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4 Essential Women’s Loungewear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022-23


The top trends for women’s loungewear are one of the most unorthodox sets of clothes to hit the market—including but not limited to pajama sets. These items are gaining a wide appeal because of their intricate styling and creative designs. 

This article will give a breakdown of the top four trends in women’s loungewear for autumn/winter 2022-23, so that businesses and retailers can boost their catalogs with the latest trends.

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An overview of the women’s loungewear market
Four trailblazing women’s loungewear trends
Final thoughts

An overview of the women’s loungewear market

The global loungewear market is anticipated to reach over US $10billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% between 2020 and 2027.

The market is being boosted by the increase in demand for loungewear for outdoor activities like beach trips, yoga, gym. This loungewear market is now also open to new prospects, thanks to celebrity sponsorships and promotions that can drive its growth.

The market’s main regions are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Due to the promotional efforts of the leading manufacturers, North America currently has the most considerable portion of the loungewear market, which influences consumer awareness of the introduction of new products.

Four trailblazing women’s loungewear trends

Jumper dresses

Woman rocking  a green Jumper dress and beige boots

Women who hate to feel swamped in a knit dress go the extra mile to snatch their waist with a belt to give off a sexier and chic look. This trick works perfectly when a female consumer is rocking a longer than usual jumper dress, which is below the knees. It’s a fantastic way for women to encourage a simple design more stylishly. Women who love to play with contrasting color variations could add a boldly printed scarf around the waist instead of a belt.

Layering is the secret to staying warm all winter long. So, more women usually invest in a couple of long-sleeved tops over a jumper dress because there are times when it won’t be warm enough to wear alone. Add a roll-neck top underneath for a stylish look when wearing a crew-neck jumper dress

Also, female consumers can rock a short jumper dress above skinny jeans or a skirt with ruffled hems. That way, the style can peek out from below to achieve a more unconventional spin on the design. 

Woman wearing a black short henley dress

Throw a jumper dress over a pair of fitted pants or thin jeans, if it’s too cold to wear tights. The dresses-over-pants trend has been hugely popular for a few seasons now. It works well if the dress sits above the knee; however, women should not be scared off by matching longer versions with a pair of muted trousers. 

One important thing to remember is to keep the waistband of the jumper dress in the mid-to-low range; high-waisted styles will make the waistline appear bulkier. Additionally, one may toughen up the appearance for the evening by switching out skinnies for a pair of leggings or pants that have a leather-like finish.

Pajama sets

Woman rocking a red pajamas set on a bed

One of the most popular trends this season has been layering strappy skirts and flowy gowns over plain t-shirts. Women may like to wear their slick nightgowns over a plain white t-shirt instead of the beautiful strappy dresses for an at-home alternative. Wearing a choker around the neck and tying the hair up in a loose, untidy ponytail can boost the trend factor of this pajama costume.

The majority of the time, a blazer is the most stylish piece of clothing to wear to look instantly more put together. However, by slipping on an oversized jacket and adding a little accent, ladies can easily dress up their at-home pajama attire of joggers and a t-shirt. 

When the rest of the outfit is as simple as it comes, statement outerwear is always a good option. This trend may be worn at home by slipping on a pajama shrug or dressing gown as a summery addition to a pair of solid-colored shorts and a t-shirt. For a boho-chic pajama style, women can add a wide leather belt to their midriff for more oomph.

Lady in a cream-colored pajamas set on a chair

Without a single more acceptable fashion item, this is one of the most excellent ways to wear pajamas. Consumers only need to mismatch here slightly. They can wear simple black pajamas with a colorfully printed tee or pajama shirt to flip the look or choose to wear printed bottoms and a solid-colored top.

They could have an old oversized t-shirt in their wardrobe, which is a super-simple way to dress it up. However, if they don’t already have one that is large enough, they may consider procuring another t-shirt and pants set that works perfectly with the attire. With a funky belt in a contrasting color to cinch the waist of this XXL tee, ladies can create a fashionable new look that is also incredibly comfortable to wear while munching on snacks in front of the television.


Lady posing in the woods rocking a black sweatshirt

Over time, there have been modifications to how sweatshirts are worn. However, with such a wide variety of sweatshirts currently on the market, this item’s adaptability in terms of personal style has increased significantly.

Wearing an oversized sweatshirt stylishly is possible–and it can also be worn as a dress with no bottoms. An oversized, long sweatshirt worn as a dress gives off a relaxed streetwear vibe. 

Denim is always a good choice. However, jeans are always good too regardless of the fit one selects. The roomy sweater complements the denim, drawing attention to the fit shape. Pairing the sweatshirt with ripped or acid-washed jeans will add texture.

Lady posing in the woods rocking a black sweatshirt

Any oversized hoodie looks terrific with tailored trousers. If ladies want to add a little, or a lot, of individuality to their ensemble, they may explore with aggressively colored or printed design pants. Women can also stack a denim jacket with a close fit over an oversized sweatshirt, or one can opt for a bomber jacket if they want to project a sporty image.


Young woman wearing blue tee over a gray sweatpant

Sweatpants can be readily dressed up to seem far more stylish than anyone would have ever imagined, creating an outfit one can wear almost anywhere.

The fit of the various sweatpants might make a significant difference if the idea of the consumer is to spice up their appearance. Undoubtedly, rocking baggy sweatpants may be challenging to style, unlike leggings with better fittings. So, the rule of thumb is for the consumer to go for sweatpants that fit their size, shape, and personality.

Consumers can combine sweatpants with a blazer or even a trench/top coat while ditching a sweater to get the perfect outdoorsy look. Additionally, females can replace the blazer with a leather or denim jacket if they want to look more sophisticated when pairing the sweatpants.

Young woman rocking a black sweatpant and sweatshirt

The rest of the outfit can significantly change how one looks when trying to dress up in sweatpants. For example, if one’s hair is in a sloppy bun or loose ponytail, an ensemble of sweatpants and a plain top may look more relaxed. However, if one’s hair is better styled, the remainder of the outfit may appear more put together and deliberate.

To keep things simple, women can go for a monochrome look by picking pieces that coordinate. For that same look, women can pair gray sweatpants with a gray top in a slightly different shade. But, of course, an all-black ensemble is also always chic.

Final thoughts

Loungewear and house wear have started to make their way outdoors, and this trend is gaining traction world-wide. On the other hand, loungewear outfits tailored to indoor and nighttime use have shown up as fashion statements, and they are entirely unapologetic about it. Even slippers can be seen in a new light as they are chic and can be styled regardless of size or color. Finally, oversized sweatshirts are back, taking the stage with sweatpants. 

So for those who want to appeal to this growing trend, it’s a great idea to ensure one’s catalog is up-to-date with the styles and items consumers will be searching for this season! 

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