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Top Trending Golf Club Head Covers in 2023

Bag with golf clubs covered in the sunshine

The future of golf club head covers is here. What were once just a protective sleeve to cover expensive golf clubs have been transformed into accessories that allow players to show off their personal style. 

There are several types of trending golf club head covers on the market that encompass a wide range of materials, patterns, and shapes, and they can accommodate the skill levels of all golfers, from beginners to pros. 

Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of golf club head covers and which ones are the most popular among consumers in 2023. 

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What are golf club head covers?
Global market value of golf accessories
Are there different types of golf club head covers?
Top trending golf club head covers

What are golf club head covers?

Man with golf bag and leather golf club head covers

The golf club head cover is a fairly straightforward golf accessory that’s designed to cover the most prized golf clubs in a set such as the drivers and fairway woods. The main purpose of the cover is to protect the clubs from damage during transportation as well as to shield them from the harsh elements while playing. The covers also help to stop the clubs from banging together when the player is on the move therefore extending the lifespan of the clubs.

Black golf club bag with set of golf clubs inside

Materials such as knit fabrics, neoprene, and leather are used to make golf club head covers and these covers now come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes to make them more attractive to potential consumers. Some golfers even have covers for their irons as well as their woods and hybrids.These covers fit the golf clubs like a sock or a sleeve and will generally have at least some padding built into them.

Global market value of golf accessories

Blue fabric head cover on top of drivers in bag

With more consumers spending time outdoors many sports have seen an increase in product sales. Golf is a popular sport for consumers who aren’t able to participate in a high-impact sport but would still like to incorporate some sort of physical activity into their weekly routine. The increase in the number of golf courses globally, golf tourism, and consumers having an overall larger disposable income than in previous decades has created an even higher demand for golf accessories.

Man pulling golf club out of black golf bag

In 2022 the golf equipment market was valued at USD 7.48 billion and between 2023 and 2030 that number is expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 5%. Golf accessories are expecting a similar market value of around USD 7.82 billion by 2028. As well as the points mentioned above that are driving sales, there has been a noted increase in female golfers hitting the courses and many companies are targeting them in their marketing strategies.

Are there different types of golf club head covers?

Traditional golf bag with large club with head cover on

Not all golfers will want to have head covers for each of their golf clubs but the options are definitely available. Depending on the type of shot being played, the golfer will want to use a specific club to hit the ball and since not all clubs are the same shape and size not all golf club head covers are the same either. Each cover is designed to specifically cater to the needs of the golfer and their clubs. Here are a few examples of the different types of golf club head covers for each type of club:

Woods head covers: The majority of golfers will want to protect their drivers and fairway woods from damage as they’re the most expensive clubs in the set. These covers are larger than others and offer significantly more padding. The snug fit offers protection for the club when it’s not in use but it also makes it easy for the player to slide the cover off.

Hybrid head covers: Hybrid golf clubs are a combination of woods and irons and are sometimes preferred for longer distance shots than the traditional iron. These golf clubs have a specific shape which means the head covers are designed to fit the hybrid club only. 

Iron head covers: Although they aren’t as common as woods or hybrid covers, iron head covers are a good option for golfers who want to prevent the golf clubs from banging into each other while in transport. They’re popularly sold in sets but can also be purchased individually. 

Putter head covers: And finally, the putter head covers. Putters have a uniquely shaped head and because this golf club is designed with precision in mind it’s important that consumers are able to protect this precision with the help of a head cover. The head cover is designed to snuggly fit the putter to protect the face and is more compact than other types of golf club head covers. 

Top trending golf club head covers

Man with cotton golf club head cover on driver

This article has already briefly outlined the different types of golf clubs and what head covers are used for them. It’s now time to take a deep dive into the top trending golf club head covers among consumers that are really helping to make players stand out on the course and are providing players with a way to personalize their otherwise bland clubs.

According to Google Ads, “golf club head covers” has an average monthly search volume of 8100 searches. Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in monthly searches of 45%, from 5400 searches to 9900.

By looking in more detail at the specific types of golf club head covers that consumers are searching for the most, “customized golf head covers” comes out on top with 5400 monthly searches followed by “novelty golf head covers” at 1600 searches, “magnetic putter cover” at 1000 searches, “vintage golf head covers” at 590 searches, “luxury golf head covers” at 320 searches, and “classic golf head covers” at 70 searches. 

Customized head covers

Selection of leather customized golf club head covers

For golfers who really want to show off their personality and have golf club head covers that no one else owns, they turn to the customized head covers. These covers come in a variety of materials and each head cover can be fully personalized with features such as initials, colors, logos, graphics, and even photo integration to remember certain moments. These head covers make the perfect gift for special occasions and allow for golfers to maintain a specific theme throughout their clubs. 

Between March and September 2023 there is an increase in average monthly searches for “customized head covers” of 17%, with 2400 and 2900 searches respectively. 

Novelty head covers

Soft bear golf club head cover poking out of bag

Some of the most popular types of golf club head covers found on courses around the world are novelty head covers. The covers provide a fun look to any golf bag. These head covers are still designed to protect the golf clubs they’re covering but they can take on a unique shape such as animals, characters, and even food items. They’re often humorous and add a personal touch to the golf bag with their bright colors and eye-catching designs.

The average monthly search volume for “novelty head covers” in March is 170 and 210 in September which is an increase of 19% over a 6 month period.

Magnetic putter covers

Thin black leather magnetic putter covers with letters

Magnetic putter covers are quickly becoming a preferred type of head cover by many golfers – even professionals. These golf covers close by the use of a magnetic closure system that securely holds the cover in place and fully protects the golf club. This type of closure system makes it easier than ever for golfers to remove and cover their golf club with minimal effort and eliminates the need for other fasteners. The snug fit also means that the cover will stay in place during transportation so there’s no need to worry about the safety of the clubs.

Some golfers prefer a quiet setting and in many instances the removal of a golf club head cover by another player can be very off putting if it makes a lot of noise. The magnetic head covers help to reduce this noise so they’re perfect for all types of players. Not only that, the most modern version of these covers can also incorporate features such as RFID tracking and other smart functions which really appeals to the modern golfer. 

The average monthly search volume for “magnetic putter covers” in March is 880 and 1000 in September which is an increase of 12% over a 6 month period.

Vintage head covers

Golf bag with vintage head covers over the clubs

As with all golf gear trends, golf club head covers have seen a wide selection of styles come and go over the years. One that’s starting to make a big comeback though is the vintage head cover. These types of head covers are designed to bring back a feeling of nostalgia and have a rather elegant and clean appearance to them. Rather than being made of modern materials, vintage head covers are generally made of classic materials such as cotton, suede, or genuine leather and have an uncomplicated design to them.

Vintage head covers aren’t bright and bold. Classic colors such as white, brown, black, and green are used which also makes them easy to emboss with initials or a company logo. In keeping with the traditional theme the vintage head cover will have an elastic closure, handcrafted details, and in some instances are hand woven. Consumers also love the idea of replica covers that pay homage to past players from different golf eras or ones that are limited edition.

The average monthly search volume for “vintage head covers” in March is 110 and 170 in September which is an increase of 35% over a 6 month period. The most searches came in in May at 260.

Luxury golf head covers

Black leather golf club head cover with purple number

Golf club head covers are made with various materials so not all covers are designed with high-quality in mind. Premium head covers are meant to offer exceptional protection to the golf clubs and they look very luxurious too. The materials used for the premium head covers are often genuine leather or high-end synthetic leather and there’s a very close attention to detail in terms of the stitching and logos presented on them.

In order to provide ultimate protection for the clubs the luxury golf head covers will be made of multiple layers of padding with a reinforced closure system such as magnets or zippers to ensure everything stays in place. Even the packaging isn’t overlooked with these covers as it’s important to maintain the feeling of luxury throughout the whole buying experience.

The average monthly search volume for “luxury golf head covers” in March is 320 and 480 in September which is an increase of 33% over a 6 month period.

Classic golf head covers

Golf clubs with classic black head covers and zippers

Although there are a lot of vibrant and eye-catching head cover designs available to golfers, some still prefer a more minimalist and clean design with a focus on functionality rather than appearance. The classic golf head cover is usually a solid neutral color that can easily match any type of golf bag. Some covers will have tonal accents added to them such as different colored stitching or a logo that provides a personal touch without being too flashy. 

Minimalist head covers are designed to fit the club perfectly and allow for quick access by the player. There’s a strong emphasis on the quality of these head covers which remains very high in order to protect the clubs and help with their longevity. 

The average monthly search volume for “luxury golf head covers” in March is 30 and 70 in September which is an increase of 57% over a 6 month period.


Golf bag with clubs sitting next to driving range

Golf club head covers were traditionally designed to protect the different types of golf clubs in the golf bag and while their function hasn’t changed the designs certainly have. Head covers are now being specifically designed to cover woods, hybrids, irons, and putters and consumers are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to the variations in today’s market that allows them to add a personal touch to their golf equipment. 

As golf equipment and accessories continue to improve and adapt to the modern day demands of players, golf club head covers will also change over time with modern features added to them that can function with smart devices to help with the overall development of players. 

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