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2024 Trends: East Asian Fragrance Innovations To Look Out For


Wearing fragrances allows people to establish their individuality and signature scent. Young people use it for self-expression, and at times, to reflect their mood. Whether playful, mischievous, or reserved. Older folks want to smell good and boost their confidence.  

But the emerging trends aren’t just about providing great fragrances. They’re also about tailoring your fragrances to meet customers’ needs. 

This article discusses innovative trends you can emulate to boost customers’ confidence in your products. 

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Overview of the global perfume market
Top 5 key trends to attract fragrance lovers
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Overview of the global perfume market

Personal grooming has become quite important to people with higher income. Many of them desire luxury fragrances. Others want customized fragrances based on natural ingredients. Due to this, the demand is growing.

According to this report, the market is valued at US $50.85 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030. Fashion trends are also pushing the demand for fragrances. Millennials and Gen Z want unique scents, encouraging manufacturers to make such products. 

Fragrance companies also use celebrities and influencers for advertising products and expanding their customer base.   

Europe has the largest market share at more than 35.1% because reputable brands produce premium products. But the Asia-Pacific market is expected to be the fastest-growing because of the changing beauty trends.  

Here are five fragrance trends to watch to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Top 5 key trends to attract fragrance lovers  

Obviously, fragrances make your customers smell good. But it also makes them attractive because other people may like how they smell. 

So, if your business is to be the go-to option for fragrance lovers, consider the following trends to meet their need for diverse scents.

1. Stock up on stimulating scents for the “Chameleon” Gen Z consumers

Like chameleons, Gen Z consumers are dynamic. They barely conform to social norms and are not afraid to experiment with different scents. 

Chameleon consumers move from one fragrance to another exploring different options. That’s why East Asian fragrance brands like Borntostandout, are using a fine blend of woodsy notes, including basmati rice and almond to get these people’s attention.

Bottle of dirty rice perfume

Other stimulating scents like citrus and sandalwood will also catch their eye, giving off a sweet fruity sillage. 

Citrus has a fresh, energizing, and uplifting scent, making it great for your customers to start their day with. It also brings out other scents mixed with it and stirs a feeling of cleanliness. You can pair citrus with floral, spicy, and woody notes.

Bottle of citrus perfume and its packaging

Although sandalwood has a soothing scent, it blends well with other scents, adding woody, warm, and welcoming scents to perfumes. It’s sensual and adds a sophisticated feel to perfumes and other products.

Bottle of sandalwood fragrance with its packaging beside it

Provide stimulating and sensual scents to Gen Z to retain their patronage. Gender-inclusive fragrances will also help increase their customer base.  

2. Calm customers with aromatherapeutic scents

Aromatherapeutic fragrances are trending with customers because they ease stress as well as make people smell nice. Chinese fragrance brand, Fu Sheng Liu Ji, is one East Asian brand leveraging this trend optimally. 

Bottle of Fu Sheng Liu Ji perfume

Fu Sheng Liu Ji uses scents like jasmine because of its calming effects. Jasmine is a floral scent that is rich and fruity but also has natural sedative effects that help to relieve anxiety and clear the head. It also aids sleep and reduces irritability, making it great for aromatherapy.

Furthermore, the oil derived from jasmine has antibacterial properties that help prevent infections. 

Two unboxed jasmine-infused fragrances

The sweetness and wildness of the scent make it universally recognizable and attractive. Invest in more aromatherapeutic fragrances that promote well-being to appeal to customers.

3. Use tech to personalize fragrances

Customers love wearing fragrances unique to them. Personalized fragrances help them create their own signature scent and stand out from the crowd.

Perfume sellers can personalize fragrances by asking customers what they want through social media polls. They can also ask them questions about their lifestyle and preferences when customers want to order on their website. Code Meee, a Japanese fragrance website, did this:

An image with a questionnaire

So, if a customer has trouble sleeping, you can recommend lavender with a warm woody scent. It has a floral, sweet, and delicate smell, and it reduces stress and anxiety.

A bottle of lavender fragrance

Personalizing fragrances to suit your customers’ preferences will reignite their interest and increase your profit.

4. Go for fragrances with unconventional ingredients

Fragrances with unconventional ingredients appeal to adventurous customers that want to express themselves creatively. For example, the Chinese brand, Oddity Fragrance, uses a blend of orange blossom, green tea, and lily, resulting in a unique scent.

Bottle of Naked Dance perfume

Orange blossoms give off sweet, floral, and green notes, evoking a sense of well-being and security. 

Bottle of orange blossom fragrance

Green tea smells refreshing and cheerful with a note of citrus and mint. At the same time, lilies have a fresh, sweet, spring-like smell that is also light and crisp green.

A bottle of lily fragrance

A combination of the three scents will intrigue customers. Offering fragrances with a mix of unconventional ingredients will pique customers’ curiosity which could lead to more sales. 

5. Choose fragrances motivated by customer feedback

Scents created through live feedback appeal to customers because they can tell you what they want. This allows them to optimize fragrances so customers can enjoy them. Korean luxury fragrance brand, Alien Odorz, got live feedback in their flagship store.

An image of Alien Odorz’s Instagram page

Give customers samples of fragrances with a blend of scents like iris and strawberry.

Bottle of Iris fragrance and body wash

Iris has a floral and earthy scent with woody and spicy notes, while strawberry has a sweet, lush, and fruity scent, and it’s often paired with raspberry and soft florals like lily or jasmine.

A bottle of strawberry fragrance

You can boost revenue while building customer relationships by using feedback to interact with customers.

Over to you

Chameleon Gen Z consumers want to discover new scents. Ensure you offer various kinds of fragrances with stimulating scents to attract them. Aromatherapeutic fragrances will also appeal to customers that are conscious of their well-being. 

Provide a combination of unusual scents to attract the curiosity of adventurous customers. Using technology to personalize fragrances to customers’ needs will make them feel valued. Feedback will also improve the quality of your products and increase sales. 

Both personalization and customer feedback will boost customer relationships and brand loyalty. 

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