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The Top Lure Wallets for Fishing in 2024

2 leather lure wallets with hooks inside one of them

Fishing lures help to carefully store, organize, and transport lures, ensuring that they remain in high demand among all types of fishing enthusiasts. Read on to learn about the most useful lure wallets for fishing in 2024. 

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Global market value of fishing equipment
Types of lure wallets

Global market value of fishing equipment

Tacklebox filled with fishing lures next to fishing rod

An increasing number of people fishing for both recreational and commercial reasons around the world has led to a steady growth in the fishing equipment market. And fishing enthusiasts are always on the look for the latest fishing technologies and accessories to help make their time on the water more enjoyable and efficient. Accessories such as lure wallets and tackleboxes are among some of the most popular choices for organizing fishing lures. 

Man holding small tacklebox next to water

By the end of 2023, the global market value of fishing equipment reached USD 1.39 billion. That number is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% to a forecast USD 1.94 billion by 2031. Technology advancements are playing a big role in this growth, as too are smaller fishing accessories for their organizational properties. 

Types of lure wallets

Small plastic lure wallet with tiny lures inside

Lure wallets make for a great alternative, or accompaniment, to tackleboxes. Their small size means that they can fit inside a pocket, making them very portable and particularly convenient when space is limited. They also grant the user easy access to fishing lures without needing to rummage through a large box. In addition, they’re available in a massive array of styles that cater to specific needs and tastes.

Medium lure wallet sitting on ground next to water

According to Google Ads, “lure wallets” have an average monthly search volume of 320, with the highest number of searches in January at 390.

Google Ads also reveals that the most searched for types of lure wallets are “fishing wallets” with 1,300 monthly searches on average, followed by “lure wraps” with 880 searches and “tackle binders” with 320 searches. Below, we’ll delve deeper into these specific types of lure wallets and their best usage scenarios.

Fishing wallets

Black fishing wallet with fishing lures inside it

Fishing wallets, also called fishing pouches, are a very popular style of lure wallets designed to fit inside the fisherman’s pocket. These wallets cater to anglers who like convenience without compromising on functionality. Their small size ensures they don’t take up much room, and a secure closure system, using zippers or snaps, prevents lures from spilling out. 

Since these lure wallets are used outdoors, they should be durable and made using materials such as water-resistant polyester or rugged nylon as well as reinforced stitching. 

Person holding camouflage fishing wallet with black zipper

While they may be smaller than other styles of fishing lure organizers, fishing wallets still come with multiple compartments or sleeves, enabling anglers to easily organize and quickly identify fishing lures while fishing. Most wallets will feature either mesh or transparent compartments, offering a clear view of their contents. They should also be versatile enough to hold all types of lures, such as jigs, spinnerbaits, and soft plastics. 

Beginners may also benefit from fishing wallets as they won’t have too many lures to start off with, easily fitting inside a pocket or in a small bag without taking up too much precious space. Retail prices for these types of lure wallets range from USD 10 to USD 30. 

Lure wraps

Transparent lure wrap attached to black fishing rod

Lure wraps come in many different sizes, but the smallest varieties are wallet-sized, with portability in mind. This allows anglers to conveniently transport their fishing lures by attaching them to their fishing rods. This is great for saving space, and especially for fishermen who may be going hiking with their fishing gear. 

Lure wraps have a roll-up design to allow them to be stored and transported with ease. They’re made from water-resistant polyester or nylon to ensure the lures are well protected from damage. This also makes the lure wraps lightweight and comfortable to carry, even when they’re not being used to hold lures. 

5 transparent lure wraps with lures inside of them

Unlike some fishing wallets, lure wraps have an individual sleeve for each lure to prevent tangling. They’re generally transparent so anglers are able to quickly locate the fishing lure they need. 

Lure wraps are ideal for holding lures such as crankbaits, jigs, and spinnerbaits. They’re also very affordable, retailing at just USD 5 for a single wrap.

Tackle binders

Small black tackle binder with plastic sleeves for lures

Tackle binders are extremely popular with fishing enthusiasts who own a variety of lures and want to keep them all in one place. These binders provide easy access to the lures, and the wallet-sized binders are ideal for easy transportation and quick fishing trips where only a feel lures will be needed. 

This style of lure wallet features various polyester sleeves with multiple compartments built into them. These transparent sleeves can hold lures as well as other tackle items, and are generally made of different sizes so as to accommodate various lures.

Small tackle binder with plastic transparent sleeves inside

In order to keep the contents secure, tackle binders should feature a solid closure system such as those using zippers, snaps, or loop fasteners. They also often have a soft-shell exterior made of plastic, which makes them easy to maintain and resistant to water, while more advanced styles will have a harder casing around the exterior that better protects the lures from becoming damaged. 

In addition, some designs often include a handle along the spine so that anglers can carry the binder outside of their bag or hang it up. These lure wallets are designed to be an efficient and simple storage solution for fishing expeditions without being too flashy or complicated. 

Tackle binders retail anywhere from USD 10 to USD 50, depending on the materials used. 


Collection of fishing gear with lure wallets on a deck

Lure wallets for fishing are popular among anglers looking to go on short fishing trips or complete beginners who may not own many lures. The compact design of lure wallets provides portability and ease of use for users – something larger tackleboxes may not. In the coming years, the market for lure wallets is expected to continue to grow as fishing enthusiasts seek out fishing accessories that enhance their experience and success rate.

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