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5 Appealing Menswear Packaging Trends

Paper box for packaging menswear

The clothing packaging industry has an array of trends, materials, and styles suitable for different businesses.

Menswear packaging needs to be appealing and instantly impact the buyer. Like women, men must also have that exciting unboxing experience for every item purchased.

Reusable zipper bags, cardboard gift boxes, T-shirt canisters, printed paper boxes, and plastic garment bags are five of the top appealing packaging for men’s clothing, guaranteed to give brands a good representation.

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A review of the clothing packaging market size
Five exclusive packaging trends for menswear
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A review of the clothing packaging market size

The demand for packaging has increased in recent years, with more e-commerce stores emerging and online sales soaring higher than ever.

With online purchases, buyers cannot check out what retailers will send their items in. As a result, the importance of proper brand packaging cannot be overemphasized.

According to the latest research, the market for global clothing packaging was valued at USD 27.15 Billion in 2020. Furthermore, it is set to exceed USD 62.24 billion by 2026 growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4%.

Packaging materials can be categorized as protective packaging, corrugated boxes, and paper. Protective packaging is expected to witness the highest CAGR across the category for the forecast period.

The highest market share holder by region during the forecast period is expected to be Asia-Pacific due to the rise of e-commerce in the area. Also, an overflow of revenue stream is expected with the massive population within India and China.

Packaging in the global market does more than protect the goods before they get to the buyer. It can also be a great marketing tool and help convey a company’s values to buyers.

Five exclusive packaging trends for menswear

Reusable zipper bags

The reusable zipper bag is one of the most popular trends in the market, offering a two-in-one package (protection and style).

This packaging variant differs from standard garment bags as it’s typically made from sturdy materials, like recycled plastics.

Reusable zipper bags are waterproof and have zips more durable than regular ziplock to keep items from damage during transportation.

They are cheap, sustainable, and customizable, as brand logos and information printed on zipper bags will stand out, performing the customer retention function.

After taking out the products that come in them, consumers can use zipper bags for DIY storage and even packaging for traveling.

More importantly, zipper bags come in different sizes and can pack small or oversized items. They can also be transparent or come in different colors depending on the retailer’s style and aesthetics.

While transparent zipper bags give a complete view before opening, the colored variant provides one more layer of curiosity, showcasing only the brand name.

Cardboard gift boxes

Cardboard gift boxes are classic and elegant. Although some variants can be colorful and attention-seeking, the matte black gift boxes are all the rave for menswear packaging.

Cardboard gift boxes stand out among other packaging options, especially with classy wraps that match their exteriors. Buyers also use them for other purposes due to their high quality.

Cardboard gift boxes are not only for aesthetic purposes. They also offer maximum protection for clothing products during shipping. More importantly, these packaging trends are tamper-proof and can be branded to carry logos and other additional information.

Interestingly, cardboard gift boxes have collapsible designs, making them easier to transport and store in smaller spaces.

Cardboard boxes are more affordable than their plastic counterparts. For consumers looking for the perfect gift, these boxes don’t need anything extra or fancy added to give the wow effect.

T-shirt canisters

When thinking outside the box, T-shirt canisters take the crown. This simple menswear packaging trend takes the game up a notch with an unconventional and captivating presentation style. T-shirt canisters are an unexpectedly rugged but economical type of packaging.

T-shirt canisters are another way to appeal to buyers and remain unique as a business since most consumers are used to receiving items in cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

The shape can allow brands to use up every part of the packaging. They can thoughtfully place a logo and other necessary information for the buyer’s interest, as well as further details like step-by-step instructions on how to wear and care for the clothing item.

T-shirts are just some of the items that the canisters can hold. Sellers may also package socks, ties, and underwear inside of them, making the products feel more luxurious.

In addition, T-shirt canisters are lightweight, easy to store, and water/dust-proof. As a result, retailers and consumers can rest assured that items will remain intact during shipping.

Plastic garment bags

Plastic garment bags are one of the most used types of packaging for menswear in the market today. They are zippered and shaped like a cloth hanger at the shoulders with a square bottom.

These bags are water and dust-proof, prevent creasing, are suitable for travel, and ensure an organized display closet.

The various seal and zipper closing options can keep the clothing item inside safe from damage when transporting over short distances. However, a longer delivery may need additional packaging, like corrugated boxes.

Plastic garment bags are ideal for coats, suits, and jackets. They are also see-through, giving consumers a full view of the product.

Some models of garment bags may have a strap for holding them on the shoulder or handles. They come in different sizes depending on the length of the clothes retailers want to put in them.

Name tags and other details can be included for buyers who like to go the extra mile. Highly reusable because of its durability, buyers can choose to keep the clothing in the bags or put them away for later use during travel, allowing the outfit to arrive impeccably.

Printed paper boxes

Paper boxes are being used more globally today as businesses look to become more eco-friendly and sustainable while consciously shying away from the use of too much plastic in their packaging.

Paper boxes are sturdy and quite a popular menswear packaging choice like cardboard gift boxes.

Also, paper boxes are ideal for holding well-folded items, like underwear, making them perfect for selling bulk items to save cost.

Like other packaging trends, paper boxes are well-structured, come in different sizes, and offer protection, especially during shipping.

Beyond protection, the well-arranged/packaged items shipped in the boxes are pleasing to the eyes with just one look. Sometimes, paper boxes have a transparent cut-out on the front, allowing part of the shipped item to be displayed.

Most of these boxes come with tamper-proof seals or labels, pretty paper layers bearing brand logos, cards, and other customized items.

Closing words

When unboxing a new item of clothing, the first impression is where the magic happens. The proper packaging not only protects menswear but also immediately projects the brand values and aesthetics.

Different businesses emerge daily in the e-commerce world, and brands must stay ahead of the competition with style and proper packaging.

Regardless of the trend or trends a brand decides to go with, whether zipper bags, gift boxes, canisters, garment bags, or paper boxes, these menswear packaging trends will bring in profit, retain buyers, and give them a luxurious experience.

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