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Key Prints & Graphics: Women’s and Men’s Activewear for 23/24


Activewear is under major changes. Thanks to the athleisure trend, more people are demanding activewear that’s comfortable yet functional, size-inclusive, and stylish. For this reason, fashion brands need to follow the style trends surrounding activewear.

Prints and graphics are a popular activewear look. The average consumer wants fun workout clothes they can wear to the gym and when they’re out running errands. 

But certain prints and graphics are trending more than others. Here are the ones you can expect to see during the 23/24 season.

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Overview of activewear prints and graphics
Trending activewear prints & graphics for 23/24

Overview of activewear prints and graphics

Previously, activewear was only worn for exercising and other athletic purposes. Today, more consumers wear activewear for nearly every reason—from running errands to going out with friends. This resulted in the athleisure trend.

Activewear has gotten a makeover over the last few years. Buyers no longer have to settle for neutrals and plain colors—modern activewear is available in fun prints and graphics, making these styles more eye-catching.

Activewear also offers many benefits to the men’s market. Previous men’s fashion, such as suits, were uncomfortable. Athleisure allows men to be stylish while staying comfortable. Women also love wearing yoga pants and leggings instead of jeans since they’re comfortable and flexible.

The demand for creative activewear is increasing, so businesses must pay attention to the most demanded athleisure prints and graphics.

Trending activewear prints & graphics for 23/24

In 2023 and 2024, fashion businesses will see classic trends such as camo and animal print. There will also be unique prints that coincide with the metaverse, consumers’ devotion to the environment, and art. Be sure to sell these products in your store during the autumn and winter 23/24 seasons.

1. Family sports club

Little boy on a standup paddle board

The athleisure trend is included in the women’s and men’s markets but is most popular among consumers between 16 and 30. This largely comprises the Gen Z and Millennial age groups, who are also parents. 1 in 5 mothers is in the millennial women age group.

These consumers don’t make up the entire market; most Gen Zers are still too young to have children, though there are Gen Zers who are becoming parents.

These statistics prove that millennials and Gen Zers are equally concerned about dressing their children in stylish yet comfortable clothing.

This is why the family sports club style is favored among millennial and Gen Z parents. Family sports club consists of playful graphics that are suitable for all ages. The family sports club pattern is most popular in the women’s athletic apparel market and any family-related fashion niche.

Sell hoodies and similar clothing with bold text and kid-friendly shapes, such as hearts. Fonts should be big and legible enough for kids to read, such as the ones on this T-shirt.

2. Techno swamp

Woman wearing techno swamp-printed jacket

Techno swamp is emerging at a faster rate than expected. This print combines futuristic abstract prints with natural influences, representing the consumer’s devotion to the environment while staying innovative and trendy.

There are various ways that businesses can adopt this trend. Classic prints such as camo can fall into the techno swamp trend, but find graphics in neutral colors such as black and gray. Other animal graphics, such as snake print, will also be trending. Make these items available for both leisure and fitness wear, consisting of both tanks and tees.

3. Ocean themes

Man standing on cliff looking out at water

Ocean-inspired prints are a major trend for a couple of reasons. These prints represent the modern consumer’s concerns with saving the ocean and marine wildlife. Imagery depicting waves, marine animals, and nautical elements reminds users of the summer.

There are various ways businesses can supply the demand for this print. Businesses can find activewear sets in wave prints. Be sure to sell exercise sets that include both leggings and shorts.

Color-blocked prints in oceanic colors will remind users of the water. Even blue textured leggings will remind users of the ocean.

4. Dada art

Woman lifting weights wearing lilac leggings and multi-colored sneakers

Dada was an art movement starting in early 20th century Switzerland. This movement highlighted the horrors of World War I. In Dada art, one will see irrational and avant-garde imagery—the opposite of aesthetically pleasing images in Classic and Romantic art.

The modern fashion enthusiast connects with this art form due to social issues, environmental concerns, the pandemic, and economic distress. Dada art is also expressive, combining various colors and shapes. This is why Dada-inspired prints will be a major trend in the global activewear markets.

Businesses can find various eye-popping Dada-inspired active items, such as this one in a  futuristic line design. Fitness sets in dark shades color-blocked with neon colors will also convey the colorful yet non-aesthetic Dada style. 

For users who prefer dark or neutral colors, you can still sell dark Dada pieces with patterned images. Dark-colored fitness wear can also feature bright-colored designs and artwork.

5. Soft and healing design

Man in yoga pose outdoors

On the contrary, some fitness enthusiasts need to heal from various worldly issues. Healing designs encompass soft colors and subtle designs to create a sense of tranquility in the wearer.

Neutrals and soft pinks are colors that businesses should emphasize. Classic patterns such as camo can work but in toned-down grays and other neutrals. 

Men and women love comfortable hoodies, especially in the autumn and winter. Sell these items in shades of white and cream to fit this trend. Consumers also appreciate seeing these designs printed on sustainable fabrics.

6. Digital daydream

Woman wearing digital-inspired yoga pants

Thanks to the metaverse and other technological advancements, digital-inspired trends are seeing serious growth throughout the fashion sphere. In A/W 23/24, businesses can expect a new digital daydream trend. This look combines technology and nature with futuristic graphics and prints revamped in nature-inspired colors.

This fitness set uses bright blue color-blocked with gray and black. Nature-inspired prints in neon colors will attract both older millennials and the younger crowd. 

White will be a popular color for the colder months, and the gold sparkle accents on these leggings will represent the New Year. Fitness sets will feature innovative designs revamped to fit neutral colors, resulting in a casual yet eye-popping aesthetic.


Businesses should expect to sell quality and trending activewear prints for the autumn and winter 23/24 seasons, especially in prints. Activewear prints and graphics make workout attire more playful—perfect for wearing while out and about. 

But like other styles, certain activewear prints have a bigger market share than others. These prints should apply to both men’s and women’s activewear.

Patterns popular among adults and children, nature-infused colors, oceanic prints, Dada-inspired graphics, and toned-down prints will be the biggest trends. These prints are influenced by the younger generation’s position on life, their beliefs, mental health, and the economic sphere.

Upcoming fashion trends extend beyond activewear. Fashion businesses should pay attention to all styles that consumers demand. Continue reading the Baba Blog to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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