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5 Highly Profitable and Cute Summer Bucket Hats of 2023


Bucket hats have ruled the fashion world for decades and won’t leave consumer wardrobes anytime soon. They made their debut in the early 20th century and started as farmers & fishermen essentials.

However, bucket hats received a fashion boom in the 80s and 90s, and various themes offered an exciting spin on the staple. Streetwear, hip-hop, and skate subcultures were among the popular styles absorbed by the bucket hat.

Today, the bucket hat’s reputation remains sturdy as demands continue to surge and styles keep emerging. This article will explore five top summer bucket hat trends for the perusal of accessory retailers.

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A summary of the hat market
Five bucket hats consumers will love this summer
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A summary of the hat market

Marketing experts envision the global summer hats market will register a $1.5 billion value by 2030 while growing at a CAGR of 5.8% over the forecast period. This industry receives a growth boost from factors like the increasing demand for hats with UV protection and the rising trend of rocking summer hats as stylish items.

Adults account for the most extensive share of the world’s summer hat market in 2017. The segment held over 70% due to rising awareness of the need for head protection during summer. In addition, the children’s portion also promises a demand boost over the forecast period.

Globally, Asia Pacific holds the leading position in the summer hat market. Experts foresee the region will continue exerting its dominance throughout the forecast period. Further, North America shows the potential for significant growth from 2022 to 2030.

Five bucket hats consumers will love this summer

Nylon bucket hat

Woman posing among trees in an orchard

Bucket hats are exciting staples for every consumer’s wardrobe. They’re effortless to match with other outfits and fashionable enough to elevate ensembles. The nylon bucket hat is one style that has remained strong for a couple of years. The versatility of the material can easily brighten or tone down outfits.

Consumers who love dark shades but want nothing to do with black can opt for navy nylon bucket hats. They also feature colorful hues like neon and dopamine brights. This trendy accessory is perfect for wearers who prefer bold or neutral styling. Sometimes, simple designs make the most attractive items.

The humble white feels fabulous with nylon bucket hats. These variants can be the perfect addition to favorite outfits while effortlessly matching various skin tones. Consumers who have a thing for light attire would have fun using this accessory to tie everything together.

Woman posing in a cream bucket hat

Nylon bucket hats are wear-worthy with blazers and oversized trousers. Consumers may also rock them with the classic jeans and T-shirt combo. An alternate way to pull off this piece is with monochrome outfits, like all-white or black. The bucket hat will either create contrast or blend with the one-colored ensemble.

Corduroy bucket hat

Man leaning against a pillar in a black bucket hat

Elevate outfits during chilly summer evenings with corduroy bucket hats. The warm-toned hue looks impressive when matched with similar shades. Interestingly, the unique corduroy structure provides a finishing touch for many ensembles. These hats show off a quirky side with a striking style but can also feel serious.

The edgy aesthetics of corduroy bucket hats makes them ideal for consumers who love taking fashion risks but want a fresh look. This bucket hat design can reflect the wearer’s personality and offer various shades for trendy and timeless complements.

Yellow is a shade that feels natural with corduroy bucket hats. This bright hue can offer incredible transitions when paired with gray, blue, or white. Depending on the occasion, consumers may choose to dress the color up or down. They look eye-catching with classic streetwear themes, like oversized tees and shorts.

Woman with glasses wearing a corduroy bucket hat

Alternatively, blazers and jeans with this hat will create a more dressed-up aesthetic. Smart casual themes also look gorgeous with corduroy bucket hats. Casual suits and T-shirt combos are a perfect way to dip into this style with a navy, brown, or khaki corduroy bucket hat. Adding overcoats to the mix will offer a more polished and sleek look.

Denim bucket hat

Woman rocking a denim bucket hat

Businesses can take inspiration from the streets by adding some denim flair to their accessories list. Denim bucket hats are timeless and easy to pair with various looks. These hats may seem like a trip to the past, but they’re still trendy enough to elevate any ensemble. In truth, there are various renditions consumers can try with this item—from nostalgic looks to casual styles.

Gray is one of the trendiest colors in the accessory world, and the denim bucket hat makes it look priceless. Consumers can rock various shades and explore ways to upgrade their outfit game. Gray denim bucket hats are trans-seasonal and can match several wardrobe items. One exciting idea is an all-black hoodie and sweatpants combo.

Tattooed woman rocking a dark-toned bucket hat

Denim bucket hats can also complete a classic denim-on-denim attire. Consumers who enjoy the style can add a matching trench coat or jacket to the bucket hat’s edginess. Adding denim bottoms in similar shades will help tie the ensemble together and exude unity.

Oversized Cuban collar shirts in matching colors may also complement the denim bucket hat’s design. Pairing the top with dark pants and a cross-body bag will add the finishing touches.

Organic cotton bucket hat

Woman in a yellow bucket hat playing with a dog

Most times, bucket hats present the perfect hair accessory, helping to elevate an already fantastic outfit. The organic cotton bucket hat follows this trend and even caters to the needs of eco-friendly consumers.

Red organic cotton bucket hats add some heat to everyday wardrobe staples. This street-style favorite is an essential element to any eye-catching outfit. Interestingly, consumers may dress the hue up or down for various occasions.

Man holding the brim of a pink bucket hat

The warm shade may permeate the whole outfit when consumers opt for shoes or shirts in matching tones. Rocking a camel-colored trench coat with the ensemble makes it extra funky and allows the hat to stand out.

Crochet bucket hat

Crotchet bucket hats take the beauty of handmade aesthetics and mix it with the streetwear swinging style. This bucket hat is excellent for consumers who relish streetwear but need a summery feel added to their ensemble.

Neutral shades like gray, camel and brown are perfect colorings for crochet bucket hats. These hues will have no problem matching different skin tones and feeling natural on several occasions.

Little girl rocking a crochet bucket hat

Consumers who love neutral styling may match these hats with camel suits, blue jeans, and grey sweaters. Crochet bucket hats give enough room for consumers to rock their wild side by matching patterned pants or shirts with the accessory.

Wrapping up

Bucket hat trends come and go every few years, but the item remains a popular choice for most consumers in contemporary fashion. In 2023, the humble accessory remains a trendy hair accessory with a global appeal.

These hats started as iconic headwear pieces in the 1940s but enjoyed increased popularity in the 1980s. Although they fell out of trend by the end of the 90s, bucket hats came back strong with the arrival of the streetwear trend. With innovations and styles maintaining a flow, the bucket hat market has never been this profitable.

Businesses must capitalize on nylon, corduroy, denim, organic cotton, and crochet bucket hats to provide updated offers when the 2023 summer sales kick off.

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