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5 Key Autumn/Winter Women’s & Men’s Active Prints and Graphics Trends 


The trends in this article consider active graphic prints and have a significant effect on customers during the colder months—with potential revenue growth in the open market. 

Undoubtedly, prints like the ancient future and the nostalgic nature types are gathering wind across all genders and have been identified as crucial statement designs for active wear.

Clothing retailers that are in the industry can swiftly jump on these trends. That way, they don’t miss out on making massive sales.

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The market size of activewear prints and graphics
Five impressive women’s & men’s active prints and graphics
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The market size of activewear prints and graphics

The size of the world market for designed apparel was valued at USD 23.06 billion in 2021. And it’s projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8 percent from 2021 to 2030.

There’s a high demand globally for unique apparel designs like heat transfer, screen printing, embroidery, and sublimation, among others.

Evolving fashion design trends and the increased demand for graphic tees and design-orientated clothing are factors also fueling the growth of this industry throughout the projection era.

Five impressive women’s & men’s active prints and graphics 

Fluid waves

Woman rocking a blue shirt with white fluid waves design-print

These print designs are invested more in casual wear, and they bring graphic prints that catch the eye to life on fabrics. In addition, they entail comforting, bright hues, which lift spirits and create a certain eerie calmness.

Casual tops and pants are great for the fluid waves designs, but sweatshirts and hoodies have recently been spotted around and seem to have the best chance of pulling off this creative look. A driver for these fluid forms and waves will be a resurgent need for wellness and graphic prints.

Tops aren’t the only features here, as leggings and mid-layers for women also will carry these prints. They work magic on soft and lightweight fabrics like cotton, polyester cotton blends, and linen. They also carry well on wool.

Notwithstanding, though these prints intend to create abstract patterns and shapes, words were never left out of the discussion. Men and women could pick many options for graphic print clothes, especially tops, which depict fashionable and witty text across the torso or back.

Man wearing a bluish fluid wave designed hoodie

For the hoodies and sweaters, consumers can pair them with virtually anything else like denim, corduroy pants, women’s palazzo trousers, and silk pants. Women who love skirts can opt for a midi skirt, denim miniskirts, or pleated linen skirts if they feel fancy. They’re great for work and casual outings to a restaurant or to visit a friend. These prints have no boundaries.

Mineral markings

Man on a roof rocking an abstract designed short-sleeve

The mineral markings trend evolves from the regular abstract prints or painting simulations. Instead, it goes for much more with ingenious camouflage types and other nature-inspired patterns, prints, and markings.

Abstract prints and non-prints alike have begun to gain traction in the fashion industry mainly for their ineffable creativity and endless form for both men and women.

The camouflage patterns shy away from the bolder and more robust random shapes and appear more blended with a mix and array of colors that men and women love. They can appear in shirts, trousers, and even sweaters or coats.

Men could pair the coats with an undershirt and thick pants, primarily considering the weather, like corduroy and denim. Women can choose work-related activities and slap on some linen, silk, or palazzo pants that flare at the ankles for added class.

Man rocking an abstract designed jacket

Some prints come in the guise of animal skin, which has always been a fan favorite, but these stand out because they aren’t what they seem. They’re more rampant on trousers and skirts, and women would love to add these to their already robust wardrobe staples. In addition, they can pair them with silk ruffle shirts that are great for formal and informal activities.

Space prints and sublime planetary experiences are part of this trend. Views of stars and comets being imprinted on clothes have a futuristic and otherworldly feel to the dresses, and men love these as much as women do. These print designs also look beautiful on coats and shirts, but the matching set tracksuits also tend to steal away from this trend design. However, customer discretion will be a driver as to how these clothes will eventually sell.

Furnishing florals

Woman wearing a yellowish floral poncho top

Floral designs on cotton shirts taken to the beach are a great fashion staple. The calm and sublime comforting emotions they bring are second to none. But, on the other hand, these florals have a completely different look and feel.

Consumers can pair the all-in-one body suit and matching tank top with slim-fit trousers and jackets. All these can advertise florals in a way that appeals to the eyes and urges customers to buy. In addition, these florals are a subtle way to represent and reinvest florals driven by fashion into the industry as a hot take on activewear prints.

The need or want to go outdoors more in the coming years will be a crucial driver for this trend as customers will love to commune and connect to nature in all its beauty and emotional calmness. As a rule, these florals feature different flowers and colors, playing around even with black and white statement hues to drive home a point.

Woman rocking a red and white floral hoodie jacket

As mostly seen on jackets, women would love these more as they create an opportunity to pair with different sets of clothing for several occasions. For example, for formal wear, an undershirt beneath a floral puffer jacket looks great when paired with slim linen or palazzo trousers. On the other hand, a simple T-shirt or sports bra would do with denim pants for something casual.

Men would fancy shirts more as they help reveal toned arms and a rocking body in the case where the shirts are tight and fit on the skin. Cotton, chinos or linen pants would also go great for formal wear. Tucking the shirt in helps sell the idea and accentuate the look. Denim is an excellent choice for something casual or semi-casual.

Ancient futures

Woman rocking a dark brown dress with a belt

These abstract prints are bringing a new name to the game by featuring hot tales from astrologers and depicting treasures lost in the sands of time of hieroglyphs. The ancient futures trend seeks to combine an idea of ancient culture and knowledge with futuristic prints to invent a brand new graphic idea that still is aesthetically beautiful.

As an unspoken rule, these prints would do wonders on sportswear and active outdoor wear, where they have been spotted and will continue to be seen for quite a while. In addition, these graphics can be used to update some key and core essentials for both men and women.

Workout clothes especially will see an update of these abstract designs and patterns. They can be used on T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shirts. The idea is simply to play around with the design till something sticks, which won’t take very long.

For workout clothes, women can pair trousers that carry these prints in a monochrome way so as not to create some sort of color blockade with the contrast. Sports bras and tank tops would go perfectly well with them. For the tees and sweatshirts, good statement leggings would be great, as well as knee-high workout pants.

Men can wear these on tees and hoodies for outdoor and casual wear. In addition, they can pair these with some denim trousers or a matching set of sweatpants to create an overall futuristic look.

Man wearing an ancient future top and short set

For something unorthodox, men can seek out clothes riddled with these prints and pair them adequately with other clothes. For example, sweatshirts look great when worn with trousers made from relatively light fabric as they also create a bit of contrast.

Nostalgic nature

Male model rocking a nostalgic nature shirt

The name of this trend says it all with unorthodox prints that convey a plethora of emotions when seen. It’s a somewhat playful touch on the abstract and deviates from any constructed norm when fabric and design are the discussions.

It borders on outdoors aesthetics and activewear statements to bring together a culmination of nature’s best to the fashion industry. The keywords are hope and optimism, as these are the emotions that this trend conveys.

Woman rocking an oversized top with sun and moon design

These emotions apply to different wears ranging from shirts to shorts and jackets to pants and even socks. The prints, usually those with text, have a message or something to talk about, which evokes that feeling of oneness and togetherness.

As another unspoken rule, the major items are sweaters and other statement knits. They work great with the nostalgic trend and pair very well with other knitted wear or with denim, linen, or corduroy, depending on the customer and occasion.

Last words

Graphic prints have made a space in the fashion industry where they may thrive and live vicariously off of activewear and sportswear, giving customers a sense of something different as they go about their activities. These trends feature major abstract themes like the ancient future prints that border on early civilization and things to come; they also feature floral designs.

Businesses in the industry can take advantage of these trends and ensure they make sales by investing in them.

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