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Grab Consumer Attention With Beautiful Candy and Snack Packages


Every single one of us has ever been attracted to beautiful packaging, and sometimes that is what makes us decide to purchase something. Beautifully-crafted packaging is bound to turn heads and attract interest from potential customers. This is why packaging designs and styles are as important as their functionality.

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Candy and snacks are a universal guilty pleasure
Useful packaging styles favored by customers
Boost sales with attractive packaging options

Candy and snacks are a universal guilty pleasure

Many of us would still remember how we begged our parents to buy us candy and snacks when we were younger. Candy and snack products are something that will always remain a guilty pleasure for most. They are extremely popular among children and also especially popular during festive seasons. Revenue in confectionery and snacks amounts to $1.53 trillion in 2022, with most of it generated in the US. The global candy market is also expected to reach $290.7 billion by 2028.

Colorful, assorted candies on display

With how popular confectionery and snacks are, it is no surprise that the packaging market for these food items has a healthy outlook. The global snack food packaging market is expected to reach a market valuation of $25.9 billion by the end of 2031 from $17 billion in 2020, and the global confectionery packaging market is projected to reach $13.2 billion by 2027 when it is estimated to be at $10.9 billion in 2022.

Different snack and candy packaging

Useful packaging styles favored by customers

Convenient and portable

Packaging design and style is the first thing that jumps out to most people when shopping. Apart from an attractive and eye-catching design to grab attention, user-friendly packaging will provide any consumer with a better experience. On top of consumer attention, we also want to ensure ease of use when it comes to packaging.

Candies and snacks are often bought as an afterthought when people crave something sweet and sugary or quick and small bites. Such consumers are unlikely to purchase candy and snacks in huge containers, and many of them are likely to be younger children or students who buy tiny packets of snacks with their pocket money.

Assorted snacks in a cardboard box

Businesses catering to such groups should look into portable and flexible packaging that makes it easy for customers to purchase and bring with them. A useful option is the resealable stand-up pouch, which is a great packaging option for dried snacks since it can be resealed.

Look into providing different material options like kraft paper or polyester film. Consider changing up the designs by including features like transparent windows so that the candy and snacks can be seen.

Gummy candies packed in a resealable pouch

Bulk and wholesale

For businesses doing wholesale distribution of candy and snacks, bulk packaging would be something more suitable. Looks are usually not at the top of the list when it comes to bulk and wholesale packaging, so something that looks simple will most likely be enough.

Assorted snacks and candies in clear plastic containers

Consider transparent boxes or container packaging designs that allow the candy or snacks to be seen. An example will be a large plastic container with a handy lid. These containers are great for storing hard candy and snacks like dried fruits and nuts.

Assorted candies in large containers

Eco-friendly and sustainable

As consumer awareness about environmental issues grows, more individuals are beginning to make an effort to make informed purchases and choices. Fast food giant McDonald’s is looking into sourcing its packaging from post-consumer plastic and bio-based materials to help reach its goal of sourcing all packaging from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025. Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging will take center stage in the packaging game very soon.

Assorted candies in glass jars

Eco-friendly packaging will be at the forefront of businesses that pride themselves on being sustainable. A possible option for such brands will be biodegradable wrapper packaging.

Heart-shaped candies stored in a paper box

Unique and aesthetic styles

Apart from practical packaging styles and environmentally-friendly ones, there will no doubt be some consumers attracted to interesting designs and looks that are aesthetically pleasing. These consumers may purchase items purely for purposes like home decor or to spruce up their desks in the office. They are thus likely to be working adults who have enough purchasing power to buy higher-end products with more expensive and decorative packaging.

Chocolates packaged in a beautiful box

Another potential consumer group for unique and aesthetic styles will be individuals who are looking for special event packaging. Wedding door gifts and sweets for baby showers are some possibilities. Newlyweds might be interested in trendy looks and intricate packaging designs for wedding sweets or door gifts to wow their guests.

Assorted candies stored in test tubes and conical flasks

For brands that market their candy or snacks as luxurious treats, making their products look elegant and classy is of utmost importance. These brands might prefer sturdier packaging and more luxurious designs like hexagonal glass jars, as these can add instant class to any candy and snack.

Assorted candies in a glass jar

Boost sales with attractive packaging options

Beautiful packaging can help businesses win, and providing different options and styles that cater to the needs of consumers are equally as important. See a boost in sales when you provide the types and packaging styles that your business customers need. Start by sourcing useful and attractive packaging for candy and snacks on Alibaba.com now.

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