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6 Electric Sci-Fi Inspired Outfits To Glean in 2023/24

Woman showcasing a sci-fi inspired dress

Cinematic sci-fi creations have consistently offered daring glimpses into future technologies and escapades. Yet, these imaginative narratives have not remained confined to the big screen. Instead, they’ve exerted a profound influence on contemporary fashion.

From the geometric elegance showcased in Metropolis to the subdued tones of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the creative minds of designers and trendsetters have drawn inspiration from science for generations.

In this article, businesses can gain insights into the top trending sci-fi inspired outfits to leave fashion enthusiasts wanting more in 2023/24.

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Sci-fi fashion and the global apparel market
6 sci-fi inspired outfits moving from the screen to wardrobes
Rounding up

Sci-fi fashion and the global apparel market

Sci-fi fashion shows the potential to drive innovation and growth in the global apparel market. Although the apparel segment crossed US$ 650 billion in 2023 at a 7.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), there is still enough room for more expansion.

As designers look to the future for inspiration, they are often drawn to futuristic designs of sci-fi movies and TV shows, leading to the development of new materials, technologies, and styles flooding mainstream fashion.

Sci-fi fashion also helps create new trends, especially when related movies become popular. For example, the popularity of “The Matrix” movie led to a surge in demand for black leather trench coats.

6 sci-fi inspired outfits moving from the screen to wardrobes

Space explorer

Woman holding a bag dressed in a metallic coat

The sci-fi genre has explored space concepts with legendary movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. But, with fashion accepting more sci-fi influences, consumers can now enjoy space-inspired outfits through the space explorer trend. 

The space explorer trend blends futuristic fashion with the iconic style of space travel. It captures adventure, innovation, and curiosity, crafting stylish outfits that spark the imagination. Inspired by the limitless cosmos and astronaut courage, the trend turns space exploration into fashion inspiration.

Consumers can rock this trend through a sleek, futuristic trench coat with shiny metallic touches. The coat could look like a spacesuit’s surface, with a reflective outer layer and a sparkling inner lining. They can layer this coat over a high-tech bodysuit, metallic leggings, and shiny ankle boots for a sophisticated space explorer style.

Woman rocking a shiny sports bra and leggings outfit

Additionally, wearers can get a sporty space-inspired look with galactic activewear. Choose a shiny sports bra or tank top with moisture-wicking abilities, and pair it with matching metallic leggings or shorts. Then, add a lightweight, hooded cape made of shimmering fabric for a space explorer feel.

Women looking for something more feminine can elevate the space theme with an elegant evening gown. While the dress should ideally feature a flowing, celestial-style skirt, the bodice will have metallic accents resembling spacesuit hardware.

Cyberpunk rebel

Lady wearing a reflective cropped hoodie

This style draws inspiration from sci-fi cultural, literary, and cinematic influences. It emerged as a reaction to the rapid technological advancement, growing corporate influence, and dystopian theme exploration in various media.

Cyberpunk rebel shows a clash between the excitement of technology progress and worries about what it might bring. Using its unique look, the style speaks to the intricate link between humans and machines.

Male consumers can pair distressed skinny jeans with a holographic or metallic-finish bomber jacket for an easy cyberpunk rebel outfit. On the other hand, women may combine a graphic neon T-shirt with a leather mini skirt with a torn fishnet top layered over the get-up.

Woman dressed in a shiny metallic hooded coat

Consumers looking for a more rebellious touch can match ripped black jeans with a faded band T-shirt. An oversized metallic hoodie with distressed patches will solidify the ensemble’s cyberpunk rebel appeal.

Ladies can also rock a sleek cyberpunk rebel look by wearing a neon jumpsuit with angular lines and cutouts. Those not interested in one-piece attire can layer a metallic hooded cloak over a turtleneck bodysuit and metallic leggings.

Alien elegance

Woman posing in a flowing maxi dress with metallic accents

Like space explorer, this theme draws inspiration from outer space and science fiction. It imagines what clothing and style might look like on beings from other planets. For this reason, futuristic and unusual outfits with unique shapes, colors, and textures are popular in this alien trend.

Alien elegance is a relatively new trend, but it has quickly gained popularity among sci-fi fans and fashion enthusiasts. It’s an excellent way for consumers to express their love for science fiction and stand out.

In addition, the theme often prioritizes minimalist designs. As a result, alien elegance clothing doesn’t feature unnecessary details and patterns, giving the apparel a clean, sophisticated look.

Posing woman in a striking golden maxi dress

The essence of alien elegance outfits is to give off an otherworldly and extraterrestrial vibe. As such, consumers can wear a flowing, metallic maxi dress with subtle shimmering patterns. Conversely, they can match a tailored metallic blazer with wide-legged pants. Layering a sheer metallic top below the get-up will give it a subtle yet futuristic effect.

Lastly, women may dress in a metallic midi dress with a dramatic asymmetrical hemline. Or, they can pair a metallic pencil skirt with a sculpted shiny top featuring bold, angular lines.

Futuristic business

Man in clean-looking wine suit

Science fiction also threads into business fashion, redefining most formal attires under a futuristic light. The futuristic business trend combines a science fiction inspired piece with a work ensemble.

The style combines the sleek and advanced aesthetics of the future with the practicality of professional clothing. Futuristic business embodies sharp, clean lines, high-tech materials, and innovative details that reflect a world where technology and business seamlessly merge.

A modern power suit is the perfect way to sport this trend. All men need is a tailored suit in high-tech fabrics that resist wrinkles and maintain a sharp appearance all day. They must choose a jacket with minimalist yet striking designs paired with slim-fit trousers.

Woman posing in a red monochromatic sheath dress

Women can also enjoy this theme by wearing a crisp button-down blouse with a high-tech twist (like fabric that adapts to temperature changes). The final part of this outfit is slim, high-waisted trousers or A-line skirts.

But that’s not all. Consumers can choose a sleek, monochromatic sheath dress with innovative textures or patterns that catch the eye. They can add a touch of futuristic sophistication by adding a collarless blazer with a structured yet minimalistic design.

Time traveler

Woman rocking a vintage maxi dress with modern jacket

The time traveler trend blends fashion across eras for a unique look. It’s like stepping into a sci-fi story with the outfits. This sci-fi inspired theme combines vintage pieces with futuristic accents, creating a sense of timeless adventure.

This trend is all about mixing the past with the future. In this spirit, ladies can pair a vintage-inspired floral dress with metallic ankle boots for a mix of eras. Add a leather jacket with futuristic detailing to enhance the ensemble’s aesthetics.

Woman dressed in tailored trench coat and monochromatic outfit

For another approach, consumers can wear a tailored trench coat in a classic style over a modern, monochromatic outfit. Or, they can pair high-waisted, wide-legged trousers from a bygone era with a fitted turtleneck.

Patterns also come into play with the time traveler trend. Women can combine a vintage-patterned blouse with a shimmering metallic skirt. Next, they can layer a classic cardigan or sweater vest for a cozy touch.

Interstellar nomad

Woman posing in a bohemian-style jumpsuit

Interstellar nomad mixes elements of space travel with a bohemian style. It’s a fashion style that draws inspiration from the idea of wandering through the cosmos, blending rugged and practical with futuristic details. 

Jumpsuits are one trendy way consumers can style this trend. They can choose a utilitarian-styled jumpsuit with metallic zippers and pockets, layering a sheer, iridescent cape over it to add a touch of mystery.

Woman wearing a pair of metallic leggings

Additionally, ladies can pair metallic leggings with a long, flowy tunic featuring space-inspired patterns. They may add a rugged touch to the look by adding a distressed jacket.

Rounding up

The fascination with futuristic styles continues to charm fashion enthusiasts and always seems to catch their interest. The good news is that retailers can expect increased sci-fi themed designs in the fashion market.

This change goes hand in hand with other nerdy hobbies like comic books. With the connection between on-screen characters and clothing preferences growing deeper, retailers must grasp the top trends flooding the market ahead of sales.

Space explorer, cyberpunk rebel, alien elegance, futuristic business, time traveler, and interstellar nomad are the eclectic sci-fi inspired outfit trends for 2023/24.

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