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The Ultimate Guide for Ice Globe Facial Massage Tools

An ice globe pair with white rubber grips

Consumers enjoy experimenting with DIY methods for a nice, refreshing facial massage. Some might pop a spoon in the fridge to chill it or even use frozen water to help with puffiness. But now, there’s a more sophisticated and safe beauty tool for that DIY, and it’s called ice globes.

Celebrities, beauty influencers, and people worldwide are obsessed with cool face-sculpting massages. And they all seem to be raving about ice globes as the best tool for the job.

Keep reading to uncover the secrets of this recent trend and learn how to profit from it in 2024.

Table of Contents
What are ice globes, and what are their benefits?
What are the types of ice globes available on the market?
How to choose the perfect ice globe
What massages can consumers do with ice globes?
What products should consumers use with ice globes?
Final words

What are ice globes, and what are their benefits?

Two blue ice globes on a white background

Getting a good face massage is like hitting the refresh button for the mind and body. It’s all about that wonderful feeling of calm, rejuvenation, and relaxation, pushing many consumers towards facial and spa packages.

But now, consumers can enjoy that rejuvenating feel from the comfort of home with an ice globe face massager tool. But what is it? An ice globe massager is like a magic wand for facial skin.

They often consist of a small, handheld globe filled with a gel or liquid that users can freeze and unfreeze easily. Although manufacturers mostly craft the globes from glass, businesses can find variants made from stainless steel (a better solution to the spoon DIY therapy).

What benefits do ice globes offer?

Different ice globes on a blue background

Ice globes offer many more benefits apart from soothing the user’s skin. They can help reduce the puffiness under their eyes while minimizing any inflammation of their face. But that’s just on the surface. Here’s a deeper look at their benefits:

  • Improved circulation: The ice globe’s massaging action, combined with the cold temperature, can help improve blood circulation in the facial area, leading to a healthier complexion and natural radiance.
  • Pore tightening: Its cooling effect can temporarily tighten the pores, making the skin appear smoother and more refined.
  • Relaxation and stress reduction: Like every other massage, ice globes can relax and soothe the user, helping to reduce stress and tension.

What are the types of ice globes available on the market?

Traditional ice globes

Five ice globes next to some beauty oils

Meet the good old classic ice globe facial massagers. Traditionally, they’re crafted from glass, but businesses can also find them in aluminum, especially newer models. Although they work similarly, both types of traditional ice globes have their subtle differences.

For instance, most businesses often find glass when searching for classic ice globes. They’re built to last with tough glass and a non-toxic gel that can freeze without cracking the globe.

Woman using a pair of aluminum ice globes

Although the second player in the game (aluminum) is a bit less common, they’re way tougher. In addition to their super durability, aluminum ice globes are more hygienic because they’re easier to clean.

Traditional ice globes come in various fun shapes—businesses can find them in spheres, cubes, or even hearts. The cool thing is that their shape doesn’t affect how well they work. It’s more about what consumers fancy, so they pick the one that speaks to them the most.

Google Ads data reveals that classic ice globes hold a significant interest. Consumers have searched for them 14,800 times since 2022, and that figure is the same even in October 2023.

Electric/rechargeable ice globes

An electric ice globe next to a case

Now, here’s something even better—electric ice globe facial massagers. These are a more recent addition to the ice globe family, and they bring a little extra oomph to the cooling and massaging game using vibrations.

Consumers can usually pick from two or three vibration settings to set the intensity just how they like it for a comfortable experience. Electric ice globe facial massagers might pinch consumers’ wallets more than traditional ones, but they come with various perks.

An electric ice globe massager on a pink background

For instance, electric ice globes draw power from batteries or come with a rechargeable base, allowing them to stay frosty for longer stretches than their old-school counterparts. 

Another great thing about electric ice globes is that consumers don’t have to store them in a freezer—they’re always ready to roll whenever needed.

Electric ice globes are a very new addition to the market but are getting some attention regardless. Consumers started searching for them in June 2023, with search interesting starting at 50 monthly—to October 2023.

How to choose the perfect ice globe

Prioritize good quality

Two pink ice globe facial massagers

When choosing ice globes, select a pair made from high-quality glass and aluminum. And consumers should be able to chill them in a freezer and not the fridge—which is impossible with low-quality materials.

More importantly, choosing high-quality materials is necessary to keep allergic reactions or irritations at bay and give consumers’ skin the tender loving care it deserves.

Consider antifreeze liquid

Double ice globe massagers on a white background

Here’s a pro tip: go for ice globes with antifreeze liquid—they’re the cream of the crop. Such ice globes are the easiest to use and can maintain their chilly goodness for longer, giving consumers an extra indulgent massage experience.

Check the condensation collection

Two metallic-looking ice globe massagers

Another thing to factor in when choosing ice globe facial massagers is condensation collection. Many ice globe manufacturers cut corners using low-quality glass in the stems, leading to annoying condensation. It’s not a fun experience, especially if consumers want to use ice globes and creams or serums.

Consider the size

Size is another factor that matters for ice globes. They shouldn’t be too tiny or oversized as that would make them a handful to manage—and consumers won’t get the right pressure they’re after.

The key to a fantastic facial massage is applying even pressure with smooth rolling movements, and it’s only possible with the right ice globe size. Typically, the best ice globe sizes range from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter for most consumers.

However, others may choose based on their preference and face size. Consumers with a smaller face will prefer 1.5 or 2-inch diameter ice globes as they’re easy enough to maneuver and won’t feel bulky.

Conversely, consumers with larger faces will need only 2.5-inch diameter ice globes. They’ll provide enough coverage and be more effective at reducing puffiness and inflammation than smaller ones.

What massages can consumers do with ice globes?

Lifting massage

Facelift massages are gentle, non-surgical versions of more intense lifting treatments. The idea is to give consumers a few minutes of pure relaxation and, as a bonus, keep their skin looking youthful for the long haul.

However, an ice globe facelift massage is a consumer’s ticket to revitalizing those tired eyes, smoothing out pesky wrinkles, tightening up sagging spots, and infusing their face with a new lease on life.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic massages, also called lymphatic drainage, have been a cornerstone of Asia skincare traditions for ages. In recent years, they’ve stood the test of time and turned into a highly Instagram-worthy #BeautyGoals moment.

Here’s the deal: the massage is like a wake-up call for lymph nodes, helping them flush out toxins and give the consumer’s skin a boost of essential nutrients. When they team it up with ice globes, it’ll dial the skin care glow up to 11, leaving consumers with a radiant complexion.

What products should consumers use with ice globes?

A stylish cylindrical ice globe massager

Ice globe facial massages are a pure delight by themselves. But when consumers toss in their favorite beauty product, it’s a match made in heaven.

Beyond their direct perks, ice globes help the skin soak up the effects of masks, serums, oils, or creams more effectively. So, teaming them with skincare products is a brilliant move. Oils, in particular, play well with ice globes.

However, consumers should avoid something super greasy or ultra-absorbent. It should create a silky glide for the ice globes while doing its magic on the user’s skin. Some of the top picks are argan, jojoba, avocado, and sea buckthorn.

But teaming up the ice globe with a bio-cellulose cooling mask is the ultimate move. It combines the super hydrating magic of bio-cellulose with cooling masks’ chill vibes, resulting in an unbeatable spa-like experience.

Final words

Ice globes offer a superior facial massage experience with many benefits. They can help smoothen wrinkles, remove puffiness, and revitalize the skin. While there are only two types (traditional and electric) available in the market, they’ve been gaining more attention in recent years.

Businesses not sure where to start can leverage this guide. It provides everything they need to make profits from ice globes in 2024.

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