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5 Awesome Women Soul Space Festival Wears for Spring/Summer 2023


2023 is restoring most global activities and bringing festivals back to their full glory. With most restrictions lifted, consumers are free to have fun at several gatherings and celebrations. The importance of customers reconnecting with similar minds is also reflected in festival wear.

Dive into five eye-catching women’s soul space trends that can add more dazzle to any festival in S/S 23. But first, here’s the market summary for women’s festival wear.

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A summary of the women’s festival wear market
5 eye-catching women’s soul space festival apparel designs
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A summary of the women’s festival wear market

Marketing experts from Statista predict the women’s global apparel market will expand from its $790.90 billion in revenue in 2022 to $957.05 billion by 2026. They expect the industry to exhibit a 5.61% CAGR over the forecast period.

Women’s festival wear is also part of this market and shares in its massive potential. Festival wear comes packed with various options to keep up with consumer demands. Some styles like cropped tops, body-con, and others help drive this segment’s expansion.

Although festival wears suffered some decline during the lockdown, they’re making a comeback with various colors and patterns that help drive the segment’s potential.

5 eye-catching women’s soul space festival apparel designs

Quilted shacket

Woman wearing a yellow shacket

Shackets are a great way to feel stylish and cozy during chilly summer mornings or evenings. This trendy item is a shirt and jacket combo, providing a shirt’s wearability with a jacket’s warmth. 

Shackets are incredibly versatile, and women can wear them with almost any getup for an amazing festival look. Consumers can dress shackets as outer layers or rock them as mid-layers.

Throw a shacket over the classic jeans and T-shirt style for a laid-back outfit. Consumers can opt for a plaid shacket in warm hues like burnt orange, khaki, or brown and match it with jeans and a white T-shirt combo. Consider a shacket with mid-thigh length to complete this quintessential silhouette.

Blonde woman rocking a cream shacket

Consumers can wear a shacket over a jogger set for an elevated but cozy look. Neutral jogger sets can add flavor to a black, cream, gray, or tan plaid shacket. Alternatively, ladies can go for statement shackets to finish the look.

Shackets also make amazing athleisure outfits. Female consumers can throw a white or cream oversized shacket over some black leggings and complete the ensemble with a crop top. Biker shorts also match the athleisure aesthetic for warmer environments.

Want a more edgy look? Try the leather shacket, jeans, and hoodie combo. Layering a black or brown leather shacket over a neutral hoodie would add a sporty flair. Ladies can swap the leather for a wool shacket and opt for black leather pants. Striking a balance with this outfit will exude a soft and edgy aesthetic.

Reversible crop top

Woman posing with a black crop top and open jacket

Crop tops are wardrobe essentials for warmer weather. And the crop top’s comfort and breathability make it a top option for festival wear. 

But the reversible feature gives a fresh perspective on the classic item. Reversible crop tops are lightweight items with exceptional versatile styles. Consumers can invert the piece to swap between styles for different occasions.

Reversible crop tops can go with almost anything. But female consumers new to crop tops can start easy by matching the piece with a pair of high-rise jeans. Shorts also work great for a more summer-friendly outfit.

Woman dressed in black crop top and leather jacket combo

The flowy silhouette always has an air of elegance. Ladies can bank on this by pairing a reversible crop top with a maxi skirt. Pairing these opposing lengths will make for excellent contrasts, as the maxi skirt’s length will offset the crop top.

Women can also play around with some colors and patterns. Consumers not comfortable with the length of a maxi skirt can swap it for a mini skirt.

Reversible tops also make eye-catching matching sets. And if consumers get bored with it, they can invert the top to reveal another style.

Waterproof poncho

A smiling blonde lady rocking a grey poncho

Ponchos are not easy to pull off. But they’re cozy and comfortable outerwear wardrobe items that can look dapper when styled right. This trend allows consumers to ditch the plastic poncho and opt for waterproof variants.

Waterproof apparels are necessary for festivals. The weather could change anytime, and customers can use these items to stay warm and dry. Cardigans or long-sleeve tees are wonderful pieces women can sport under a waterproof poncho. Complete the look with some navy skinny jeans for an added sleek beauty.

Consumers can parade their refined style with a grey poncho and navy skinny jeans mix. They can also go for a black print variant paired with charcoal leggings.

Woman striking a pose in a black poncho

Waterproof ponchos can effortlessly heighten a pair of straight-leg jeans or leather pants. Bold consumers can even dare to wear the outfit with some shorts. The item also looks outstanding as a layering piece over a chic bodycon dress.

It’s easy to style a waterproof poncho with a belt. It’ll highlight the wearer’s waistline, especially if the item has an oversized fit. Consumers can complete the look with any of their preferred fitted bottoms.

Back-tie bodysuit

Woman posing in a green bodysuit

The bodysuit is well-known for its style, convenience, and comfort. The pieces offer incredible aesthetics and make for great layering pieces. 

Consumers can style a body suit in many ways. But with so many options, consumers must ensure they consider where they want to highlight. For instance, the back-tie bodysuit is perfect for consumers willing to show off some back skin.

Woman sitting on top white blocks with a black body suit

Women new to the body suit trend can’t go wrong with T-shirt bodysuits. They’re easy and comfortable pieces that are perfect for layering. Consider pairing a white sleeveless bodysuit with some belted boyfriend jeans for a seamless look.

More daring consumers will love a bodysuit with a deep V-neck. It adds a baddy aesthetic to the ensemble, and female consumers can feel sexier. Women can also enjoy tie-dye patterns with their back-tie bodysuits for a more handcrafted feel.

Flared trouser

Woman posing with teal green flared trousers

Flared trousers are here again to steal the hearts of women in S/S 2023. Often called “trendy but comfortable”, the flared trousers have seen their fair share of evolution from the catwalks to classic streetwear.

Women can enjoy different types of flared trousers, with the most popular being jeans and leggings. Flared jeans are particularly durable, versatile, and stylish. A pair can revamp any woman’s wardrobe and offer jaw-dropping summer and spring outfits.

Flared jeans are also comfortable starting points for consumers easing into the trend. They can go for kick-flare jeans or take a more daring approach with bell bottoms.

Flared pants are fabulous, but they can’t do all the work alone. Luckily, they make fantastic pairs with most wardrobe staples. So, any woman can pull them off effortlessly.

Woman posing on the street with red flared jeans

Going monochrome is one of the wonderful ways women can rock flared pants. Consumers can shift attention to the flared cuts by sticking to a single color. The monochrome style will let the trousers do all the talking.

Flares are relaxed pants, and consumers can keep the aesthetic going with a laidback shirt. Women can choose from oversized cotton shirts or silky blouses for the ensemble. Regardless of preference, adding a shirt to the mix is an effortless way to complete the look.

Festivals are coming back, and the fashion trends are reviving with them. Flared trousers and reversible crop tops keep styles comfortable and fluid in uplifting cuts and colors.

The quilted shacket and back-tie bodysuit address the hot and humid weather by offering breathable and cool getups. Similarly, the waterproof poncho takes into account the changeable weather and provides a trendy outfit for wearers to stay warm and dry.

Businesses should focus on these trends to provide festival goers with styles suitable for temperature drops and changing weather in S/S 2023.

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