie

Woman posing with a colorful tie-dye beanie

Slouchy beanies always look so fascinating that onlookers can’t help but love the look. Although the item’s unique feel is already a point of interest, adding tie-dye vibes makes the slouchy beanie even more exciting.

Tie-dye slouchy beanies don’t have cuffs and will rest on top of the wearer’s ears. The piece gets its name from the extra material slouching down towards the back of a lady’s ear. These hats appeal to women who prefer grunge or carefree looks. But it’s easy to look outdated if consumers don’t pair this item with a purposeful outfit.

Tie-dye beanie on a furry surface

Since tie-dye aesthetics lean into more relaxed trends, it only makes sense that ladies should pair them with similar items. Consider pairing the piece with an oversized crew sweater and baggy ripped jeans for a full-on laidback outfit. Alternatively, ladies can opt for muted and neutral colors and let the tie-dye slouchy beanie do all the talking.


Blonde woman rocking a tie-dye hipster beanie

Hipster beanies are pretty similar to slouchy beanies. The only difference is that they offer more structure than their slouched cousins. It’s always easy to spot a hipster beanie girl—she’ll probably have her hair tied up in a bun or be rocking oversized glasses. Note that tie-dye makes the item even more exciting and interesting.

In addition, hipster beanies are a hit across social media. But ladies have to put some thought before rocking these hats. Sporting the wrong combination with a psychedelic-themed cap would easily spell disaster. Casual is one-way women can rock tie-dye hipster beanies and give off the right aura.

Hipster beanies have designs that are more suited for fashion than staying warm purposes. With that said, these hats are excellent with basic, casual T-shirts and jeans. Wool trench coats can add extra interest to the outfit, while the beanie makes a bold statement. Ladies can finish off the look with combat boots or heels.

Blonde woman wearing a tie-dye hipster beanie

Fisherman beanie

Woman smiling in a tie-dye beanie

Fisherman beanies are kind of different from the other beanies in this article. They follow the trend of fisherman hats by turning the sides up or the entire beanie inside out. These hats exude a casual vibe and would pair excellently with similar apparels with tie-dye effects to achieve classic combinations.

Women can make these hats look extra by rocking dark-green skinny jeans instead of the standard blue denim with their winter outfits. Consumers driven by comfort will love the cashmere tie-dye fisherman beanies. They’re soft and comfortable to keep on the head. And ladies can pair these hats with black coats and ripped skinny jeans for a chic look.

Textured knitted patterns add extra layers of fashion appeal to wool tie-dye fisherman beanies. Ladies will rock a cool look by pairing this hat with black motorcycle jackets and slim-fit denim. Biker boots will complete the outfit and add an urban appeal.

Woman rocking deep-colored tie-dye beanie


Two tie-dye pompom beanies displayed on a table

Cute is what comes to mind when people think about pompom beanies. These hats have fluff balls on their tops usually made of faux fur, yarn, or other thick strings. Additionally, pompons are the most feminine beanies any lady can own. And they’re also the most flattering.

One interesting detail about tie-dye pompons is their fluff balls. They can introduce some color contrast to the multi-colored piece and make it look eye-catching. For example, some models can have solid-colored fluff balls like white or black as an interesting detail. These hats can have ribbed, cuffed, or cuffless designs.

Woman wearing a yellow tie-dye pompom beanie

Although pompom beanies are playful, ladies can still achieve chic looks with the piece. Choosing a black coat would contrast the colorful style of the tie-dye pompom. Adding ripped skinny jeans to the get-up would complete this off-duty look. Similarly, a grey coat and black sweatpants would make a dreamy pair with these beanies.

Cuffless beanie

Woman posing with a tie-dye beanie

Cuffless beanies are the opposites of their cuffed cousins. They’re just caps and won’t come with extra materials to roll. Essentially, the edge of these beanies will stop on the wearer’s forehead. Achieving a look with cuffless beanies involves choosing the right style. 

Thicker and more structured versions are top picks because they can stand up straight, instead of falling backward like slouchy beanies. Tie-dye is one style that naturally fits cuffless beanies. Regardless of length, ladies can pull off eye-catching looks by just wearing this piece over their heads. Women can take the casual lane by wearing this hat with a white long-sleeve and ripped jeans.

Woman striking a pose while wearing a tie-dye beanie

One of the prettiest ways to style a tie-dye beanie is with a black leather jacket teamed with blue skinny jeans. Adding white canvas is a great way to punch up this outfit and make it more laid-back. Ladies can also marry a crew-neck sweater and shorts with cuffless beanies for an off-duty and chic ensemble.

Capitalize on these beanie styles

Beanies are cool headgears that look great with tie-dye effects. Not only do they feel exciting, but tie-dye beanies elevate otherwise boring and simple outfits. Ladies don’t need to add other bright colors to the piece. They need muted and neutral colors, so the attention stays on the colorful cap.

For this reason, more consumers are sure to gravitate toward these beanie styles for more fashion-forward and functional hats. Businesses must capitalize on slouchy, hipster, fisherman, cuffless, and pompom beanies to draw the attention of fashionistas in 2023.

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