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The Top Kids School Bag Trends for 2023/24

Child holding a Back to School sign standing near a bookbag

As each new school year approaches, the back-to-school experience can present a challenge for parents. From finding the perfect kids shoes to durable and fashionable backpacks, buyers have a lot to consider at this time of year.  

That’s where this guide comes in handy. Keep reading to discover the top kids school bag trends to help your buyers get ready for the upcoming school year!

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Market overview for school bags
Top kids school bag trends for 2023/24

Market overview for school bags 

Two smiling girls standing side by side wearing bookbags

According to Technavio, the school bags market is estimated to grow to USD $6.38 billion between 2022 and 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.65% during this time period. Demand is influenced by the need for lightweight materials and increasing innovation in design and build.

Extracurricular activities and new teaching methods, such as e-learning, have created a high demand for school bags. There’s also a desire for more environmentally friendly materials that have greater longevity.  

Coming up are the most common types of kids school bags trends for 2023/24. 

Top kids school bag trends for 2023/24

Multifunction backpacks

Girl wearing a pink school bag

Multifunction school bags are more than just transporters for books and folders. With this option, consumers will often find side water bottle pockets, detachable pencil cases, and more built-in, zippered compartments. 

This style has increasingly become the most common among kids school bag trends because it eliminates the need to carry other bags. The soft handle and padded traps make them suitable for children to carry with ease. 

One of the most important aspects of multifunction school bags for kids is their ability to house small laptops, textbooks, computer cords, and tablets. Consumers will find these in numerous patterns and color ranges. By combining function with fashion, this option is popular among parents and students alike. 

Classic design bags

Rear view of a person wearing a camouflage school bag

When it comes to a basic school bag, there’s the standard, classic style. These may or may not have side pockets large enough for water bottles or other items. Consumers can choose from an array of styles and sizes, and this no-frills option is typically one of the least expensive choices. 

They’re not super spacious, but they’re functional enough to carry basic school supplies. Parents who are shopping for kids who don’t intend to use electronic equipment may find this a suitable option while staying on budget for back-to-school shopping. 

Backpack sets

Purple school bag with matching lunch box and pencil case

Consumers looking for more variety for their school aged children may want to consider backpack sets. This kids school bag trend includes the main book bag, a pencil case, and a lunch box. 

Backpack sets have a tendency to be more fashionable since all three components share a similar pattern. There’s also the option of themes, such as unicorns or superheroes. 

Clear school bags

Closeup of a clear school bag with contents

Some schools mandate that children use clear book bags, so parents may not have an option depending on the school’s safety protocols. Despite them being clear, these school bags can come in many colors, sizes, and styles. Most are constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabric, which is a multipurpose material that’s flame retardant, waterproof, and durable. 

One of the main advantages of these bags is that they’re easy to clean. They typically have front pockets and side openings for water bottles. Clear school bags are often made with soft handle straps, zippered closures, are waterproof, and are considered heavy duty. 

Rolling school bags

Floral patterned rolling school bag and accessories

Another hot kids school bag trend is rolling school bags. These bags are ideal for younger kids who may have trouble carrying a traditional book bag. However, they’re also useful for students transporting multiple items like electronic devices, books, and a pencil case. 

Consumers can find these options in sets or just as a single bag on wheels with a handle. Like the other types, these bags come in different patterns and sizes. Many styles include a removable backpack. 


Rear view of a group of kids wearing school bags

If consumers are worried about the type of kids’ school bag that’s best, it’s important to include the child in the shopping process. As kids get older, their needs will change. Regardless of style, the recurring kid school bag trend is durability and versatility. 

As schools begin to require laptops for kids, buyers will also need to adjust their requirements. This guide presents several options to consider that can ease the stress of the process. Head to Alibaba.com for an extensive selection of kids school bags to fit your needs. 

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