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5 Amazing Body Shapewear With Sex Appeal in 2023


Shapewear steps into 2023 with enough magic to rock a woman’s world. Consumers are getting ready to embrace the get-up that smooths out every lump they have–like Photoshop on a three-dimensional body.

Xiamin Hexin provides only the best shapewear with integrated designs that are backed up by their extensive research and product development. This article explores five top selections from Xiamin Hexin with incredible appeal in 2023.

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What is the market size for shapewear?
Why choose Xiamen Hexin?
Five selections from Xiamen Hexin with incredible appeal
Wrapping up

What is the market size for shapewear?

According to research, the global shapewear market enjoyed massive sales in 2020 and generated US$ 1.9 billion in revenue. Experts predict the industry will expand at an 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2028.

Despite the massive numbers, shapewear is still becoming popular as more women seek perfection. Manufacturers also help keep the market fresh by creating diverse product offerings. This diversity paves the way for newcomers to enter the market.

The shapewear trend also permeates other categories like activewear. The surge of consumers interested in physical activities also drives the demand for shapewear with sweat-wicking properties.

Unsurprisingly, the female segment dominated the global market by accounting for 94% of the 2020 revenue. With recent innovations focusing on different body areas like butts, tummies, and thighs, experts anticipate sales from this segment will help push the shapewear industries to new heights.

Regionally, North America holds the top position and accounts for 38.8% of the 2020 revenue. The region owes its impressive state to the increasing popularity of athletics and sports, plus the rising number of sophisticated consumers. Experts also predict Asia Pacific will expand at a speedy 8.5% CAGR over the forecast period.

Why choose Xiamen Hexin?

Xiamen Hexin Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd. has been around for more than a decade, making them one of the most reliable options for retail investment. They started in 2011 and have since established their presence through integrating designs, research, and product development to bring consumers the ultimate shapewear solutions.

More importantly, Xiamen Hexin adopts cross-border e-commerce as their operating model. Their product line includes shapewear, waist trainers, bodysuits, and activewear, and they only offer products of the highest quality. In addition, they also provide top notch customer service and product customization.

Five selections from Xiamin Hexin with incredible appeal

Best shapewear bodysuit: custom sculpting bodysuit 

Lady wearing a black custom sculpting bodysuit


  • Full compression
  • Long sleeves
  • Three color variations

There’s a lot to love about this bodysuit. Thanks to Hexin’s custom sculpting bodysuit’s comfortable fabric, consumers can pair them with jackets or jeans for the perfect shape. This piece is also stretchy enough to hug the body without causing discomfort, as well as being non-see-through which means it can double down as a top for willing ladies. 

Hexin’s custom sculpting bodysuit’s snap button designs add extra comfort to the item’s designs. One major worry surrounding bodysuits is the terrible bathroom sessions, but ladies can rest assured with this piece. Hexin’s one-piece bodysuit comes with adjustable buttons at the crotch, making toilet trips convenient and easy to handle. 

What’s more? The onesie features a fashionable thong design that highlights the sexy feminine curve. The stretchy fabric also smoothens the waistline, making the wearer look flawless. Ladies can pair this body suit with hoodies or wide-leg pants. 

This body suit also offers tummy control. Its design strengthens the elasticity around the torso to smoothen fat and shape the waist. Its long-sleeved style also provides arm slimming.

Fabric: 77% nylon + 23% elastane

Size: S – 3XL

Control level: Medium

Best butt uplifter: seamless plus-size shapewear

Lady rocking a seamless plus-size shapewear


  • Seamless shapewear 
  • Broad size selection 
  • Full high compression 

One incredible feature of Xiamen Hexin’s butt uplifter is its combination of comfort and sexiness. The piece has lace on the waist combined with drop glue and four-foot bones preventing rolling and slipping. These anti-slip properties are also present in the product’s thigh region.

Hexin’s seamless plus-size shapewear offers hip and butt cups that help refine the wearer’s lower body. Ladies can enjoy adding more volume to enhance their buttocks for a mouth-watering shape. But that’s not all. This piece also provides some torso control as it can smoothen out fat and give a sexier waistline.

More importantly, the material is incredibly comfortable and breathable. Despite its tight fit, ladies can wear them under leggings, denim, or shorts without movement restrictions. 

Fabric: Spandex/nylon, neoprene

Size: S – 3XL

Control level: Firm

Best push-up bra: sculpting uplift bra

Woman wearing a black sculpting uplift bra


  • Hides back and side breast fat
  • Durable shoulder buckles
  • Comfortable fabric

Here’s another magical shapewear from Xiamin Hexin. This push-up bra comes with a wider band and high-cut sides to prevent side spillage. The product’s design also smooths out back fat and armpit bulges, adding a voluptuous silhouette to any bodycon outfit.

Hexin’s sculpting uplift bra uses 30D ultra-fine inner layer mesh, allowing it to double down as comfortable loungewear for parties and commutes.

In addition, the item’s underwire compression bra cup provides ladies with the perfect breast shape. Plus, the cups have steel rings underneath, which helps to maintain the push-up effect.

Consumers can also get a customized fit with the uplift bra’s adjustable hook and eye closure. 

Fabric: Neoprene, spandex/polyester

Size: S – 3XL

Control level: Firm

Best tummy control: shapewear fajas shorts

Lady wearing shapewear fajas shorts


  • High waist design
  • High compression 
  • Butt lifting design

Xiamin Hexin’s shapewear fajas shorts are a fun shapewear addition that inspires the perfect torso shape. The piece provides a high compression force on the wearer’s waist and abdomen, helping to showcase an appealing hourglass build.

This product disappears under the consumer’s clothing, making it great for partying, working, and other daily activities. Although it hugs the skin, wearers can rock them all day without feeling uncomfortable. 

The elastic waistband on this item also helps achieve an hourglass shape without overcompressing the torso. Women can find three rows of hook and eye closures and a strong buckle on this piece, helping them to achieve the perfect fit.

More importantly, the shapewear fajas shorts utilize a double-layer design to achieve the abdomen flattening effect. In addition, ladies can flex the butt-lifting design for the perfect bubble exterior.

Fabric: Neoprene

Size: S – 3XL

Control level: Firm

Best waist trainer: custom logo waist wrap band

Use occasions for custom logo waist wrap band


  • One size fits all
  • Custom logo
  • Seamless waist trainer

Nothing says sexy like waist trainers, and Xiamin Hexin has the perfect item for the occasion. This 400cm long waistband is a great match for all feminine figures regardless of size and curves. 

Women can easily adjust the size and fit according to their needs with six high-quality segmented Velcro straps. In addition, these waist wraps will maintain their shape regardless of how wearers stretch them because of the high elasticity and resilience.

Xiamin Hexin’s waist trainer is ideal for wearing at home, to the gym, or at work. Plus, the item increases body temperature, which can help ladies burn calories.

Material: 35% latex + 65% polyester

Size: One size fits all

Control level: Medium 

Wrapping up

Shapewear redefines what it means to showcase the perfect body shape. Xiamen Hexin offers a wide range of shapewear staples with various control levels and support, offering everything a lady needs to look mouth-watering in any outfit. These top five shapewear collections from Xiamen Hexin will offer irresistible appeal in 2023. 

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