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6 Popular Baseball Cap Trends for Consumers in 2023


Baseball caps have been a staple in fashion for over a century, not only providing protection from the sun, but also making a statement in the world of style. As a business owner, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. 

While there are several types available to consumers, only six baseball cap trends dominate the current hat-wearing market. Follow along as we explore what’s in style to bring your business ahead of these trends

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Overview of the global baseball cap market
6 popular baseball cap trends
Getting on top of the trends

Overview of the global baseball cap market 

Man and woman wearing baseball caps outside

The popularity of sports activities has sparked a surge in baseball cap sales in recent years. In fact, the global market size for baseball caps reached a staggering US $16.46 billion in 2020, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.61% expected to reach US $24.17 billion by 2026.

One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing popularity of baseball games worldwide, with fans purchasing merchandise, including baseball caps, to show their support for their favorite teams and players.

However, the recent shutdown of baseball facilities due to COVID-19 has posed a challenge for the industry, and the game remains less popular in some regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

But the appeal of baseball caps goes beyond sports and into the realm of fashion. In fact, luxury materials like cashmere are being used to make some baseball caps, catering to those with higher disposable income. This has caused a significant number of people to purchase baseball caps as a fashion accessory, not just as a way to show enthusiasm for the game.

6 popular baseball cap trends

1. Snapback cap 

A man at a skatepark wearing a snapback cap

Among the most popular types of baseball hats is the snapback cap. This one features two plastic strips at the back that snap together (hence, the name), letting the wearer adjust the cap size for it to fit snugly on their head.

Aside from the adjustable strap, a prominent characteristic of this style is the flat brim, which is known to provide better protection against the sun. While it went out of style in the 1990s, it regained favor among people in 2006 for its unique style, compared with the more common curved-brim hats. 

Snapback caps are also recognizable for their spacey front panels, especially the custom snapback caps with logos. Logos on caps are originally brought about by the popularity of sports team logos, although they can also be made (or even omitted) purely for style. 

2. Flex-fit baseball cap 

Woman golfing in a flex-fit baseball cap

Compared to other baseball hats that come with straps, a flex-fit baseball cap adjusts its size on a completely different principle. To be specific, they provide a snug fit using the stretchable band at their rear part, which conforms to the wearer’s head shape. 

The bands of flex-fit baseball caps are usually made with spandex, which makes them stretch to fit different head sizes. The other parts of the hat like the crown can be made from polyester or mesh, as in those of flex-fit trucker hats

The secure fit of this cap type makes it popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They’re also fairly customizable as seen in embroidered flex-fit caps, presenting the opportunity to create unique pieces and personalized designs. 

3. Fitted baseball cap 

Two men outside wearing fitted baseball caps

Lacking the adjustable closure at the back, this type of baseball cap offers a more custom fit for the wearer as they tend to come in sizes that correspond to their head’s circumference. 

While they are usually sold in standard sizes just like your clothes (small, medium, and large), offering “made-to-order” fitted baseball caps can bring about a more personalized experience for customers. This eliminates the tedious task of trying to find a hat that fits. 

They can either be flat-brimmed caps like snapbacks or slightly-curved fitted caps like dad hats. 

4. Embroidered logo baseball cap

Man wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap

People like to purchase baseball caps that have the iconic logos of their favorite teams. But aside from this reason, embroidered caps are also popular among businesses as part of their marketing strategy. 

Logos aren’t the only things that you can put on a baseball cap as you can also include statements and slogans. This is doable because they are often customized, allowing individuals and organizations to create designs that represent their brand or personality. 

Aside from embroidery, baseball caps with printed logos are also popular. While they tend to be less durable than embroidered ones, they do allow you to put more complex designs on the hat. 

5. Waterproof baseball cap 

Woman reading a newspaper wearing a waterproof cap

From the name itself, a waterproof baseball cap is typically made with materials that repel water, such as nylon and polyester coated with a water-resistant substance. It’s a practical accessory that protects the head from wet conditions, aside from being fashionable. 

This type of hat is usually worn as a running or hiking cap to protect against rain or wet environments like the wilderness. And as with other baseball cap types, they can also be sold as custom waterproof caps that allow for personalization. 

6. Dad hat 

Man wearing a Dad cap in nature

Dad hats went mainstream in the 1990s, and for a pretty funny reason: most people who wear the cap are middle-aged fathers. They somehow went out of style in the 2000s but gained traction again in 2016 due to famous figures like President Obama. 

They are usually made with breathable material that allows for a comfortable fit on the head, which is one of the reasons they’re loved by consumers. People also like the casual vibe of dad hats, especially those with a distressed design and vintage look. 

While dad hats give off the connotation that they’re for fathers only, they are especially popular among the youth regardless of gender. So, ensuring to add colorful dad hats to your collection would be excellent. 

Getting on top of the trends 

With consumers seeking to wear baseball caps not only for utility but also as a statement in fashion, the market is set to continue its growth trajectory. 

It’s essential to stay ahead of these trends by offering the latest styles in your business, which requires staying up-to-date on the latest design innovations and materials. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide your customers with the best selection of baseball caps that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. 

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