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You Need To Know the Top 5 Co Ord Set Trends for Women

women in all white two piece sets

Two-piece sets have taken the fashion world by storm over the past year. A co ord set is quickly becoming a staple among women and retailers because of its convenience and visual impact, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram. These are the biggest co ord set trends businesses can gain more customers from.

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What are co ord sets for women?
Top 5 trends in women’s co ord sets
Co ord sets are trending in women’s clothing

What are co ord sets for women?

A co ord set is a two-piece or matching set of clothing that is designed to be worn together. Although the latest trendy two-piece sets consist of a crop top and a high-waisted bottoms, a women’s co-ord set can come in a variety of styles and colors.

The interest in two piece outfits is growing at an accelerated rate. According to Google Ads, search volume for the term “co ord set” grew a staggering 3.1x over the past 12 months with 550,000 in October 2023 and 135,000 in November 2022.

From pictures of women wearing co ords to images of the clothes on their own, two-piece sets are a highly posted topic on social media. As a result, matching sets have become a major category in womenswear.

Top 5 trends in women’s co ord sets

Floral prints

woman in light blue floral two-piece set
pink co-ord set for women with flower appliques

Floral prints are a staple in the women’s clothing industry. For women’s co ord sets, vibrant and oversized florals offer the newest look. The term “co ord sets floral” had a search volume of 5,400 in October 2023 compared to 1,300 in November 2022, which represents a significant 3.2x increase over the past year. 

Ideal for lazy afternoons, casual gatherings, or special occasions, floral matching sets with delicate and pastel hued flowers celebrate the beauty of nature. Alternatively, floral two-piece sets with bold and tropical motifs make a playful statement in womenswear this year.

Athleisure style

woman wearing all black sweatsuit
sporty women’s co-ord tracksuit set

The athleisure trend remains strong in women’s co ord sets. Although athleisure matching sets can function as either workout attire or casualwear, there is a growing interest in co ord sets for the gym. The term “gym co ord set” saw a 2.4x increase in search volume over the past year with 4,400 in October 2023 and 1,300 in November 2022.

Athleisure two piece sets feature a sporty and comfortable silhouette accentuated by luxurious fabrics and elegant details. Examples of key items include track pants with long blazer jackets or jogger bottoms with cropped hoodies. For customers interested in two piece activewear sets, a sculpting and seamless workout set with a sports bra and leggings or biker shorts is frequently produced in matching or monochromatic colors. 

Monochrome colors

yellow cropped two-piece set for women
cream women’s two piece pant set

Whether for day or night, monochrome co ord sets are a hot look in women’s clothing this year. The term “monochrome co ord set” attracted a search volume of 320 in October 2023 and 70 in November 2022, which represents a 3.6x increase over the past 12 months. 

The monochromatic two piece set is perfect for customers who want a minimalist wardrobe. Classic color combinations include black and white or shades of beige. For a bold statement, a red matching two piece set is designed to turn heads. 

A monochrome matching set creates a sleek silhouette and makes styling quicker and easier. Customers can simply add statement jewelry or accessories with different textures to dress up a monochrome outfit. 

Checks and plaids

woman wearing checkered two piece skirt set
plaid two piece skirt and top for women

While checks and plaids are a timeless pattern in women’s fashion, two piece plaid sets are growing in popularity. The term “checkered co ord set” gained a 24% increase in search volume over the past 12 months with 210 in October 2023 and 170 in November 2022. 

Checkered two piece sets reinvent the trend by playing with scale. From oversized houndstooth prints to small gingham patterns, checkered co ord sets are updated with a new perspective this year. A plaid two piece set is also suitable for the office thanks to tailored blazers and matching shorts or high-waisted trouser sets with cropped checkered shirts.

Retro design

woman in green jungle print two-piece outfit
denim co ord set with wide leg pants

Retro co ord sets take inspiration from the fashion of the ‘70s and ‘90s. The search volume for the term “retro co ord set” went from 50 in November 2022 to 110 in October 2023, which equates to a 1.2x increase over the past year. 

Core elements of this trend include flared wide-leg pants paired with fitted crop tops or matching denim sets with bell sleeves. Retro loungewear sets can also boast bright colors and nostalgic motifs such as small florals, polka dots, paisley prints, and geometric graphics.

Co ord sets are trending in women’s clothing

There are a variety of options when it comes to new trends in women’s co ord sets. Classic prints like floral, plaid, and checkers are reinvented this year with oversized shapes or tiny patterns. The enduring athleisure trend continues with workout-inspired matching sets, while the interest in retro styles results in bold prints, bell sleeves, and flared pants.

Co ord sets offer a way for women to appear stylish and coordinated with minimal effort. Matching two piece sets have attracted a lot of attention in the women’s clothing market over the past year. The segment shows no sign of slowing down and businesses are advised to capitalize on this trend while it is hot. 

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