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Party Packaging: 5 Trends Your Business Needs to Watch


Gifts and parties are always present in any holiday celebration. And with the holidays quickly approaching, many people are expected to purchase packaging supplies to wrap their presents. As new products and gifts come out every year, preferences in terms of packaging may also change. 

Looking into the demands of your customers is key to making your business relevant, plus ensuring that you can garner sales. Read below and get insights into the five packaging trends your business needs to watch. 

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The market for holiday and special occasion packaging
5 packaging trends for party supplies
Package in style

The market for holiday and special occasion packaging 

The U.S. market for gift-wrapping and packaging products is valued at USD 5.47 billion in 2022 and expects growth to USD 7.02 billion by 2025. Such valuation is primarily driven by rising purchasing power, product innovation, and tradition.

Consumers have growing purchasing capabilities, so their need for more lavish packaging supplies is also rising. They also expect packaging manufacturers to be more creative and innovative in their designs. 

Wrapping paper and ribbons make up a significant portion of this market, with their variety and availability being key factors. Attractive paper packaging and decorative boxes are some products you can consider. 

So, what’s making new waves in the holiday packaging market?

5 packaging trends for party supplies 

Gift boxes featuring joyful and attractive designs are hot in the market, but minimalistic trends are on the rise too. People want sustainable packaging, personalized messages, and unique designs in their presents. 

Festive designs 

Festive packages in gold tones

People love festive packaging designs because they represent their best wishes to the receiver of their gift. It’s a symbol of joy, which is the essence of parties and celebrations, making it one of the most common choices in the market.

Festive packaging can also be versatile, making it suitable to use when giving wedding gifts, treats, and holiday presents. If you run a packaging business, it may be worth considering having customizable supplies for specific holidays and occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and weddings. 

Businesses can also incorporate festive gift boxes in their products. They can use such materials in ready-to-give presents, making the product both attractive and convenient for their customers. 

Messages inside the box 

Cardboard box with a message inside

What better way to express well wishes to your loved ones than a personalized message? The sentimental factor of messages is an ever-present trend in gift-giving, but it may involve a bit more effort in personalization. 

Messages inside the gift boxes can be as simple as putting in a gift card in addition to the gift itself. But given people’s expectations of creativity, ensuring that the designs are satisfactory and easy to the eyes is a key step. Printing the message directly on the box works too. 

One of the best ways to present this trend in actual gifts can be achieved with a gift box, some shredded paper fillers, ribbons, and a stylish message card. Such presents are suitable for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. If you’re running a packaging business, offering message personalization would be vital. 

Minimalistic designs 

Minimalistic package on a white background

Minimalistic designs are great for those wanting to save money and keep things simple, as these plain options require fewer materials. It’s one way to save many people time and effort packing presents. 

This trend usually avoids flashy prints but achieves a great look when paired with a classic ribbon. What’s good about minimalistic packaging boxes is that they fit almost any present, whether big or small. 

Although more typically purchased by individuals, enterprises can also use minimalistic packaging in their products. This would make the items gift-ready and more presentable. Plus, it’s cost-effective. 

Sustainable packaging 

Sustainable packages with appealing flower designs

With recent movements on environmental protection, more and more people are getting conscious about how they affect their surroundings. And they practice sustainability principles on special occasion packaging too. Particularly, they’re seeking eco-friendly and stylish packaging supplies. 

There are several ways of applying this trend, such as using the least amount of packaging to wrap a gift and using environment-friendly materials. For example, there’s no need to use a large box for a present that can fit inside a smaller one. 

Recycled gift boxes are gaining traction in today’s market alongside plant-based packaging. You may also consider adding plantable packaging fillers and reusable gift boxes to your inventory. 

Unique shapes

Heart-shaped packages on a black background

People tend to be visual most of the time, and they’re expected to be attracted to uniquely shaped presents. Most gifts come in boxes or rectangles, and it’s certainly a novel experience to see one in unconventional shapes. 

Some shapes are more appropriate depending on the occasion. For example, circular packaging would be great for a Christmas gift, while a heart-shaped gift box is more suitable for a Valentine’s or anniversary present. 

Businesses can take advantage of this trend by making seasonal product packaging. They can also incorporate other looks, such as the shape of a cartoon character and pine trees and Santa Claus for the holidays. Customization in size and design is also a vital aspect of this trend. 

Package in style

While almost every product in the market requires packaging, holidays and special occasions call for stylish options that express people’s sentiments to their loved ones. Personalized and thoughtful gifts are at the top, together with sustainable and unique presents. 

Hop on to these five packaging trends for the festive days to come and ensure that you can provide your client’s needs to package their gifts in style. 

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