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Summer Nails 2023: Airbrush, Texture, and More


The nail market is one of the biggest industries in the beauty sector, with over 1 million hair and nail salons in the U.S. Nail salons can stay competitive and gain more sales by offering the products and services that consumers want. This is why following the latest nail trends is integral.

Summer is a key season in the beauty industry because more people are going out and will want to flaunt a stylish manicure. It’s never too early to start planning your summer manicure services, so here are a few looks for summer nails in 2023.

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Overview of summer nail trends
Summer nail trends for 2023

Overview of summer nail trends

There are new nail trends and looks every summer. Consumers want bright-colored nails to celebrate the fun of the season. But thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok, these nail trends look very different compared to looks in past seasons.

Nail art was a massive trend last summer that’s continuing into summer 2023. The average nail enthusiast wants to be creative with nail art, experimenting with different colors and techniques. 

Specific colors trend over others with each season. Even though neon colors are a summer nail staple, more users are embracing neutral colors for a subtle everyday look.

Summer nail trends for 2023

In summer 2023, nail businesses should have the materials and tools to design art and create texture in manicures. Looking ahead, these are the nail looks to expect this coming summer.

Airbrush nails

Mannequin hand with airbrushed acrylic nails

Airbrush nails were a massive trend in the late 90s and early 2000s, and now this trend is returning. That’s because celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion are catapulting airbrush nails into the mainstream.

This style is popular since airbrush nails can create various art and graffiti effects over a manicure. Airbrush effects were commonly seen over acrylic nails; now, nail technicians can use this art form over other trending nail services, such as gel manicures.

Before nail technicians can offer this service, they must have the right tools. An air compressor kit is a great place to start. This mini air compressor includes the sprayer, watering can, and a charger. 

There are also larger varieties for nail technicians who expect to perform more of these services.

3D art

Woman with green nail polish and leaf 3D accent nail

3D nails first emerged in 2022, thanks to Dua Lipa rocking this look. This look isn’t slowing down and will be a massive trend for summer 2023.

Consumers love 3D nail art because it brings their nails to life, adding more dimension to a traditional manicure.

This technique is more intricate and nail salons will require additional materials. Hard gel has a thicker texture than traditional gel and will act as a builder, making certain designs pop out. Nail salons will also want high-quality UV lamps to cure the gel effectively.


Woman with pink fingernails and one textured glitter accent nail

Textured nails are an alternative to 3D art. These nails don’t feature the intricate designs of 3D art, but are still complex. Textured nails have a unique appearance and feel, similar to the feel of fabric.

Creating texture on a manicure requires expertise and the right materials. Glitter polish is a classic way to create the illusion of texture in a manicure. Gel polish can also create an easy textured look. Nail technicians with artistry can create various designs with different brushes.

Nearly natural

Woman with neutral-colored nail polish petting a golden retriever

Even though artistic nails will be a massive trend, other consumers will want neutral nails—but ones that look better than natural. Celebrities such as Margot Robbie have been pioneering the minimalist aesthetic style, inspiring consumers to flaunt natural-but-better nails.

Nearly natural nails have sheer color, so salons should have plenty of clear nail polish on hand. Certain colors will provide that better-than-natural color, such as light pink and nude. Businesses can purchase a set of neutral-colored nail polish to offer different nearly natural color options.


Thumb accent nail with multi-colored gems

Many consumers have been adding diamonds, gemstones, and rhinestones to their manicures. This trend isn’t slowing down at all; with other trends such as texture and art, the gemstone manicure trend will only grow.

Nail salons should offer gemstones of different types and colors. To save money, nail businesses can buy a set of rhinstones in all colors to appeal to every consumer. 

Businesses can also buy gem stickers for consumers who want different effects and designs from their rhinestones at an affordable price.


Woman dressed as elf with chrome nails

Out of all of the nail color effects, chrome will be the trendiest option in 2023. Thanks to celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, both classic silver chrome and other metallic colors will be in-demand this coming summer.

Nail businesses can purchase chrome and metallic nail polish. Technicians can offer these services to classic manicures and gel services.


Woman with black and white ombre nails holding cell phone

Ombre was another popular nail trend in years past that won’t be going away in summer 2023. Vertical ombre nails are a classic option, and clients may request ombre nails in all colors. Ombres in high contrasting colors will look hypnotic, and color gradient in the same color range is also chic.

The key to a beautiful ombre is using the right supplies, and a sponge is what nail technicians need to blend the colors.

Pop art

Woman with bold, pink, acrylic, almond-shaped nails

Pop art was a massive movement in the 50s, taking inspiration from comic books. Artists such as Andy Warhol applied comic book artistry to commercial visual arts. Pop art is recognizable with bright colors and popular imagery, making this a unique look for summer.

Nail consumers love the pop art trend for the versatility and fun. They can apply pop art inspiration to all nail designs, different colors, and using their own personalization toward their manicure.

Since bright colors are a staple of pop art, nail businesses would want to have a set of various nail polish colors on hand at all times.


Nail businesses must remain competitive to generate more sales, and an easy way to achieve this is by following consumer trends. 

Summertime is when many clients will want to get a professional manicure, so businesses should know what customers will want out of summer nails in 2023. On top of that, nail businesses should carry the required tools and materials to fulfill these services. 

Summertime nail trends are also not the only trends that businesses should follow. There are certain consumer nail trends that change every season and even during the holidays. Nail businesses can keep up with the latest trends on the Baba Blog.

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