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6 Must-know Trends for Smart and Stylish Bath Mirrors


Innovative home technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those interested in trying new things. Smart bath mirrors are one of the more contemporary trends that have recently increased in popularity. 

So if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and update your bathroom accessories, it’s essential to have a stock of bath mirrors in line with the current trends. Explore the six latest trends in bath mirrors now. 

Table of Contents
Overview of the bath mirror market
Basic functions of bath mirrors
6 top bath mirror trends

Overview of the bath mirror market 

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable market for bath mirrors. As the smart mirror market grows at a CAGR of 9.5% between 2018 and 2026, it’s forecast to reach $4,415.4 million by 2026. Market analysts predict a CAGR of 8.3% for the Europe smart mirror market share during the forecast period, generating $1,558.0 million in revenue.

The primary reasons for this growth are greater public awareness about health and hygiene issues worldwide and the rising demand for digital household devices. In addition, manufacturers invest in R&D to give their products new features.

Basic functions of bath mirrors

Bath mirrors have been around for centuries, but they’ve only recently become popular due to their many essential functions. One of the main reasons that bath mirrors are so popular is because they create an impression of more space. 

Bath mirrors are essential for proper self-care. They allow the user to view their entire body so that they can accurately assess areas that may require more attention. And finally, bath mirrors provide storage spaces, perfect for keeping cosmetics or other personal items.

6 top bath mirror trends 

1. LED-illuminated bath mirrors 

Beautiful LED-illuminated bathroom mirror

There have been many different types of bathroom mirrors with various features throughout the years. However, one popular trend that has continued to be popular is LED-illuminated bath mirrors. 

These mirrors are decorative and provide users with an improved view while in the shower or tub. Top bath mirror trends include LED-illuminated bath mirrors with IP44 Rate LED backlit bathroom mir­rors

These mirrors are unique for changing the color and mood of the bathing space. They also come with various features that make them perfect for safety and convenience. 

In addition to being brightly lit so users can see themselves clearly, many LED-illuminated bath mirrors also have built-in dimmers to adjust their intensity according to needs. And since LEDs use very little energy overall, they’re an excellent choice for thermal efficiency.

2. Bath mirrors with anti-fog functions

Luxury bath mirror with anti-fog functionality

Bath mirrors with anti-fog functions are becoming increasingly popular as a trend in bath accessories. These mirrors help users avoid fogging the mirror due to steam or other vaporized moisture. 

This functionality is especially beneficial for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. It allows users to take advantage of the entire beauty potential of their bathroom without suffering adverse effects caused by misty conditions.

Anti-fog mirrors keep the mirror clear and free from condensation. In addition, they often have additional features such as light reflectors and adjustable angles to improve viewing. 

3. Voice-lighted smart bath mirror

Smart sensor controlled bath mirror

Today’s bath mirrors come with various sensors that allow them to be controlled using gestures, voice commands, or even simple touch-ups on the screen. A voice-lighted mirror is now a trend that you can expect to see in most bathrooms. 

They come with either intelligent wall-mounted backlighting or built-in light­ing. Additionally, they have various lighting modes so homeowners can customize the look and feel of their bathroom according to their needs. 

Voice activation is trending in bath mirrors because many people like convenience. Users can activate their mirror with just a few words from across the room, which makes getting ready for bed or taking a quick shower much more convenient than ever before.

An intelligent wall-mounted backlight bath mirror model is also available, making it even easier to use. It also provides extra features such as automatic brightness adjustment based on the time of the day or ambient light levels.

With both sensor-controlled bath mirrors and voice activation, there’s something for everyone when it comes time to invest in a bright mirror.

4. Bathroom mirror shapes with mirrored frames

Modern bathroom mirror with a lovely shape

Mirror shapes can still be classy and modern with mirrored frames, as long as you go for a custom shape. Mirrored squares or rectangles perfectly fit the bill—their classic look pairs well with bathroom décor. 

Rectangular bath mirror shapes are hot right now, and there are plenty of reasons. They’re versatile and go with modern styles. They’re also affordable, and most importantly, they reflect contemporary trends in design perfectly. 

Homeowners are starting to choose custom rectangular bath mirrors. The mirrors are available in traditional and non-traditional styles, framed or frameless options.

5. Innovative bath mirror with full heights

Modern bathroom mirror with decent height

There has been a recent trend of adding more height to bath mirrors. This is especially the case with full-body mirrors with a light touch, which give people a better view of their whole bodies at once. 

This type of mirror allows people to check their body hair in detail and see possible issues that need addressing. The mirror has a sleek, modern design that is suitable for consumers who are particular about stylish bathrooms.

There are many variations available, so whether homeowners prefer a low or tall view, there’s a size for them!

6. Bath mirror with cabinet

Modern bathroom mirror with cabinet

A bath mirror with a cabinet is one of the most popular trends in bathroom mirrors today. This popularity is because it provides a convenient way to store all toiletries and cosmetics without too much space on the vanity. 

Not only does this style of mirror offer storage capacity, but it also offers a sleek design option. The sleek design will improve the bathroom’s look and make it more modern and stylish.

Final thoughts 

Your customers are interested in what’s new and innovative at your store, so provide bath mirrors with the latest trends that will impress them. These trends will show your creativity and help you stand out from the competition. Use these trends to keep your clients coming back for more!

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