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5 Solid Men’s Caps for Traveling That Will Trend in 2023


Consumers setting off on adventures mostly require the perfect hat to complete their traveling outfits. Whether consumers are moving towards snowy wonderlands or a sunny paradise, businesses can offer irresistible traveling caps to fit the occasion.

Check out this guide for five outstanding travel cap trends consumers need before packing their bags in 2023.

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What is the future of the men’s cap industry?
5 high-trending men’s caps travelers will love in 2023
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What is the future of the men’s cap industry?

Although hats witnessed a significant decline in 2020, experts estimate the market will return to its former glory in no time. They predict the global hats industry will boost at a CAGR of 6.53% from 2022 to 2027.

Men also dominated the hats market in 2022 as the segment accounted for over 60% of the generated revenue. For this reason, experts expect the segment to continue on a straight path and provide even more revenue. The increasing need for weather protection and stylish accessories are other factors driving this market.

5 high-trending men’s caps travelers will love in 2023

Baseball hat

Man in a car wearing a two-toned baseball cap

Baseball hats are staples in men’s accessory world. The item transcends profession, time, sports, gender, and age. Although they started as essential sports items, baseball caps have now become equals of other wardrobe essentials like jeans and T-shirts.

In addition, baseball hats are excellent sun protectors, making them ideal for traveling. And there seems to be a baseball cap style for every consumer.

Styling a baseball hat is also straightforward. These hats are incredibly versatile pieces that will complete any outfit thrown at them. Baseball hats can easily tap into luxe minimalism styles with understated and clean designs. Tactile fabrics like corduroy, wool, and suede can add a touch of luxury to this fantastic headgear. In terms of outfit, slim-fit chinos and a lightweight jacket would make any consumer travel-ready.

Man posing with shades and a white baseball cap

A baseball hat and suit get-up is an unlikely combination perfect for travel and stylishness. This outfit is an ideal contemporary way to rock a baseball cap without exuding teenage vibes. The look includes an unstructured blazer layered over a T-shirt and finished with a solid-colored baseball cap.

Bucket hat

Man holding a camera while rocking a white bucket hat

90s fashion keeps remerging over the last seasons. The bucket hat is one item hailing from the 90s that’s back and ready to rumble. The loosely structured construction of this headwear oozes chilled and casual vibes, perfect for relaxed trips.

Tie-dye continues to infiltrate various fashion staples and accessories. Now, the bucket hat is ready to take this style head-on. The tie-dye trend presents a hippyish aesthetic to the wide-brimmed piece, creating an outstanding style for travels involving festivals, beach outings, and picnics.

Nature prints are another style strong enough to rival the mighty tie-dye look. These prints look gorgeous with bucket hats and come in wide varieties for different occasions. Nature print bucket hats with muted or faded colors appeal to more subtle consumers. However, consumers can also go big with bright and loud prints.

Man wearing a black bucket hat sitting on the floor

Consumers looking to stand out on their trips will fancy neon bucket hats. They may consider matching the hat’s color with a part of their outfit or run wild with contrasting colors.


Man rocking shades and a black fedora

Fedora’s are outstanding headwear that are must-haves for every man interested in the classic style. These hats have indented crowns and soft brims consumers can wear in up or down angles. More importantly, fedora hats are top picks for consumers on business or formal trips.

Jackets are the most appropriate way to rock fedoras. Tailoring pieces with more structure and defining features, like collars and lapels, would look timeless with a fedora. Staples like suit jackets, overcoats, sports coats, and blazers would pull off an effortlessly classic style when matched with this headwear.

Man posing with a black fedora hat

The fedora look has a prime vintage feel, so it makes sense to match these hats with other classic staples. Forget jeans. Instead, opt for vests, leather gloves, double-breasted suits, and collar bars. The style also accommodates contrasting colors for an exciting twist.

Most fedoras come in felt and can be uncomfortable for travel during summer. However, consumers interested in this style can go for the more breathable Panama fedora. 


Man rocking a red beanie with a blue shirt

Winter comes with the need for head protection, and none does this better than the beanie. This winter essential can cover up to the ears and keep the wearer warm through extreme temperatures. Interestingly, some beanie designs are perfect for summer and spring, making the item versatile and trans-seasonal.

Cuffed beanies are classic iterations of this headwear and possess all the traditional elements of standard variants. The prominent cuffs around the item’s edge provide double protection to the consumer’s ears and forehead. These headwear are perfect for trips to work or weekend outings.

Fisherman beanies are incredibly popular styles men can rock in contemporary fashion.  They won’t cover the wearer’s ears, but these hats will sit snugly on the head. Most fashionable men and hipsters favor this short beanie.

Man wearing a blue shirt and a black beanie

Beanies also have longer styles called slouchy beanies. They can cover half of the wearer’s ears and leave some extra material at the back of the head. Slouchy beanies don’t have cuffs, but they feel relaxed and look great with denim jackets.

Tweed flat hat

Good-looking man in a checkered flat hat

Trends come and go, but the flat hat is here to stay. These men’s staples did not start as a trend; they evolved from necessities to wardrobe essentials. Usually, flat hats have triangular side profiles and elongated structures, making them hard to miss.

Regardless of their attention-grabbing qualities, flat hats are stylish pieces that can look dazzling as casual or formal accessories. They can add a British twist to any outfit and exude elegant & lovely looks.

Flat hats mixed with contrasting colors can make a gorgeous everyday look. Consider pairing navy tweed flat caps with grey and khaki attires. Alternatively, caps with brighter colors would sync perfectly with tan or grey clothing.

Suits are one way to look dapper in a tweed flat hat. The secret here is pairing the hat with a matching-colored suit. The outfit would appeal to consumers who love a monochromatic aesthetic.

Bearded man rocking a black flat hat

The flat hat even works for more casual outfits. The classic T-shirt and jeans would be enough to rock this accessory. But consumers can take things further by throwing on a blazer. It will complete the look and add a polished twist.

How to choose a traveling hat for men: things to consider


Travel hats won’t be useful if they don’t offer some kind of weather protection. Businesses should watch out for a hat’s weatherproofing quality before investing. Good quality travel hats should protect the wearer from sunshine and rain.


Not all travelers will keep their hats on 24/7. Therefore, businesses must check the foldability of their hats before making any offers. A foldable hat won’t get crushed when folded or stored in a bag.

Wide brim

Travel hats combine functionality and fashionable appeal in one item. Hence, they should have brims wide enough to protect wearers from the weather and other elements.

Final words

Travel hats are essential items for consumers resuming travel around the globe. The market promises enormous growth as more men look towards functionality and style.

Each hat trend discussed in this article can fulfill the primary consumer protection needs. Beanies can double as winter and summer essentials, while fedoras are ideal for formal and classic attires.

Flat, bucket, and baseball caps are more versatile and can work for various occasions. Businesses must capitalize on these trends for a sales headstart in menswear 2023.

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