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Why Recovery Slides Are the Footwear of the Moment

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Recovery slides are a type of specialized footwear designed to help wearers heal and prevent injuries to the feet, ankles, and lower legs. They provide multiple benefits, including enhancing blood flow and circulation and reducing swelling and stress on joints. With more people embracing healthy lifestyles and promoting wellness, the demand for recovery slides has significantly increased in recent years. 

The NPD Group found that the increased focus on health and wellness is reshaping the footwear, apparel, and sports goods markets. More consumers are investing in shoes that promote comfort and wellness, including recovery slides. This consumer behavior has created opportunities for businesses in these sectors to improve their performance and competitiveness. 

This blog explores the demand for recovery slides, the various trends causing their popularity to grow among consumers, and how businesses can exploit this market.  

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Recovery slides market overview
5 major trends causing the increased demand for recovery slides

Recovery slides market overview

A close-up photo of black New Balance slides

The market for recovery footwear has been experiencing significant market growth as consumers recognize the usefulness of these shoes and sandals. This growth is evidenced in research undertaken by Persistence Market Research, which estimates that recovery footwear will generate approximately US $10.16 billion in sales in 2023. It also projects that the sales will increase to US $18.38 billion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2023-2033. 

The heightened popularity of recovery slides is in part contributing to this increased market growth for recovery footwear. For instance, interest in recovery slides has grown by 118% over the past year, with their monthly search volume reaching 3,000 according to Google Ads data. 

Although they were originally designed for post-workout recovery, most brands have expanded their recovery slide products to accommodate more types of consumers. For instance, while some of these sandals are targeted toward athletes and runners, others are meant for people with existing foot pain or those who spend most of their time on their feet at work.

Factors driving demand for recovery slides

Demand for recovery slides has grown over the past few years, driven by factors such as:

  • A growing awareness of the importance of proper foot care is encouraging people to invest in comfortable footwear
  • An increased consumer interest in sports and fitness, which has increased demand for comfortable shoes to aid post-workouts or high-demand sports 
  • An boom in health and wellness trends have created a buzz around recovery slides, attracting consumers’ attention
  • The integration of innovative technologies and materials in recovery slides
  • The global expansion of ecommerce

5 major trends causing the increased demand for recovery slides

A selection of recovery slides on a blue surface

The surging popularity of recovery slides among global consumers is tied to several major trends influencing overall consumer preferences and behaviors. Examining these trends can provide valuable insights to guide business decision-making and improve targeting. 

1) Incorporation of innovative cushioning technologies

A close-up of a multi-colored slide with thick cushioning

Cushioning in recovery slides, such as innovative materials like gel inserts and memory foam, help improve comfort and support for the shoe wearers. They also reduce pressure and impacts on joints and provide a more responsive and tailored experience. 

For example, the Oofos Ooahh slide sandals are made with a proprietary foam that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional sandals, thus reducing stress on joints. The integration of these materials indicates the industry’s commitment to improving and elevating the functionality and performance of recovery slides for use in active and everyday lifestyles. 

2) Shift towards more versatile and stylish designs

Person wearing a pair of stylish black slides

Traditional recovery footwear designs were until recently primarily focused on functional aesthetics. However, this practice has shifted towards more versatile and stylish designs as brands respond to consumer needs. Modern-day customers are now opting for recovery shoes that “blend comfort, style, and functionality.” These shoes are not only comfortable but also look good. 

To achieve this, brands have expanded their recovery slide lines to include a diverse range of colors, patterns, and textures. These recovery shoes are designed to provide exceptional stability and cushioning while also allowing individuals to express their style and preferences.

3) Use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices

Eco-friendly women's recovery slides for indoor and outdoor use

With increased consumer awareness and concerns around sustainability, it has become crucial for businesses to engage in eco-friendly practices. Footwear brands are increasingly integrating sustainable materials, such as recycled rubber or plastic, when designing and manufacturing recovery slides. Brands are now actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives and implementing practices that reduce their environmental footprint. 

Happyslides for men are just one example of eco-friendly sandals that are made from recyclable materials. Such eco-friendly slides help businesses create a connection between comfort-focused footwear and responsible manufacturing practices.

4) Collaborations between athletic and fashion brands

Collaborations between athletic and fashion brands and established designers to create trendy and cutting-edge recovery slides are becoming increasingly common. These strategic partnerships look to create products that prioritize performance-oriented features and high-end fashion aesthetics. 

For example, OOFOS partnered with the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022 to promote its active recovery footwear products. In this collaboration, OOFOS sponsored the team’s recovery program in exchange for selling its footwear in various Raider Image retail locations. These collaborations both helped increase consumer awareness about the benefits of recovery slides and helped their products reach a diverse consumer base. 

5) Customization and personalization

Hand holding a customizable white recovery slide

Custom recovery slides provide consumers with a unique and tailored footwear experience. This trend acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all recovery solution, since people vary in terms of size, shape, ability, and preference. All these differences influence their demand for recovery slides as they seek more individualized solutions. 

Besides, creating footwear that aligns with consumers’ personal style and comfort requirements enhances their connection with the brand. This strategic approach creates a sense of exclusivity by providing consumers with unique recovery footwear based on their fashion and lifestyle choices. 


The recovery footwear industry is experiencing significant growth worldwide as consumers increasingly prioritize wellness and fitness. More people understand the significance of foot care, which has in turn increased the demand for recovery slides. 

While these shoes were traditionally common among athletes and workout enthusiasts, their consumer base has increased in recent years. For instance, people living with foot pain or those working in high-demanding jobs are investing in recovery shoes that provide comfort and facilitate recovery. These changes in consumer behaviors and market expansion have created opportunities for businesses in the recovery footwear industry. 

Understanding current trends, such as the provision of versatile and stylish recovery slide designs, customization and personalization, and selling eco-friendly products and those that integrate cushioning technologies, can help improve a brand’s performance and competitiveness in the industry. 

Finally, collaboration with other brands can help create products that cater to diverse consumer needs and help expand market reach, thus increasing revenue and profitability. Businesses that embrace these trends are therefore more likely to perform well in the competitive footwear industry.  

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