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Top 7 Shampoo Types to Stock in 2024

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The hair care industry offers extensive shampoo options, each catering to various hair types and textures, providing numerous solutions. Although each formula has amazing perks, consumers will always go for high-quality products that help to simplify their hair care routine—meaning no need for extra washing and handling! 

Given that consumers are always on the lookout for quality shampoos, here is our list of the top seven shampoo types worth offering in 2024.

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Shampoo market overview
Top 7 shampoo types worth offering in 2024
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Shampoo market overview

Shampoos are one of the biggest beauty products worldwide. According to experts, the global shampoo market reached US$ 32.86 billion in 2023. But they predict it will hit US$ 41.50 billion by 2028, growing at a 4.78% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Based on the same report, Gen X and millennials have increased their total spending on hair care products, with anti-dandruff shampoos emerging as the fastest-growing segment. Also, celebrity endorsements are boosting demand for natural and organic shampoos.

Based on region, the report revealed that Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the shampoo market. The area is registering tremendous growth due to the changing consumer dynamics and increasing awareness about hair hygiene. 

Top 7 shampoo types worth offering in 2024

1. Anti-frizz shampoo

Two shampoo bottles on a pink background

As the name implies, anti-frizz shampoo is the ideal solution for customers with frizzy hair, which is a common occurrence among many women. When this happens, it is likely because the hair is too dry and demands some hydration, as well as other common causes like sulfate hair care products, friction, etc. But with frizz shampoos consumers, all that becomes a past tense as it comes packed with moisturizers to nourish the hair. 

Also, anti-frizz shampoo helps preserve the user’s natural hair texture. It creates shields that block unwanted environmental factors from causing more frizz and tangles. Anti-frizz shampoos have been experiencing a surge in demand lately.  According to Google data, they received 27,100 searches in February 2024. 

2. Curl-defining shampoo

Multiple shampoo bottles on a brown background

Consumers with naturally curly and wavy hair often choose curl-defining shampoos to maintain their curls. These hair types require the most moisture, meaning heavy-duty shampoos with infinite lather won’t help them keep their great looks.

These shampoos also have a gentle wash, offering minimal suds to maintain the hair’s natural moisture. Curl-defining shampoos also have a satiny feel, making it easy to detangle and comb hair post-wash. And the best part? They use weightless moisturizing ingredients to nourish hair textures while improving curl patterns over time.

So, consumers who have inconsistent or frizzy curls need curl-defining shampoos to give their natural hair texture extra support. These shampoos also do a great job of rinsing off buildups without robbing the hair of its natural oils. Unsurprisingly, these shampoos have risen from 33,100 searches in January to 40,500 inquiries in February 2024.

3. Color-treated hair shampoo

Different colored shampoos on a shelf

Consumers with colored hair can’t just use regular shampoo. 

Individuals with dyed or colored hair avoid regular shampoo and opt for a specialized formula that caters to their specific hair treatment needs. That’s where the color-treated hair shampoo comes in—especially if they are using colors different from their natural shade. Such consumers will want shampoos that preserve their favorite hue and not wash it out. Thankfully, they can achieve that goal with color-treated hair shampoos.

Moreover, these shampoos have gentle formulas free of any harsh chemicals. Thus, consumers can rest assured that their formulas would interfere with their dyes and rob their hair of moisture and integrity. Even better, these shampoos have the necessary ingredients to help increase the color’s lifespan.

Color-treated hair shampoos are generating incredible performance. In 2023, they consistently got 301,000 searches. Here’s the scoop: they carried over that performance to 2024, garnering the same 301,000 searches monthly in January and February.

4. Volumizing shampoo

Two green shampoo bottles in a bathroom

Lack of volume is one of the most common hair complaints, but it usually has nothing to do with genetics. Instead, consumers are most likely dealing with tired hair or have used too many hair products. Dirt, oil, or dead skin residue buildup can also be contributing factors.

For such consumers, volumizing shampoos offer the perfect solution. These shampoos are ideal for consumers facing hair loss who want to improve the texture of their hair. Consumers love these shampoo types because they are gentle and can be used daily. Unsurprisingly, these shampoos got 33,100 searches in February 2024. Hence, business buyers can take advantage of this information and dive into the market.

5. Hydrating shampoo

Shampoos on a specially prepared haircare set

Consumers with low-porosity hair can benefit from hydrating shampoos, as their hair absorbs and retains moisture more easily. However, these hair types find it more challenging to retain moisture, so they’ll need formulas that help with that.

Excessive sun exposure is another factor that drives consumers toward hydrating shampoos. UV light can drain hair color while depleting keratin proteins that maintain hair strength. Thankfully, hydrating shampoos come packed with natural ingredients (like essential oils, botanicals, and fruit extracts), helping to rebuild and smoothen damaged hair. The results? Better moisture retention and visible results!

Hydration shampoos are also highly trending. They have garnered much attention lately, and Google data proves it. The branded side of hydrating shampoos (most of the Pureology brand) has gotten 90,500 searches, while the unbranded search terms attracted 33,100 inquiries in February 2024.   

6. Detox shampoo

Two shampoos on an aesthetic background

Sometimes, hair may lose its luster and vitality, necessitating a fresh start. While double shampooing is common, an exceptional detox shampoo is all consumers require to address this hair concern. These products can effectively combat the effects of excess product buildup, environmental pollutants, and hard water—because it’s notorious for roughening hair cuticles and reducing their thickness.

In addition to removing any lingering residue, detox shampoos can target hard water’s metal ions, removing them while giving the hair a complete revival from strands to the scalp. Detox shampoos have also registered increased attention. They’ve gone from 33,100 to 40,500 searches in one month (i.e., January to February 2024).

7. Dry shampoo

Blonde woman using dry shampoo

While washing one’s hair is an important part of one’s hair care routine, not every hair type needs frequent washing. In truth, frequent washing can have a negative effect, stripping the scalp and hair of vital natural oils. Improper sebum production equals unhealthy hair. In such a case, consumers rely on dry variants of shampoos to come through.

They are perfect for busy consumers who hardly have time to wash their hair. Dry shampoo helps cleanse their hair fresh and clean, all without water. These hair products absorb odor, oil, and sweat without leaving any residue and make the hair look and smell clean. 

They are easy to use and will leave a user’s hair feeling refreshed without any heavy buildup. These products are also perfect for consumers who want to maintain a clean and fresh look but don’t want to wash their hair daily. With these formulas, users can step out of their shower feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

It will please business buyers to know that dry shampoo has already racked up a huge and consistent following in 2024. According to Google ads stats, dry shampoo garnered 246,000 searches in February 2024 alone.

Wrapping up

Healthy hair starts with the right shampoos. But shampoos aren’t universal. Thus, there are various shampoos for different hair colors, textures, etc. Each shampoo type discussed in this article has its strengths, helping consumers target conditions that may be impossible with regular shampoos. The best part is that each of them rakes in impressive amounts of interest, meaning businesses can profit from each trend. So what’s the holdup? Grab these options to make the most of the shampoo market in 2024.

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