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6 Women’s Active Courtside Trends Spring/Summer 2023


Tennis and other court sports have seen a rise in participation in the past few years, and with their growing popularity come new fashion trends to look out for. The women’s active courtside trends are great conversation starters and bring a sense of style to the court that isn’t always apparent when it comes to tennis fashion.

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Market value of women’s courtside apparel
6 top trends in women’s active courtside apparel S/S 2023
The future of courtside apparel

Market value of women’s courtside apparel

The global tennis market is set to increase at a CAGR of nearly 4% between 2021 and 2025, meaning the market will grow by approximately USD 94.70 million over a span of just a few years. Tennis and other court sports such as squash and badminton are now appealing to a larger group of people, and with this new interest comes an increasing demand for more high-end as well as casual sport looks.

There has been an uptake in awareness among consumers concerning the health benefits of sports while trying to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Tennis is a great cardio sport that can be played in smaller or larger groups, and with big celebrity endorsements promoting new types of women’s active courtside apparel, the interest in the sport and its clothing has never been higher. 

Woman in a purple tennis dress on the court

There are a lot of new styles of clothing hitting the activewear market, but some are expected to make a bigger impact than others with consumers. Pieces such as warm-up shorts, courtside dresses, and printed windbreakers are some of the top items that will be popular. Here are the top 6 trends in women’s active courtside apparel to watch in spring and summer 2023.

Mood and color

In the past, tennis has been seen as an elitist sport that wasn’t accessible to everyone. That’s starting to change now though, with tennis moving to more public spaces helping to increase involvement in the sport. As new events and clubs start to emerge, teams and individual consumers want to stand out more, which is where more noticeable colors come into play. The lighter, pastel tones are expected to be very popular with women of all ages, as the color scheme still presents a refined look. Mood and color are important for teams as well as individuals who want to look great while playing their sport.

Woman in a pink tennis outfit against a pink wall

Comfortable warm-up short

For some women, tennis is more of a social and casual event rather than a competitive sport. For those consumers who enjoy a nice Sunday hit with friends, the comfortable warm-up shorts will be one piece of women’s active courtside apparel they’ll want in their wardrobe. The adjustable length paired with the relaxed fit and elasticated waistband is both functional and lightweight, making them perfect for playing sports on the courtside or for relaxing. The bonus of the adjustable length is that the shorts can be adapted to the consumer’s preference without needing to purchase multiple styles of shorts

Woman in teal running outfit with warm-up shorts

Full tennis set

With throwback fashion trends still on the rise, the mini skirt is maintaining its popularity across multiple markets, and that includes women’s activewear. For tennis, skirts aren’t unusual, but the upcoming full tennis sets will be showcasing clean lines and additional storage technology to make it easier for the wearer to retrieve a ball. The materials such as stretchy polyester will provide the ultimate comfort to the consumer, and the market is expecting to see more women trying this type of courtside apparel out.

Woman in white tennis outfit throwing ball in the air

The basic T-shirt

A full set of tennis apparel can be expensive, especially for consumers who are just playing casually. The basic community T-shirt is bringing a fresh new look to retro and preppy clothing with its 90s appearance. T-shirts made from organic fibers and eco-friendly materials are a big trend to watch out for, as many players are not only interested in hitting but also in socializing, which is where the basic T-shirt can perform in a multi-functional way. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the design and patterns on the T-shirt, but they tend to be slightly oversized for ultimate comfort. 

Woman wearing a pink T-shirt in a field of flowers

New courtside dress

Tennis dresses have always made a fashion statement, either with refined and classic looks or with bold patterns and colors. The S/S 2023 courtside dress trends will see inspiration drawn from beachwear with swim-inspired necklines and form-fitting silhouettes. The focus of these dresses will be the detail, with necklines adapting to the temperature and the materials used being selected for various weather conditions. The big color trend to look out for with the courtside dress is the contrasting color blocks

Woman standing with white and orange tennis dress on

Printed windbreaker

In keeping with the nostalgic looks that are hitting the fashion world over the past couple of years, the printed windbreaker is set to be a strong contender for women’s active courtside apparel in 2023. This is an essential piece of apparel for training that can be worn with layers in the cooler months or as a warm-up or cool-down piece in spring and summer due to its lightweight material. The printed windbreaker can also be a fashionable look off the court, with the zipper opened or closed to complement the outfit. 

Woman with orange vintage windbreaker holding tennis racket and ball

The future of courtside apparel

As tennis becomes a more universal sport and is opened up to consumers from all walks of life, women’s active courtside apparel will see some changes too. Trends such as the vintage windbreaker, funky courtside dresses, complete tennis sets, warm-up shorts, the basic T-shirt, and clothing that has pops of color added to it are all ones to watch out for in terms of women’s active courtside apparel in spring and summer 2023. 

With a focus on multiple uses and functionality, as well as a trendy appearance, courtside apparel will take on a new look that will see bolder statements as well as relaxed looks that will be suitable for playing in as well as socializing later

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