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8 Must-Know Farmhouse Décor Trends for 2024

Antique farmhouse table riser with marked food containers

While there isn’t always a consensus on which décor style is the one to watch, most interior designers agree – farmhouse décor is in!

Because farmhouse décor is a part of home décor sales, growth in this sector is a significant aspect for sellers. Also, understanding market drivers and what defines this style is necessary to ensure you fill your shop with the right items.

Read on to learn which product samples match this interior design style, and discover several premium product examples of this décor trend. This will allow you to stock up on the right farmhouse décor for 2024 to get your store sales on track.

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Market growth in home décor
2024 farmhouse décor trends
Make your mark with farmhouse design trends

Market growth in home décor

Globe Newswire’s research indicates that the 2023 home décor market is worth USD 216,291,4 million. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%, this market is projected to have a value of USD 394,715.7 million by 2033.

Although separate figures aren’t available for each interior décor style,  farmhouse décor ideas form a part of this growth.

The main market force behind farmhouse décor trends is customization. Customers want textured fabrics, artwork, and modular furniture that can also be configured for personal preferences. Tailored upholstery and lighting must also be individualized.

All décor must be durable and manufactured using eco-friendly methods. Moreover, digital tools that assist with interior design plans are welcomed.

The United States, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom are setting the biggest buying trends in this market. Of these, the U.S. is ahead of the others in purchase volumes.

2024 farmhouse décor trends

Pale yellow distressed rustic toolbox with flowers

Defining modern farmhouse décor

Adjectives that fit with rustic elements often describe the farmhouse décor style. If the interior design is simple, warm, comfortable, and functional – it aligns with the concept of farmhouse décor.

Typical items that define this style are wood (rough timber pieces) and metal (repurposed). Earthy tones and white shades are an integral part of this landscape.

Farmhouse design is also characterized by repurposed vintage items and antiques fused with modern elements.

Farmhouse décor trends embrace minimalism, blending patterns and textures, and eco-friendly, sustainable interiors. The items below were made to align with this style.

Vintage farmhouse-style wall décor

Whitewashed wooden window frame wall hangings with metal detail

Reusing old, unwanted vintage items as part of one’s interior is eco-friendly. Repurposing also indicates décor durability. Fuse these items with modern interiors for an authentic, inviting atmosphere. Because of its purposefully aged appearance, this brand new window frame aligns well with the farmhouse décor theme.

The worn, whitewashed wood appearance with its metal detail makes it a perfect vintage look-alike wall décor item. The result is white rustic elegance at its finest – a piece that will work in a farmhouse kitchen, sitting room, dining room, or entryway.

Antique wooden frames

Square wooden window frame wall hangings with wreaths

Rustic, distressed, wooden window frames made to look like antiques are a farmhouse hit! Interior designers can hang them as they are for a striking effect. Alternatively, there are many ways to display these products. They can attach wreaths, dried flowers, or metal buckets containing flowers to the frame’s center.

These products bring a sense of warmth into a room. They’re simple yet practical. Despite their simplicity, they can bring bare walls alive, improving the comfort factor in any room.

Rustic repurposed timber

Rustic wood, glass bottle, and flower wall hangings

All natural, sustainable materials, this mixed texture of rustic wood, rope, glass, and flowers epitomizes farmhouse décor ideas. Soft lighting brings in yet another feature to fascinate the observer. This wall hanging is simultaneously unobtrusive yet demands attention. Customers can place this lovely rustic timber product in passages, kitchens, or living spaces.

Modern farmhouse décor hand-carved wooden chain link

These huge wooden links are versatile and popular among modern farmhouse-style enthusiasts. They are also simple yet striking pieces with rustic, elegant appeal. Drape them over bedroom mirrors for a point of interest, or place them around indoor plants. Otherwise, customers can use these links for styling coffee tables and shelving.

Customizable antique tables

Rectangular whitewashed wooden table riser

If your customers want antique table risers but cannot find any at the right place, customize them. This table is just one example of severable table riser design styles. Sellers can customize them with different-shaped tops, feet, or colors. Get a head start and start shopping for farmhouse décor ideas in the Alibaba.com showroom today.

Modern wood and iron table

Round modern farmhouse sink décor wood and metal riser

Farmhouse interior designs are all about mixing natural materials and textures. This small wood table riser with iron feet is an example of that. Place this table riser on the bathroom or kitchen sinks. Add a plant, grooming products, or herbs for a warm, inviting look.

Modern minimalism

Large abstract horse oil paintings on canvas

Horses are a common motif in farmhouse wall décor, so they fit in well with this interior style. The paints are eco-friendly plant-based oils or acrylics, and other natural elements such as leaves, paper, feathers, and sand are worked into this art – applied on a canvas of natural linen.

Buyers can customize frame colors. Whatever you decide, this large horse on canvas is a beautiful example of farmhouse minimalism. It is so big that it will command attention as a focal point in any room.

Make your mark with farmhouse design trends

Rustic farmhouse custom size wooden wall sign

Farmhouse décor trends are simple, comfortable, minimalistic, and functional. Products that match these criteria include those containing rustic elements, have mixed textures and natural materials, and reflect minimalism.

Browse the Alibaba.com showroom for a range of popular products, and stock up on farmhouse décor to meet customer demands for this much-loved interior style for 2024.

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