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Retro Revival: ’90s Makeup Trends Dominating 2024

'90s Makeup Trends

The ’90s have made a definitive comeback in the fashion and beauty industry, bringing with it a wave of nostalgia and classic styles that are once again turning heads. In 2024, we’re witnessing the resurgence of iconic ’90s makeup trends, from bold and dramatic to soft and subtle. This article explores these returning trends, offering insights into how they’ve been reinvented for the modern era and how online retailers can capitalize on this retro revival.

Table of Contents
Thin brows are back
Blue eyeshadow and nude lips
Embracing dark berry lips
The return of grunge smoky eyes
Frosty lips make a comeback

Thin brows are back

In the ’90s, thin and well-shaped eyebrows were the epitome of beauty trends. Today, they’re making a prominent comeback, seen on celebrities and fashion runways alike. This resurgence is not just about revisiting a past style; it’s about redefining it for today’s diverse beauty standards. Thin brows accentuate the eyes, making them appear larger and more expressive. This effect is something that both makeup enthusiasts and professionals are eager to explore, albeit with a modern twist. Unlike the ’90s, today’s approach to thin brows emphasizes precision and care, avoiding the overplucked look that was often regretted in the past. The advice now is to proceed with caution—opting for professional shaping and filling techniques to achieve a polished, yet natural appearance that enhances the facial features without dominating them.

Thin brows are back

The renewed interest in thin brows signifies a broader trend in the beauty industry: a cyclical return to minimalist aesthetics, where less is more. For online retailers, this trend opens up opportunities to market precision tweezers, brow-shaping tools, and consultations with professional makeup artists. Highlighting products and services that cater to achieving the perfect thin brow look can resonate with consumers looking to experiment with their appearance in a nod to ’90s nostalgia, while still adhering to contemporary beauty standards.

Blue Eyeshadow and Nude Lips

The return of blue eyeshadow and nude lips in 2024 marks a revival of beloved ’90s makeup trends. This classic combination, which graced the spring runways, brings a touch of nostalgia to modern beauty looks.

Blue Eyeshadow and Nude Lips

The vibrant blue eyeshadow adds a splash of color to the eyes, while the soft, coffee-toned nude lips provide a subtle contrast. Ideal for those who love vintage-inspired beauty, this timeless trend is a must-try for a chic throwback look.

Dark Berry Lips

Dark berry lips, a signature ’90s trend, are making a resurgence in 2023. These rich, deep shades bring an element of drama and elegance to any makeup look. Available in both matte and glossy finishes, dark berry lipsticks are versatile and flattering on various skin tones.

Dark Berry Lips

Opt for shades like plum, burgundy, or wine red to achieve this fashionable look. Pairing it with understated eye makeup allows the lips to be the focal point, channeling the iconic boldness of the ’90s.

Grunge Smoky Eyes

The grunge smoky eye, a staple of ’90s makeup, is experiencing a revival in 2023. Characterized by the use of dark eyeshadows such as black or charcoal gray, this look is achieved by applying the shadow across the eyelids and blending it outwards for a smudged effect.

Grunge Smoky Eyes

To master grunge smoky eyes, keep the rest of your makeup minimal, with soft nude lips and a hint of blush. This versatile look adds a touch of edginess to both daytime and nighttime looks, making it a cool addition to your makeup repertoire.

Frosty Lips

A discussion of ’90s beauty trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning frosty lips, which are making a comeback in 2024. This trend is characterized by a shimmery, metallic finish on the lips, often in icy shades like silver, frosted pink, and cool blue.

Frosty Lips

Frosty lips offer a playful way to incorporate some sparkle into your makeup routine and embrace the vintage charm of the ’90s. Get ready to confidently rock this classic look and add a frosty touch to your beauty collection.


The revival of ’90s makeup trends in 2024 is more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane; it’s a celebration of timeless beauty styles that have found new life in the contemporary makeup scene. From the re-emergence of thin brows to the bold statement of dark berry lips, these trends offer a versatile range of looks that cater to various tastes and preferences. The key to rocking these retro trends is to blend them with modern techniques and personal style, creating a look that’s both reminiscent of the past and relevant to the present.

For online retailers, this retro revival presents a golden opportunity to connect with consumers who are eager to explore these classic trends. By curating collections that feature products essential for achieving these looks, retailers can tap into the growing demand for ’90s-inspired makeup. Additionally, offering tutorials and tips on how to modernize these trends can further engage customers and provide added value.

As we embrace the comeback of ’90s makeup trends, it’s clear that the allure of the past continues to shape the future of beauty. Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or prefer a more dramatic look, there’s a ’90s trend waiting to be rediscovered and reinvented. So go ahead, dive into the retro revival, and make these iconic looks your own in 2024.

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