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7 Eye and Cheek Finishes That Will Supercharge Sales in 2024


Eyes and cheek finishes are sought-after in the cosmetic universe, and makeup diehards always try new looks to stand out.

However, in the modern world, what is fashionable today gets out fashioned fast, especially regarding beauty, and can be a disadvantage for many makeup product retailers.

This article will look at astonishing eye and cheek finishes businesses can make the most of, add to their collection, and quadruple their returns.

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Overview of beauty and personal care market size
7 eyes and cheeks finish trends in 2024

Overview of beauty and personal care market size

The beauty and personal care market size is vast. According to experts, the global market size was estimated to be a whopping USD 518.6 billion in 2022. The size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% to 937.1 billion in 2030.

Researchers stated the reasons for the huge market cap are associated with the availability of a wide range of beauty products that suit the needs of various consumers. Moreover, the increased demand for beauty products by consumers has also escalated the market’s growth.

The young population is the largest consumer of beauty and personal care products. Their rising demand for color cosmetics to boost one’s physical appearance is set to further boost the market size in the forecast period 2022-2030.

7 eyes and cheeks finish trends in 2024

Pair dusted pinks with rich berry tones

A woman’s face and wild strawberries

Rich berry tones are already popular, but, blending with dusted pink tones will elevate the wearer’s look to new heights. This creates a beautiful and harmonious makeup look while adding depth, warmth, and a touch of romance to the overall appearance.

To execute a perfect finish, wearers can use dusted pink eye shadows as the base and a deeper pink shade in the crease area, and blend them to make a seamless transition.  Businesses can provide deep berry highlighters in various tones such as raspberry and plum berry as they add radiance and drama to the cheeks.

Having shoppers choose from different shades allows them to play with the intensity based on their preferences and the occasion.

Invest in mysterious biosynthetic brights

Woman with eye makeup and nails done

Mysterious biosynthetic bright colors will also be trending for an eye and cheek finish in 2024. These shades range from a blend of chartreuse, radiant raspberry, and ray flower to mysterious midnight blue.

Wearers can apply these hues as eyeshadow and eyeliner or use them as colorful eyelash extensions. To complement the cheeks, consumers prefer bold blush or pigment highlighter shades that provide a pop of color such as coral orange and hot pink. Overall, the look intends to provide a contrast between science and nature.

Enter a dreamworld with mystical pastels

Woman with blue facial makeup

This finish is all about the juxtaposition between beauty and artificial intelligence. Key shades that businesses should add to their inventory include bio mint, ice blue, and panna cotta. While these shades are common in winter, mystical pastels create an alluring appearance.

Buyers can use matte and satin matte blush while infusing them with metallic sheer tones. To top it off, they can adopt chrome shimmers over litter as a result of the awareness of the use of sustainable beauty products.

Energize warm tones with a rush of coral

Sample of red orange eyeshadow

Consumers can choose coral cues, principally sunset coral, to add more radiance and dynamism to the already prevalent red and orange eye and cheek finishes. Blending coral hues with these warm tones signifies rest and optimism to the wearer.

Sellers can provide cream, serum, and blush formats for consumers to wear these bright tones. Shoppers wanting to create a bold testament can go for electric options such as flame, kumquat, or crimson, which is a rich deep tone inclining to purple.

Create refreshing moments through AI aquas

Woman with underwater world facial makeup

The AI aquas eye and cheek finish trend is influenced by biotechnology and the underwater world. The color scheme for this outfit is aquatic awe. The hue is a transforming turquoise that honors nature’s beautiful oddities while still having a synthetic feel that relates to ideas of technology.

This contrast between fiction and reality mimics the bioluminescent marine life, delicate ecosystems, and immersive virtual worlds.

Customers sporting this facial look have the option of using aqua or blue makeup on their lids. They can use a single hue for a monochrome appearance or combine several shades to provide dimension.

Incorporating metallic or shimmer finishes further adds depth and futuristic touch to the wearer. For the cheeks, they can pick blushes and highlighters in a similar hue. To complete this look, they can choose a lip color such as nude, pink, or peach, which are not too overpowering for the AI aquas style.

Transform neutrals with grunge garden greens

Young woman in front of leaves

This look pays homage to the grunge aesthetic and combines it with earthy green tones reminiscent of a garden. It is characterized by a mix of muted and smoky greens, thus, creating a slightly edgy and unconventional vibe with a natural twist.

Shades that customers can opt for to perfect this look consist of a range of green colors with a grungy undertone such as olive, moss, or forest green for the eyeshadows. A smoky eyeliner further defines the eyes.

To complement the cheeks, they can pick a mute, earthy blush to maintain the grunge garden greens aesthetic. In the end, the goal of the look is to showcase the wearer’s imperfections and nonconformist attitude.

Encourage unexpected applications with creative brights

Creative bright color shades offer a playful and vivacious way for makeup enthusiasts to express themselves. From electric blue and fiery red to vibrant orange and baby pink, they draw inspiration from nature, art, fashion, and emotions.

The key to executing these looks is blending and layering; therefore, sellers should stock a wide range of blushes, highlighters, and eyelids in different shades. It will also allow wearers to experiment with creative bright looks with various colors to bring out the boldness and fearlessness in their unique style.


In summary, this post analyses eyes and cheek finish trends that will multiply sales in 2024. Businesses should use this guide to know what beauty product to acquire to fulfill their customer’s demands.

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