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Top 2024 Video Marketing Trends You Should Know

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Video marketing has become one of the most critical aspects for companies to include in their content marketing strategy. According to data from Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use videos for marketing, with 93% revealing that videos are a vital part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, 73% of consumers have been influenced to make a purchase decision after watching a brand’s video describing a product.

While the power of video is beyond doubt, keeping abreast of the newest marketing trends is crucial to staying ahead of your competition. This article will, therefore, tap into the top 2024 video marketing trends. But first, let’s discuss some of the benefits of incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns in 2024.

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Benefits of video marketing in 2024
8 top 2024 video marketing trends you should know

Benefits of video marketing in 2024

1. Increased conversions

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Finding the ultimate marketing strategy that converts is a challenge brands face. It’s the reason businesses with an unclear vision may test various marketing tactics and still fail.

Luckily, by adopting video marketing techniques, you can change that. Video marketing has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry, at 86%.

Making shoppable videos is one way to make the most of video marketing. These videos help users learn more about your products and direct them to your checkout page.

2. Increased brand awareness

89% of consumers prefer shopping from businesses they trust, and to build trust, you must first inform people about your brand. Videos work best when you want to build brand awareness compared to other content marketing forms.

The reason is that marketing messages have a 95% retention rate compared to text, which has a 10% rate. Therefore, when you use digital videos for social media advertising, the chances of resonating with your audience and making your brand memorable are high.

3. Improved SEO rankings

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YouTube is the second-most popular search engine after Google, with at least 2 billion monthly active users. However, only 2.93 million US businesses (9%) leverage the power of YouTube in their marketing strategies.

Although this is a small fraction of enterprises across the United States, it presents an opportunity to become an early adopter of using videos to help your business site rank up in search listings.

You can create SEO-optimized videos to drive traffic to your website. If you have several subscribers on your channel, you can publish videos and refer users to specific pages on your business page. With more visitors, Google will reward your site by boosting your ranking.

4. Increased engagement

The other important aspect of video marketing is that it leads to high engagement. A study shows that users spend 88% more time on websites with videos versus those without.

Creating videos and publishing them on your website or social media can attract viewer attention and increase engagement with your content. Experts estimate that high engagement leads to an 80% conversion rate.

8 top 2024 video marketing trends you should know

1. Vertical videos

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70% of Americans consume video content on their smartphones, thanks to the availability of high-speed mobile internet and the ever-changing digital content landscape. That’s even more than the 59% of users who watch videos on smart TVs.

With a high demand for mobile-optimized video content by consumers, it makes sense that most businesses will adopt vertical videos in their marketing strategy in 2024. These videos will usually be in the 9:16 format.

2. Silent videos

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Silent viewing is becoming a thing nowadays. No wonder 95% of individuals, whether commuting or waiting for a doctor, watch videos without sound. With consumers’ inclination towards silent videos, marketers will prioritize captioned videos to display their message to target audiences in 2024.

Captions in videos are important as they help audiences retain the message better. Consumers are also 80% more likely to complete a video if it is captioned.

Another way captions come in handy when marketing is for SEO (more on that later), where search engines like Google pull out text to rank in search results. In addition, captions are helpful when targeting the millions of people worldwide with hearing problems through video ads.

3. Short-form videos

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Videos short in length are prevalent nowadays. These videos often range anywhere between 15 seconds and 60 seconds, although this is debatable. Short-form videos are meant to be quick and easily digestible by users scrolling through social media platforms or buzz feeds. Examples include TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

With 73% of consumers preferring short-form video content when learning about a product, marketers in 2024 will make these videos to target buyers, especially in an era where attention spans are shrinking.

4. Smartphone cameras

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Most businesses will ditch expensive video production equipment and adopt content creation using smartphone cameras. Mobile devices not only cost less but are also less bulky and intuitive, and most models have outstanding video quality.

Furthermore, you can use smartphone cameras to create short-form and vertical videos and live streams to interact with your audience in real time.

5. AI in video marketing

Artificial intelligence took the world by storm in 2023 and will make its way into most brands’ marketing strategies in 2024. Many AI video creation tools have emerged over the last year, making video creation straightforward.

However, in 2024, businesses will explore software that simplifies the process. They will look for new AI tools to reduce research time, generate scripts, edit, add captions, and distribute content across platforms.

6. User-generated video

Man using cellphone with USER-GENERATED CONTENT text

90% of consumers prefer authentic brands, with 60% of customers agreeing that user-generated content (UGC) is the most authentic way brands can market themselves. UGC refers to videos, blog posts, or social proof created by ordinary individuals about a company’s product or service.

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke and Apple’s Shot on iPhone Challenge are some of the most popular examples of UGC, where users share images when using their products on social media. However, while many brands adopt this technique by paying influencers to create videos with their products, audiences demand a more humane approach. Therefore, expect to find genuine reviews from consumers using products they like in 2024.

7. Video SEO

SEO should be one of the trends to include in your 2024 video advertising strategy, which helps your video content rank higher on Google search results pages.

Before publishing your video, make sure that its title, description, captions, thumbnail, transcripts, and tags are well optimized for recommendation to people looking for your products.

8. Live shopping

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Popularized by Amazon and Taobao Live, the adoption of live shopping will continue to be a top digital marketing strategy in 2024. Many e-commerce businesses will put up shoppable live videos via platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which can, in turn, improve sales and conversion. In fact, according to a McKinsey report, live shopping leads to conversion rates of up to 30%—ten times more than conventional e-commerce.


Incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy is important in today’s digital age. Being updated with the latest video marketing trends is key to gaining a competitive edge in e-commerce. By practicing these trends in 2024, you will reap the benefits of using visual imagery to attract new customers and increase your sales. Learn more about video marketing here.

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