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4 Popular Drawer Slides Customers Will Love


Nobody likes a squeaky cabinet drawer or one that caves due to heavy contents. This is why the furniture industry is always looking for refined woodwork. It avoids all such problems and helps provide drawers with a smooth gliding feature.

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An evaluation of the drawer slides market
Four most popular types of drawer slides
How to choose the right drawer slides?

An evaluation of the drawer slides market

Drawer slides help to simplify fluid motion while the drawer opens or closes. The increasing use of ATMs, gaming machines, and ticket machines has escalated the demand for drawer slides. Moreover, the growing demand for premium furniture is a crucial driver projected to support the drawer slides market in the upcoming years.

According to Data Intelo, the global drawer slides market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period 2021-2030. Simultaneously, the furniture sector is expected to grow at the highest rate during this period. Of all the major global regions, the Asia-Pacific region has emerged as the leading market, with the highest industrial share. Market growth in this region has scaled due to industrialization, increasing residential and commercial projects, and a growing population.

Four most popular types of drawer slides

Wide drawer slide

Wide drawer slides for deep drawers

Bigger drawers often have more weight. And more weight means people need to use more energy to pull the drawer out. If the drawers are not evenly loaded, it will cause more problems. An ordinary drawer slider may cave in or crack due to the heavy contents.

To overcome this problem, customers search for a wide drawer slide with a different geometry to guide the system. A heavy-duty slide with thicker steel will help to prevent slide deflection. When a drawer slides out quickly with the wide drawer slides, offices and homeowners might consider placing further orders as it satisfies their needs.

Wholesalers need to understand the specifications of the wide-drawer sliders. Knowing the precise drawer depth and height allowances will enable them to make an informed decision.

Full extension concealed slide

Medicine drawer with full extension and concealed drawer slide

Full extension drawer slides are usually the most desirable. This extension level of the drawer slide allows full access to the drawer while keeping it tucked neatly inside the cabinet. These drawer slides have several mounting features. However, the under mount drawer slides are rising in demand because they stay concealed yet allow complete exposure of the drawer.

When the slide ends in a telescopic action, it gives the users a few extra inches to see the entire drawer. The wholesalers need to invest in heavy-duty drawer slides with either side mount or under mount features. Sellers can also choose to offer customized options for their prospects, and this will cause a significant increase in their revenue.

Nylon wheel slide rail

Deep drawer with a two-way push-open drawer slide

Drawer slides wear or tear over time due to the heavy weight of drawer contents. The adjustment of the slides gets compromised due to high loading. This compels the prospects to opt for other retailers known for selling quality sliders.

A wheel slide rail can help prevent issues like constantly replacing drawer slides. These rails have nylon wheels that allow the drawer to glide in and out without creating much noise. A nylon wheel slide rail designed with attention to detail is an instant choice for many customers. The synchronizing function of this drawer slide and its quiet and flawless motion make it appealing for a large segment.

Ensure that each wheel slide rail in stock features silent closure. A massive segment of the current population is looking for a soft close drawer slide that does not stick inside nor splits due to pressure. Providing the option of nylon wheel drawer sliders will help retailers and wholesalers to scale their profits.

Two-way push-open roller slide

Deep drawer with a two-way push-open drawer slide

Modern home furniture features easy solutions for the problems people have faced for a long time. For instance, the instability of drawer sliders has been an old issue faced by home and office owners. Roller slides can resolve this problem with their smooth mechanism.

The rolling drawers comprise two components, the drawer, and the cabinet members. Each of these has rollers made of plastic. This two-roller design provides horizontal stability to the overall mechanism and helps with a leveled extension.

Nowadays, most people are looking for under mount drawer slides as they stay unseen when the drawers are fully open. Nothing sticks out and interferes with the fluid functioning of the drawer sliders. A two-way push-open roller slide is an ideal solution for lightweight applications and those who need to maintain silence in their workspaces.

How to choose the right drawer slides?

A neatly organized room with shelves

The broad range of drawer slides in the market can be overwhelming. The wholesalers must scan each product closely to ensure they stock the right ones. You should begin by identifying the type of drawer slides your prospects need and then study the current size and material options.

Slide mount

There are multiple benefits of different types of slide mounts. Take the under mount drawer slide as an example. It is concealed beneath the drawer and does not consume much space. Plus, it offers more storage areas.

On the other hand, the side mount slides with a ball-bearing operation offer a high-load capacity and full extension. Piling up the shelves with multiple mounting options and providing complete knowledge about the pros and cons of each will help the prospects to make a suitable choice.


The size preferences for drawer slides may vary according to the drawer size. It is essential to note and inform the prospects about basic size specifications, which are:

  • Undermount slide: The drawer slider should be of the same size as the drawer
  • Side and center mount: Measure from the drawer’s front edge to the inside face of the cabinet and back. Then, choose a drawer slider, the next size down from that measurement.

Weight capacity

If a retailer fails to provide the correct weight capacity to customers, they will eventually look for other sellers. This is important to mention because each drawer slider has certain specifications. If it fails to withhold the pressure for longer, it indicates that the slider was a wrong pick.

Soft close

Hydraulic dampening components prevent the drawers from slamming. This reduces the amount of noise and damage to the drawer, besides extending its life. A soft closing drawer slide appeals to most customers for its secure design, silent functioning, and smooth glide.


It is 2022, and more people are concerned about keeping a quiet environment while enhancing protection for their stuff. Quality drawer slides are one of the proven ways to ensure that personal items are not compromised. To make the life of home and office owners easier, wholesalers and retailers should diversify their product range and offer various drawer sliders in their stores. Check out the latest drawer slides in the market at Alibaba.com and find out which products are popular among the prospects.

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