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Your Guide to the Old Money Aesthetic in 2024

A lady wearing a blazer and knee-length boots

Exploring the old money aesthetic is a journey into the enduring styles of icons such as Jackie-O, Paul Newman, and Lady Diana. This look is rooted in early 20th-century old money families of the United States. At its core it is about putting together an outfit that conveys wealth, sophistication, and luxury without resorting to trends, gaudy labels, or loud logos.

The old money style is currently trending on social media, especially TikTok, with 12.5 billion views, and youngsters are swooning to join the trend. In contrast to TikTok trends drawing inspiration from Y2K or 90s fashion, the essence of the old money trend lies in its age. It’s a fashion style influenced by the inherited wealth of renowned family dynasties from the past, such as the Kennedys, the Gettys, and the Vanderbilts.

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Top 7 old money items for 2024
Exploit these trends

Top 7 old money items for 2024

As of December ‘23, there were 19,000 searches each month for old money outfits, a 328% increase compared to the year prior. The great thing about the old money style is you don’t have to have old money to look “old money.” 

For the year ahead, the top trending old money outfit pieces include the following:

1. Trench coats

A lady wearing a trench coat holding shopping bags

The trench coat, one of the top pieces of the old money style, has seamlessly transitioned into a timeless fashion staple with universal appeal. Its classic design, featuring iconic details like a waist belt and double-breasted front, makes it a versatile choice for both men and women. 

A man wearing a black trench coat with a glass in his hand

Whether draped casually over one’s shoulders for a laid-back look or cinched for a polished appearance, the trench coat’s adaptability knows no gender boundaries. Offering practicality and sophistication, it effortlessly complements various styles, serving as an essential outerwear piece for transitional seasons and a symbol of enduring fashion for individuals of all genders.

2. Blazers

A woman wearing a sky blue blazer

The blazer, originally a symbol of collegiate sophistication, has evolved into a timeless wardrobe essential for both men and women. With its structured silhouette and tailored design, the blazer effortlessly adds a touch of refinement to any ensemble. 

A man wearing a black blazer

Whether paired with formal attire for a professional look or dressed down with jeans as the usual style of Princess Diana, the fashion icon, the blazer’s versatility is its hallmark. Embracing a range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, it caters to diverse fashion tastes. A true style chameleon, the blazer stands as a unifying piece that transcends gender boundaries, offering a polished and fashion-forward edge to all who embrace its enduring charm.

3. Tennis whites

A short white tennis skirt

Tennis whites, synonymous with the old money style, epitomize a classic and refined aesthetic that transcends time. Originally rooted in the traditions of the elite, these pristine all-white ensembles showcase sophistication on and off the court. 

Embracing tailored cuts and premium fabrics, tennis whites capture the essence of understated elegance associated with the old money outfit style. Whether donned by men or women, this iconic look exudes a timeless charm reminiscent of figures like Jackie-O and Paul Newman. 

4. Polo shirts

A man wearing a red polo shirt on blue jeans

The polo shirt, originally by Ralph Lauren, showcases casual sophistication with a timeless touch. Originating as sportswear, the polo shirt seamlessly transitioned into a wardrobe staple for both men and women, embodying the refined charm associated with upper classes. Characterized by its classic collar and buttoned placket, the polo shirt effortlessly blends comfort and style.

In the realm of old money fashion, it’s a versatile piece that complements tailored trousers or skirts, capturing a relaxed yet polished look. Embracing a palette of muted tones and subtle patterns, the polo shirt is a symbol of enduring elegance within the old money wardrobe.

5. Chino pants

A man wearing chino pants

Chino pants, originally military-inspired, seamlessly evolved into a wardrobe essential characterized by their tailored fit and versatile appeal. With a nod to classic styles favored by icons such as the Kennedys and the Vanderbilts, chino pants effortlessly merge comfort and refinement. 

Their clean lines and neutral tones make them a perfect pairing for the understated aesthetics of old money outfits. Whether worn with a crisp white shirt or a casual polo, chinos contribute to an effortlessly polished look, echoing the enduring style associated with the refined tastes of yesteryear’s elite.

6. Knee-length boots

A woman wearing a knee-length boots

Knee-length boots exude a timeless charm, especially for women seeking classic elegance. Originally inspired by equestrian fashion, these boots seamlessly integrate into sophisticated wardrobes, reflecting the refined tastes of wealthy fashion icons.

Their tailored design and quality craftsmanship make knee-length boots an essential component of old money outfits, effortlessly elevating both casual and formal ensembles. Whether paired with jeans or a polished skirt, these boots contribute to a look that captures the enduring sophistication associated with the trend.

7. Loafers

A pair of black leather loafers

Loafers worn by men are an iconic element of the old money style. These slip-on shoes seamlessly transition from leisure to formal settings, making them a versatile staple for those who appreciate classic sophistication. Loafers complement the tailored looks of old money outfits. 

Their minimalist style makes them an essential component of a gentleman’s wardrobe, effortlessly paired with chinos, blazers, or even polo shirts. As a symbol of enduring style, loafers contribute to the overall refined allure of old money fashion.

Exploit these trends

The fashion landscape continues to evolve, presenting opportunities for individuals to enhance their style and make a lasting impression. As we navigate the ever-changing trends, it becomes imperative to exploit these fashion movements to our advantage.

By embracing the enduring charm of classics like the old money style, consumers, especially Gen Z, are swooning to look rich and exhibit quiet luxury while not spending too much money. As a retailer you can seize the moment by embracing these trends, and exploiting the opportunity to stock up and redefine your fashion store.

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