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Top Mobile Gaming Accessories to Stock in 2024

Game controller for playing games on a smartphone

Gone are the days when mobile gaming was restricted to titles like Temple Run and Flappy Bird. While consumers could easily play such games with one thumb, modern mobile gaming adds more intensity, with some being super competitive.

Besides having a phone that can run such games without issues, various accessories can help upgrade the mobile gaming experience. Whether consumers love playing FPS titles (like Call of Duty) or more strategic games (like Minecraft), these accessories will take their gameplay to the next level.

So, keep reading to discover five outstanding mobile gaming accessories worth selling in 2024.

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What’s the state of the mobile gaming accessories market?
5 accessories to supercharge consumers’ mobile gaming experience
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What’s the state of the mobile gaming accessories market?

Woman using a mobile phone with a cooling fan attached

The growth of the mobile gaming accessories market is tied to the global mobile gaming market, which has shown exponential growth in recent years. The global mobile gaming market closed in 2022 with US $184.4 billion in value, with experts predicting it will reach US $775.69 billion by 2032 at a 15.5% CAGR.

Significant drivers for the market’s growth include the increasing use of smartphones for games and the introduction of cutting-edge game-making technologies. Also, the rising recognition of esports, access to better internet speeds, and increasing disposable income will propel market expansion.

Here are other important takeaways:

  • The iOS segment generated over 61% of the total revenue share in 2022.
  • Experts predict Asia-Pacific will dominate the global market over the forecast period (2023 to 2032).

5 accessories to supercharge consumers’ mobile gaming experience

Mobile phone game controller with phone clip

1. Mobile phone controllers

Controller for mobile phone gaming

The current age of mobile gaming sees console-grade games reaching mobile phones. While it’s a great idea, most games feel better with hardware controllers. Playing them on touchscreens may feel a bit off and tricky.

But mobile gamers don’t have to worry for long. Mobile gaming controllers offer a more convenient way to play these games with more control and tactile feedback (due to their buttons and thumbsticks).

The good news is that various Android and iOS devices support mobile controllers for games like Call of Duty Mobile. Some controllers connect to their respective devices via Bluetooth, while others use USB-C or lightning ports for faster response times.

However, the mobile player’s preferred game will determine the kind of mobile controller they’ll need. For example, if they like competitive titles that eat a lot of bandwidth, such gamers will love Nintendo Switch-style controllers for their direct connection. 

Mobile phone controllers are all the hype this season. They’ve witnessed steady growth in the last two months, from 12,100 in October to 18,100 in December 2023.

2. Finger sleeves

Mobile phone user playing games with finger sleeves

While mobile gaming controllers sound great, not everyone fancies them. Some gamers prefer the good old touchscreen gameplay for their competitive titles. But things can get hot and sweaty during intense sessions, causing fingers to lose accuracy and become slippery.

Mobile gamers who hate sweaty fingers ruining their gameplay will love finger sleeves. These accessories have gained momentum worldwide for their ability to provide comfort, enhance performance, and protect the fingers during intense mobile gaming sessions.

Manufacturers make finger sleeves from stretchable and breathable fabric (like nylon or spandex), allowing them to provide comfortable and snug fits. They also make these sleeves in various sizes, catering to different finger types and ensuring a customized fit.

Finger sleeves also come with sweat-absorbent designs. For this reason, they can keep the wearer’s fingers dry, prevent slippery touches, and maintain game performance. Their design also helps improve the player’s grip, giving them a tactile advantage with better control and precision.

These mobile gaming accessories are also performing well search-wise. According to Google Ads data, they’ve garnered 40,500 searches in December 2023.

3. Wireless earbuds

A pair of yellow wireless earbuds for gamers

Earbuds are notorious for providing lackluster performance in gaming. But that’s not the case anymore. Various models specifically designed for gaming are now flooding the market, offering premium features previously locked behind high price points.

Wireless gaming earbuds may not be good enough to steal the spotlight from headsets, but they’re the perfect compact alternative for a cable-free and immersive audio experience. These accessories are great for gaming on the go or for gamers who simply don’t like the headset bulk.

Mobile gamers also don’t have to fear the infamous high latency problem. Manufacturers equip wireless gaming earbuds with advanced technology to minimize latency, ensuring the audio remains in sync with the on-screen action.

Gaming earbuds often feature high-quality audio drivers to deliver clear and detailed sounds, enhancing the gaming atmosphere with rich audio effects and spatial awareness. And don’t forget about the built-in microphones for crisp in-game communication.

Search interests for wireless gaming earbuds are a bit unique. While the keyword “gaming earbuds” had 60,500 searches in December 2023, more people are searching for “best earbuds under $2,000”—up to 135,000 queries for this search term.

4. Phone coolers

Gamer using phone cooler while playing game

Modern phones may pack powerful processors but can still overheat. It’s a pesky problem that can turn a smooth gaming session into a hot, slow potato. Some cases even see phones shutting off before mobile gamers can finish a match or save their progress.

That’s where phone coolers come in. They’re usually chunky standalone fans that attach to phones via universal clamps. Phone coolers are similar to laptop cooling pads, but instead of generating more cool air, they use heat sinks to remove excess heat and dissipate it with a fan.

The phone cooler concept works surprisingly well and can keep phones at optimal operating temperatures—even when playing demanding titles. Here’s the best part: phone coolers can come in various shapes and sizes. They can feature dual clip-on fans or come with mobile gaming triggers for added functionality.

Phone coolers are performing excellently, and it’s not hard to see why. Based on Google Ads data, they’ve raked in 33,100 searches in December 2023.

5. Phone stands/gaming clips

Non-slip mobile phone clip for gaming

Mobile gamers often have two options for playing their favorite titles: holding their phone or propping it up while using wireless controllers. While books and pop sockets can easily help prop phones up, they’re not as elegant and comfortable as phone stands. 

Phone stands are the most practical accessories for hands-free mobile gaming. Consumers only need to attach their devices, connect their controllers, and play to their satisfaction. Plus, keeping the phone stationary makes room for other peripherals that may be uncomfortable with a standard grip.

Alternatively, mobile gamers can opt for gaming clips if they want their devices nearby. These clips attach to wireless controllers to provide a steady view and keep phones close enough to switch to touch at any time. However, gaming clips may not be as universal as phone stands.

Google Ads data reveals that phone stands get an impressive 135,000 searches monthly, while gaming clips average 18,100 monthly inquiries. Phone stands may be more popular, but gaming clips cater to a niche audience, so they can still be profitable.

Closing thoughts

Today’s mobile games are better than ever. They’ve moved past touch-only endless runners and infinite puzzles to action-heavy, competitive, and intense titles that feel like real video games.

But with such games comes the need for ways to gain the upper hand against the competition. As a result, gamers flock to various accessories to deliver their best performance in their favorite titles.

For businesses hoping to tap into this large market, they can start by investing in mobile gaming controllers, finger sleeves, wireless earbuds, phone coolers, and phone stands or gaming clips. These are the top accessories that will help sellers profit more from the mobile gaming market in 2024. 

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