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Ultimate Pop-up Beach Tents for Summertime

Pop-up beach tent set up on beach with dog

Trips to the beach have become synonymous with summertime, and there are plenty of beach accessories readily available to enhance the experience. Pop-up beach tents are the perfect addition to any setup, as they not only offer shade to the users but also protection from the wind and other elements.

Consumers can’t get enough of pop-up beach tents with their easy setup features, portability, and convenience. It’s safe to say that, as far as beach accessories go, these tents are quickly becoming a must-have for summertime adventures. Keep reading to learn which pop-up beach tents are the most popular.

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Global market value of tents
Types of pop-up beach tents

Global market value of tents

Multi-colored pop-up beach tents on sunny day

Beach tents provide consumers with a unique way to enjoy the beach without having to set up an umbrella or sit in the sun without protection. Pop-up tents in particular have become a popular option for minimalist campers, and these types of tents are now heavily used on the beach as well. Whether the users are planning to camp on the beach or simply want shelter during the day, pop-up tents are the perfect option.

Small group sitting on beach next to pop-up tents

The global market value of tents reached over US $2.17 billion in 2023. That number is projected to grow to at least US $4.12 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% during that period. Consumers are always on the hunt for the best tents, and now more than ever, that includes lightweight tents that can easily be used on the beach.

Types of pop-up beach tents

Woman sitting inside pop-up beach tent with laptop

When consumers are choosing between the various types of pop-up beach tents, there are a number of factors they’ll consider first. Features such as UV protection, portability, how quick it is to set up, and the overall ventilation of the tent are all important details. The size of the tent is another factor that can heavily impact the consumers’ decisions.

Small blue pop-up beach tent next to yellow umbrella

According to Google Ads, the “pop-up beach tents” keyphrase has an average monthly search volume of 18,100. Of that number, July and August see the most searches with 40,500, and the least searches come in the winter months, between November and April.

When looking at the different types of pop-up beach tents that are the most popular, “beach sun shade” comes out on top with 9,900 monthly searches. This is followed by “beach cabana tent” with 4,400 searches, “instant pop-up tent” with 3,600 searches, and “half dome tent” with 480 searches. Keep reading to learn more about each.

Beach sun shade

Beach sun shade set up over tanning chairs on beach

The classic beach sun shade is one of the most popular types of pop-up beach tents available and has always been an attractive option for beachgoers. Beach sun shades are incredibly quick and easy to set up, often with a collapsible or foldable frame. The UV protection comes in the form of a tarp across the top of the frame, which allows for an easy set-up of beach chairs in the shade.

Beach sun shades are very sturdy in windy conditions as well, with stakes or sand pockets to help weight this pop-up beach tent down. Some styles will also include side panels that can be rolled down to block out wind, as well as storage pockets for small accessories or clothing.

Sun shades are available in a variety of colors, which helps them appeal to consumers. They can be used outside of the beach as well in places like parks, backyards, and for other outdoor activities. They’re generally very budget-friendly, with the most basic styles starting at US $20.00 and the high-end shades costing above US $100.00 due to their larger size, sturdier frames, and better UV protection.

Beach cabana tent

Large beach cabana tent with chairs and toys inside

Cabana tents are popular for events such as weddings or parties, but they are now equally popular on the beach. The beach cabana tent offers a spacious, shaded area for users to relax with unobstructed views of the water. The addition of curtains on the side helps to create privacy as well as protection from outdoor elements such as wind and sun.

These tents come in various sizes, so they can be used for both small and large groups heading to the beach. They’re very portable compared to other styles of tents, but they do require more effort to set up than the standard pop-up beach tent.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t easy to set up, though, with a pole system and a foldable roof that takes minimal time to put together as well as take down at the end of the day. High-end cabana beach tents can range from US $150.00 and above due to additional features such as flooring and multiple entrances, whereas budget versions starting at US $30.00 have a simpler design.

Instant pop-up tent

Blue instant pop-up beach tent set up on beach

Many beachgoers want a tent that’s quick and easy to set up, and not many can beat the instant pop-up tent. This style of tent is popular with campers as well, since it’s hassle-free and very portable. The tent’s spring-loaded frame allows it to open in a few seconds, so no additional poles are required to complete the frame.

These tents often come with sand bags to help add weight to the structure and ensure it doesn’t blow away in the wind. It’s also important that there are mesh windows to allow air to flow through the tent, as well as UV protection incorporated into the tent material itself.

As these tents will be used on the beach, water resistance is another feature consumers will be looking for on top of a sand-free material, so they don’t carry the beach home with them. In terms of costs, budget versions start at US $50.00 and are suitable for a couple of people, whereas high-end versions are sold for over US $200.00 and are made of premium materials and the latest innovations.

Half-dome tent

Two women and dog sitting in half-dome tent

Pop-up beach tents for summer come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most commonly found versions is the half-dome tent. This type of tent is partially enclosed with a solid back and an open-faced front. This design allows for protection from direct sunlight when positioned properly, with users still being able to enjoy the feeling of being under an umbrella in the open air.

The half-dome tent is a popular option for beachgoers who are only spending a short time at the beach or for small families, especially those with pets. Like the instant pop-up tent, this tent is designed to pop-up when taken out of its carrying case for an easy setup.

Unlike other styles of beach tents, the half-dome tent provides users with an integrated floor for additional stability as well as an alternative to sitting directly on the sand. This floor folds up easily with the rest of the tent and is sand-proof. These beach tents start at US $50.00 and can reach over US $300.00 if the design includes different rooms and more durable materials.


Two cabana beach tents set up on beach for fishing

Pop-up beach tents are becoming more and more popular among consumers who like to spend their time during the summer at the beach. There are various styles to choose from, and not all of these styles will be suitable for the individual needs of consumers. Whereas some are designed for larger groups, such as cabana beach tents, others, such as the half-dome tent, are more compact and used for smaller groups.

In the coming years, the market is expecting more designs of pop-up beach tents to emerge with features that are found in regular camping tents incorporated into them. With consumers spending more time outdoors, these tents are only set to grow in popularity.

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