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The Best Viral TikTok Beauty Products in 2023

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In the world of beauty products, the trends are ever-changing and innovation never sleeps. If you’ve ever swiped through TikTok, you’ll have undoubtedly witnessed the dynamic and influential world of beauty unfold before your eyes. In the fast-paced realm of social media, viral trends come and go like the seasons, leaving beauty enthusiasts in constant pursuit of the next big thing.

In 2023, TikTok has cemented its place as a powerhouse platform for makeup purveyors, and it’s where beauty secrets, hacks, and products take center stage. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the top products to have captivated millions of eyes and embraced innovation like never before.

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How TikTok influences beauty buying decisions
The top TikTok beauty products

How TikTok influences beauty buying decisions

Social media platforms, including TikTok, have a profound influence on beauty buying decisions due to several key factors:

  1. Authentic user reviews: TikTok allows real users to share their honest opinions and reviews about beauty products. These genuine testimonials can carry more weight and trustworthiness compared to traditional advertising. People often feel more comfortable making purchasing decisions based on recommendations from peers and influencers that they relate to.
  2. Influencer marketing: Influencers play a significant role in TikTok-driven beauty industry. Beauty influencers, with their vast followings and engaging content, can showcase products creatively and demonstrate their effectiveness. Influencers’ personal connection and relatability can sway consumer choices as they feel a sense of trust and familiarity with these individuals.
  3. Short attention spans and instant gratification: TikTok’s short video format is ideal for capturing users’ attention quickly. Consumers can see immediate before-and-after results, making it easier to visualize a product’s potential benefits and impact on their appearance.
  4. Accessibility and convenience: TikTok often includes direct links to products or brand pages, making it easy for users to access and purchase the featured beauty products without leaving the app. This convenience can lead to impulsive buying decisions.
  5. Youth-centric audiences: TikTok’s user base is predominantly young, and younger demographics tend to be more receptive to new trends and willing to experiment with different beauty products. 

Brands have begun to recognize the significance of leveraging TikTok’s influence, leading them to invest in creative marketing strategies and collaborations with influencers to effectively reach and engage with their target audience.

The top TikTok beauty products

Three tubes of liquid blush

Liquid blushes

Liquid blush is a type of blush makeup that comes in a liquid or creamy form, as opposed to traditional powder blushes. It’s typically housed in small bottles or tubes with a built-in applicator, such as a pump, dropper, or brush, making it easy to apply directly to user’s cheeks and other areas.

Its popularity stems from its buildable coverage, long-lasting formula, and suitability for all skin types. The versatile product can be used as blush, lip tint, and eyeshadow. Liquid blush offers a radiant, fresh finish, making it a beloved makeup staple in the beauty industry, especially among those seeking a youthful and natural look.

Rare Beauty soft Pinch is one example of liquid blush that has gone viral on Tiktok. Blush wands are also incredibly popular with TikTokers. 

Cream contours

Cream contour is a type of contouring makeup product that comes in a creamy consistency, typically in a palette or stick form. Its purpose is to create the illusion of shadows on the face, helping to define and sculpt facial features for a more chiselled appearance. 

Its popularity is driven in part by its ability to provide a natural, blendable, and long-lasting contour, making it a favored choice for makeup enthusiasts and professionals. Its versatility, ease of use, and photogenic qualities contribute to its widespread appeal have also made it a staple product in the makeup routines of many.

Person applying foundation

Matte foundations

Matte foundation is a type of foundation makeup that provides a flat, shine-free finish to the skin. It is designed to minimize the appearance of oiliness and give the user’s complexion a velvety, non-glossy look.

Its popularity stems from its oil-controlling properties, which makes it suitable for oily and combination skin types. The foundation provides medium-to-full coverage, concealing imperfections and creating a smooth canvas for makeup application, while its photogenic finish and longevity contribute make it ideal for special events and photo-ready looks. 

Additionally, the matte formula is versatile, allowing users to build up coverage for a more intense look or apply it simly for a natural appearance. With a wide range of shades available, matte foundations cater to various skin tones and preferences. Its blendable texture ensures a seamless application, avoiding a heavy or cakey appearance.

Overall, the demand for matte foundation has arisen from its ability to offer a flawless, long-lasting, and oil-free complexion for a polished makeup look.

Woman holding bronzing drops on the beach

Bronzing drops

Bronzing drops, are a liquid makeup product designed to add a sun-kissed glow to the skin. They typically come in a small dropper bottle and contain a highly concentrated bronzing formula that can be mixed with other beauty products or applied directly to the skin.

Bronzi drops are usually used to:

  1. Bronzing the skin: The primary purpose of bronzing drops is to add a bronzed or tanned effect to the skin. They can be used to enhance natural tans or add warmth to a user’s complexion, giving the appearance of having spent time in the sun.
  2. Customizing applications: Bronzing drops are versatile and can be mixed with foundation, moisturizer, primer, or body lotion to create a bronzed base for the skin. Combining the drops with other products allows for a customized level of bronzing.
  3. Contouring and highlighting: Some bronzing drops have a slightly darker or more intense shade, making them suitable for contouring or adding depth to the face. Additionally, they can be used to highlight specific areas of the face or body, providing a luminous glow.
  4. Illuminating the skin: Some bronzing drops have a subtle shimmer or luminosity, making them ideal for adding a radiant and luminous effect to the skin. This gives a dewy and glowing appearance.
  5. Body bronzing: Beyond the face, bronzi drops can also be applied to the body, adding a bronzed glow to areas like the shoulders, neckline, or legs.

The popularity of bronzing drops is a result of their ability to provide an effortless and customizable sun-kissed look year-round, as well as their multi-functionality and illuminating properties. The product’s convenience and versatility have made them a favored choice for achieving a bronzed and radiant complexion without sun exposure.

Person holding cat eyelashes and tweezers to apply them

Cat eyelashes

Cat eyelashes refer to a specific style of false eyelashes or lash extensions designed to give lashes a dramatic and elongated appearance reminiscent of the seductive look of a cat’s eyes. These lashes are characterized by their winged-out shape, where the outer corners are longer and more lifted than the inner corners, which helps create the feline-like effect.

These lashes are a popular choice for special occasions, evening makeup looks, or for anyone who desires a dramatic and eye-catching appearance. They can be applied with lash glue over a person’s natural lashes or be professionally applied as lash extensions, providing a bold and striking enhancement to the eyes.

When wearing cat eyelashes, choosing the right type of mascara is essential to complementing the dramatic and elongated effect. There are several types of mascara that work well with cat eyelashes, including:

  1. Lengthening mascara: Opt for a lengthening mascara to further enhance the elongated effect of cat eyelashes. Lengthening mascaras typically have fibers that cling to the lashes, adding extra length and creating a more dramatic appearance.
  2. Volumizing mascara: A volumizing mascara helps to add thickness and fullness to your natural lashes, creating a more cohesive and bold look when paired with cat eyelashes.
  3. Waterproof mascara: Consider using a waterproof formula to ensure your mascara stays in place and doesn’t smudge or flake, especially when wearing cat eyelashes for extended periods. 
  4. Layering: For a more intense look, consider layering different types of mascara. Start with a lengthening mascara, followed by a volumizing mascara, to achieve both length and fullness.

Before applying mascara, curl your natural lashes to match the lift and curl of the cat eyelashes. This will help to seamlessly blend your natural lashes with the false lashes.

Close-up of a person’s eye wearing eyeliner and purple eye shadow

Eyeliner stamps

An eyeliner stamp is a makeup tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating a winged eyeliner look. It typically consists of a double-ended pen with a stamp on one end and a fine-tip eyeliner on the other.

Eyeliner stamps effortlessly create symmetrical and sharp-winged eyeliner looks. Users can achieve a consistent wing shape by simply stamping the winged outline onto the outer corner of the eye and then connecting it to the upper lash line using the fine tip.

The ease of use, time-saving benefits, and consistent results have contributed to the popularity of eyeliner stamps. They are a helpful tool for achieving a classic and flattering winged-eyeliner look without the stress and hassle of traditional freehand application.

Person wearing a headband while putting on makeup

Sponge makeup headbands

A sponge makeup headband, also known as a makeup headband or beauty headband, is a soft and stretchable headband typically made of sponge or a soft, absorbent material. It is designed to keep the makeup user’s hair away from their face while applying makeup, skincare, or other beauty routines. These headbands have become incredibly popular due to the Get Ready With Me (#GRWM) trend on TikTok. 


TikTok has emerged as a powerful sales platform, propelling trends and catapulting products into viral stardom like never before. From liquid blushes that create a natural, dewy glow to cream contours that sculpt and define facial features, viral products have redefined beauty routines and inspired creativity among beauty enthusiasts. TikTok’s impact on the beauty industry has been profound, and it’s no wonder savvy brands continue to harness its potential for viral success.

As we look forward, it is likely that the beauty world’s dynamic evolution will be closely intertwined with the TikTok universe, with new products and trends continually catching on among many users. The possibilities are limitless, and beauty brands are poised to ride the wave of TikTok’s ever-changing tides.

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