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5 Packaging Tips To Make Your Business Stand Out


Almost every product that goes into the market is wrapped or contained inside a package for security and marketing. The package protects the product from getting damaged and can also help catch customers’ attention.

Most consumers rely on their visuals and perceived product quality, which shows that excellent packaging is key to standing out from your competition. Here are five packaging tips on how to make your business unique in the market.  

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How packaging impacts brand perception
Why packaging is essential for businesses
5 packaging tips to make your business stand out
Package to impress

How packaging impacts brand perception

Although packaging can be used to protect your product, it’s also a great marketing material to utilize. Whether giving the perception of an item’s worth against its price or making your brand memorable, great packaging goes a long way.  

Packaging is the channel to communicate with your customers, and it does so potently. Approximately 44% of buyers believe that quality packaging indicates the product is price-worthy. Meanwhile, 68% say that it establishes that your brand is high-end.

Quality packaging keeps the integrity of your products, eases logistics, and sets your business apart from your competition. Plus, it’s a great way to catch the attention of consumers. 

Why packaging is essential for businesses

It’s clear that packaging plays a crucial role in protecting a product during transportation and storage. It prevents damage or spoilage and ensures that the content reaches the customer in excellent condition. But when packaging is done right, it can serve several other purposes. 

Packaging can help attract consumers by displaying product information and branding and differentiating a product from its competitors. 

For consumers, packaging can provide important information about the product, such as ingredients and instructions for use, and influence their purchasing decisions.

Eye-catching and informative packaging can help to increase brand recognition and build customer loyalty, while poor packaging can result in lost sales and complaints. 

It also affects the probability that someone would recommend your brand to others, says 50% of consumers. This is true, especially for branded packaging. 61% also shared that they get more excited about their purchase when the packaging is customized. 

5 packaging tips to make your business stand out 

Consumers love brands with a vision for sustainability, making simple and lightweight packaging popular. Designs that attract the eye and showcase the product are a dominant part of the mainstream. Interestingly, dedications and messages go a long way in keeping your customers loyal. 

Eye-catching designs 

Eye-catching packages on a table

Packaging is the main factor that affects a person’s purchasing decision on the spot. Attracting their eye, then, is key to ensuring sales. Stimulative colors, unique shapes, and appropriate fonts are things you should consider in your packaging design

The next level of being eye-catching is texture. Often an overlooked detail by many, the packaging is actually meant to be touched. You should consider glossy, smooth matte, and similar finishes.  

Sturdy yet light material 

Sturdy yet light package boxes

There are several benefits to using lightweight but durable materials

They’re cheaper to produce and create less waste. Plus, they tend to be more cost-effective in terms of shipping. They’re advantageous to use, especially when the package’s weight is considered in shipping prices. 

Do take note of the term “sturdy.” Quality remains one of the most important factors that consumers consider, and preserving it is key to their satisfaction. 

Sustainable packaging 

Sustainable packages that say love

A key concept in this packaging tip is that consumers may need to learn how to dispose of their waste properly. And more often than not, the packaging gets thrown as trash after the purchase. The best way to curb this is to ensure that the packaging material does not have a big impact on nature. 

Sustainable packaging options to consider are recycled and biodegradable boxes, edible packaging, plantable covering, small packs, and lightweight designs. You should also try keeping the packaging to a minimum. 

Keep it simple 

Simple packages on a wooden background

Although you want your products to be beautifully packed, keeping the design simple can help to captivate the consumer without overwhelming them.  

Minimalist and simple packaging is often associated with cleanliness, confidence in terms of quality, and cost-effectiveness.

The key concept in this is that you’re removing the distracting details from the consumer’s sight. Simply put, you are letting the product speak for itself, not the attractive covering. This way, your product’s worth is more clearly communicated to them, translating to higher odds of sales. 

Packaging with a message

Packages with a message and a ribbon

Establishing rapport and loyalty among your customers involves emotions, and a message is one of the best ways to tap into them. Simple phrases dedicated to the buyer may increase the connection between them and your business. 

Depending on your brand and style, the message can be as simple as “just for you” and as affectionate as “handmade with love.” These are just a few samples, but they’re indeed helpful in connecting you with your customers. 

You can also use this opportunity to communicate the views of your brand or its causes. In doing so, it’s crucial to pick an appropriate typography style, such as the font, color, and sizing. This text can be incorporated on both the outside and inside of the box. 

Package to impress

Packaging is an essential channel where you get to communicate with your customers, and it’s one of the vital factors in their purchasing decision. Picking the right design and style is key if you want to stand out from the rest. Show off your brand using these impressive packaging tips. 

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