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5 Must-Know Shot Put Accessory Trends for 2024

A female athlete getting ready to throw a shot

Throwing shots is not an easy thing. Despite being incredibly heavy, athletes must throw them to amazing distances to beat their competitors. This is why proper training is the only way shot putters can get the strength, precision, and technique needed to propel shots toward their goal.

As a result, there are a wide range of shot put accessories available on the market today. But if you’re new to this niche and don’t know where to start, then read on—because this article will delve into five shot put training accessories every athlete needs in 2024.

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5 shot put training accessories to stock in 2024
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5 shot put training accessories to stock in 2024

Shot put shoes

Person wearing black shot put shoes

These shoes are the key to helping shot putters perform their best when throwing the heavy metal ball. Shot put shoes are designed to provide stability, support, and traction, helping the athlete maintain balance and control during throwing. More importantly, shoe put shoes have flat and sturdy soles that help the athlete maintain a solid base while pushing off the ground. This stability is crucial for generating power and transferring it efficiently to the shot.

Another reason athletes are demanding shot put shoes when training is their special outsoles. Manufacturers often equip them with special textures or patterns that provide a grip on the throwing circle’s surface. These grippy outsoles help prevent slipping, allowing athletes to focus on their technique without worrying about losing their footing—which is impossible with regular athlete shoes.

Shot put shoes also have different upper parts. They’re more supportive, protective, and durable than regular athlete shoes. As a result, these shoes easily stabilize the feet and ankles while athletes engage in rotational motions. That way, they can avoid unnecessary injuries even when training. These shoes are very much on-trend in 2024. Searches for them have grown from 5,400 in January to 8,100 in February 2024.

Shot put training balls

A child holding a shot put training ball

Athletes can’t train their throwing technique without the shot put ball. However, shot putters can’t just use standard balls for their training sessions—they’ll need something more appropriate. That’s where shot put training balls come in. They may look and feel like regular shot put balls, but a few key differences make them one of the top trending training accessories.

First, shot put training balls may have the same size as their competitive variants, but they don’t have the same weight. Manufacturers often make them lighter so athletes will have an easier and safer time handling them. Even better, these training balls feature softer materials like rubber or plastic to absorb more impact. This material choice also reduces the risk of damage to the surroundings during training—manufacturers may throw in textured surfaces for extra grip!

While most shot put training balls don’t weigh as much as competitive balls, it depends on the skill level. Shot put training balls offer enough variety, ranging from lighter to heavier options. Beginners may start with lighter balls to focus on their techniques and gradually progress to heavier ones as they build strength/skill—so the safest bet is offering them in sets. Interest in shot put balls has increased noticeably. According to Google data, 14,800 people searched for them in February 2024—30% more than 9900 in January.

Strength training accessories

Man doing strength training with a resistance band

Strength training accessories for shot put training are like special tools that help shot putters get stronger and better at throwing the shot. These accessories are designed to make exercise more effective and to help athletes build the muscles they need for powerful throws. For instance, weightlifting belts help support shot putters’ lower back, helping to maintain proper posture and reduce injury risks while lifting heavy weights for strength training (weightlifting belts also attracted 60,500 searches in February 2024).

Resistance bands are another popular strength training accessory.  Shot putters need them to strengthen their muscles throughout an entire range of motion. Combined with slightly heavier balls, consumers will perfect their throwing techniques quickly! Resistance bands are incredibly popular, generating up to 368,000 searches in February 2023!

Grip strengtheners are another popular strength training accessory for shot putters. These tools are necessary for strengthening the hand and forearm muscles, allowing athletes to improve their grip strength by squeezing. Grip strength is a critical part of shot putting, as athletes need it to hold onto shots during throws. These accessories have also attracted 368,000 inquiries in February 2024.

Toe boards

A white toe board on a throwing circle

Since athletes throw their shots from inside throwing circles, they need something like a starting line. Toe boards serve that purpose by providing a raised platform for athletes to place their feet behind before throwing. More importantly, trainees need these tools to help training to avoid foul throws. Stepping over toe boards during a throw results in a foul. So, with training toe boards, athletes can condition themselves to always release shots from within throwing circles.

Above all, toe boards provide a stable platform for shot putters to push off from during their throw. They won’t have issues maintaining balance and control, even when transferring their power into shots while training. And if consumers want to measure their performance, toe boards also come in handy. They also serve as reference points for calculating the distance of the throw. Typically, manufacturers make toe boards from wood, but recycled materials are gaining traction fast.

Recycled plastics and rubbers offer sustainable options for eco-conscious athletes without sacrificing performance. Tech integration is also making waves in this trend, with sensor-embedded boards becoming a big hit. These boards upgrade the shot put training experience by collecting data on foot placement, pressure distribution, and other biomechanical factors. That way, athletes can get performance analysis for a more personalized training session. These trends are increasing the attention toe boards are getting in 2024. While they started the year with 8,100 searches in January, that number boosted to 12,100 in February 2024.


Man in half-tights engaging in a shot put training session

These snug shorts are a staple for most field and track sports, including shot put. They give extra support and squeeze to the thighs and glutes, helping athletes perform better and feel less tired. Stretchy, moisture-wicking, and breathable materials are the key focus here. Although these shorts are skin-tight, such materials allow athletes to move around easily while still feeling comfy and supported—they also help regulate temperature and keep athletes dry during intense throw training sessions.

While functionality remains the priority for half-tights, some manufacturers mix this with aesthetics. Athletes don’t need to train in boring and muted colors. Now, half-tights with subtle color pops or discrete patterns are gaining ground, allowing athletes to express their individuality without compromising performance. So, how profitable are half-tights? According to Google data, half-tights received 5,400 searches in February 2024, a 30% uptick from 2023’s 4400 inquiries. 

The bottom line

Shot put training accessories are exploding in 2024. Athletes and coaches are constantly pushing the envelope, and training gear is keeping pace. From the stability of shot put shoes to the versatility of strength training accessories, the comfort of half-tights, and the intense training of mock shot put balls, there’s something for everyone looking to up their game. Leverage these trends to help consumers fine-tune skills and reach new heights.

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