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4 Must-have Sample Packaging Styles


Sample packaging, particularly in the beauty sector, has undergone somewhat of a revival in recent years. It isn’t just the regular size beauty products that consumers are looking to purchase anymore. With many consumers traveling for leisure or business, it’s important that businesses have travel size products readily available for consumers to purchase. On top of this, sample products have proven to be the best way to alert potential customers to new products and are perfect for advertising purposes. 

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Overall global market value of sample packaging
4 styles of sample packaging to use
What comes next for sample packaging in the beauty industry?

Overall global market value of sample packaging

Packaging is the first thing that consumers see when shopping for a new product. It’s no longer just enough to have a simple box or container protecting the product inside. In order to catch the attention of the modern consumer packaging now has to be not only eye-catching in design but also inventive and in line with today’s lifestyle trend. Many businesses within the cosmetic and beauty industry are looking to become more eco-friendly as a result of consumer demands, which is a big driving force behind the consumer’s decision to purchase a product or bypass it. And sending out sample products is a great way to spread the word about a new product in any industry.

Today’s cosmetic packaging market in particular is seeing a steady growth with consumers who are looking to take better care of themselves both at home and while on the go. In 2020 the cosmetic packaging market reached USD 49.4 billion and with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.03% between 2020 and 2025, that number is expected to rise to at least USD 60.9 billion. This number also covers sample beauty packaging which continues to grow in demand among a variety of different products, both for advertising purposes and for convenience. 

Two tiny bottles with fragrances inside sitting on wooden table

4 styles of sample packaging to use

Distributing sample products has been a popular concept for many decades, but in recent years there’s been a new demand among consumers which has seen a few different styles of mini size packaging come out on top. The likes of travel size reusable bottles, glass vials, foil sachets, and mini tubes have a number of uses which can be conveniently integrated into the needs of a business.

Glass vial

The mini glass vial has been used for decades as a way to give consumers a sample of perfume, and they are also fully utilized within the marketing strategies of businesses too. These glass vials are perfect for sending to prospective customers who have purchased a perfume before from the company and may be interested in a newer type of perfume that the company is trying to push sales for.

Alternatively, some companies provide consumers with a perfume testing set which will often consist of three or more glass vials with different types of perfume in them. These are not only a good way for consumers to try different perfumes before choosing one to purchase in a larger form, but it can also make for a nice gift for people who like beauty products. These glass vials can also be used to hold essential oils and other liquid samples that go far beyond perfume.

Small perfume vial inside a paper sample envelope

Travel size reusable bottle

One of the most popular types of sample packaging in today’s market is the travel size reusable bottle. These bottles often come in multipacks and can vary in size, but they are all designed with convenience in mind. With the restrictions at airports of the amount of liquids a person can take in their carry-on, this type of sample packaging is perfect for consumers who don’t have a lot of space in their bags and like to refill smaller bottles with their favorite beauty product. 

The travel size reusable bottle is also the ideal size for businesses who produce miniature versions of their products, such as shampoo, body lotion, and sunscreen. For consumers who are unsure about the product and prefer to test the product out before committing to the full size, this type of bottle is a big hit. They’re also convenient to travel with if the consumer doesn’t own reusable bottles to refill, and they can be used for marketing purposes too, so businesses are able to hand out samples of new products or products that they would like to sell more of. 

Brown suitcase with mini shampoo bottles sitting on top

Foil sachet

Apart from using small plastic sample bottles, many companies are turning to foil sachets which can be used to hold creams and gels. These sachets are much smaller and can be more cost effective than using sample bottles. By using foil sachets, the consumer is able to get a very small sample of a product, and in order to catch more people’s attention the packaging is often decorated in an appealing way which will make the brand stand out and be instantly recognizable online or in stores.

This is a key example of a successful type of miniature packaging that not only works great for samples but can also be used by consumers who are traveling as they take up even less space than travel size bottles. This type of packaging is more eco-friendly than most, as the foil packaging can be recycled after use. More biodegradable materials are also being incorporated into this type of packaging as brands look to become more sustainable across all industries.

Coffee samples packaged in foil sachets sitting on table

Mini cosmetic tube

For companies who sell products such as hand creams, facial cleanses, or liquid makeup, the mini cosmetic tube is a very popular type of beauty packaging that’s also a great alternative to plastic bottles. This type of packaging has a more unique shape and is often presented with an octagonal cap that allows it to stand upright if needed. The tube itself is fully customizable and is often seen in bright colors with patterns on it to help it stand out.

The makeup industry is also taking full advantage of the mini tube packaging, as it’s perfect for products such as liquid foundation and concealer. The small size of the tube means that it can be used for sample purposes or for small versions of a line of products which can appeal to consumers who don’t want to invest in large quantities of a particular product. It’s also worth noting that this is another type of beauty packaging that’s being made using recyclable materials too, which is a big trend across many industries in today’s world.

Silver cosmetic sample tube with a black screw cap lid

What comes next for mini size packaging in the beauty industry?

There’s now more demand than ever for travel size or miniature products, with consumers traveling more often and wanting to test products out before committing to a larger purchase. The top styles of sample packaging in the beauty industry that have proven to be a big hit in recent years, and are expected to stay popular in the near future, include travel size reusable bottles, small glass vials, foil sachets, and mini cosmetic tubes for makeup as well as creams and lotions.

The packaging industry is expecting even more demand for sample packaging in the coming years to keep up with modern marketing methods. Changes in consumer lifestyles and habits has seen a higher demand for packaging to be more eco-friendly, and the market is already seeing many brands making this change. 

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