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Embracing Viral: The Top TikTok Beauty Trends of 2024


Discover the most captivating TikTok beauty trends that are defining 2024. From the charm of coquette beauty to the innovative approach of skincycling, learn how these trends are reshaping beauty routines worldwide. Perfect for makeup enthusiasts and online retailers looking to stay ahead in the fast-evolving beauty industry.

Table of Contents
Coquette beauty: A return to playful charm
Micro beauty: Celebrating the details
90’s grunge makeup: A nod to rebellious chic
Budget beauty: Glamour on a dime
Skincycling: Personalized skincare revolutions

Coquette beauty: A return to playful charm

In the vibrant landscape of TikTok beauty trends, coquette beauty emerges as a delightful resurgence of whimsical charm and elegance, making a significant mark in 2024. This trend harkens back to an era where rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and the seductive allure of red lipstick reigned supreme. It’s a celebration of femininity, with an emphasis on creating a look that’s both playful and captivating. The essence of coquette beauty lies in its simplicity and accessibility, allowing anyone to recreate this timeless aesthetic at home with minimal tools and expertise.

Coquette beauty A return to playful charm

The appeal of coquette beauty extends beyond mere nostalgia; it taps into the desire for a beauty routine that is both effortless and chic. Thick lashes, a flawless complexion, and the quintessential red pout form the pillars of this trend, embodying a blend of classic beauty standards with modern-day ease. This approachability makes coquette beauty particularly endearing to those seeking to enhance their natural features without resorting to complex or time-consuming methods. It’s a testament to the power of makeup to transform and enchant, offering a gateway to experimentation and self-expression through the lens of TikTok’s ever-evolving beauty narrative.

As we navigate through the myriad of beauty trends on TikTok, coquette beauty stands out for its unique combination of simplicity, charm, and historical homage. It represents not just a trend, but a movement towards embracing a more accessible and universally flattering beauty ideal. For online retailers and makeup enthusiasts alike, coquette beauty offers a rich source of inspiration, blending the boundaries between past and present to create looks that are both timeless and thoroughly modern.

Micro beauty: Celebrating the details

Micro beauty, a standout trend in 2024’s TikTok beauty sphere, emphasizes the art of detail in makeup application. This trend champions the subtleties of beauty routines, focusing on the meticulous techniques that enhance natural features with precision. It’s about celebrating the little things—fine-tuned eyeliner, sculpted eyebrows, and lips defined to perfection. Micro beauty advocates for an intentional approach, where each detail is carefully considered to achieve a flawless finish.

Micro beauty Celebrating the details

This trend resonates deeply with those who view their beauty routine as a form of artistry and self-care. Micro beauty is not just about the end look but the process—taking the time to appreciate and perfect each step. It elevates everyday makeup routines into moments of mindfulness and creativity, proving that beauty lies in the details. As TikTok continues to inspire and dictate beauty standards, micro beauty stands as a testament to the power of precision, offering a counterbalance to more is more philosophies and celebrating the sophistication in simplicity.

90’s grunge makeup: A nod to rebellious chic

The revival of 90’s grunge makeup on TikTok in 2024 taps into a yearning for the bold, unapologetic styles of the past. Characterized by dark, smoky eyes, stark eyeliner, and deep matte lip shades, this trend embodies a spirit of rebellion and individuality. It’s a throwback to an era where makeup was an extension of one’s personality, a tool for self-expression that defied conventional beauty norms. Grunge makeup encourages wearers to embrace their inner rockstar, to play with intensity and contrast, and to make a statement that’s as audacious as it is personal.

90's grunge makeup A nod to rebellious chic

This resurgence is more than just a nod to nostalgia; it’s a reinterpretation of grunge aesthetics for the modern makeup enthusiast. TikTok users are adapting these iconic looks with contemporary twists, proving that grunge makeup is not only about recreating the past but redefining what it means to be bold and beautiful in today’s context. As this trend gains momentum, it offers a wealth of inspiration for those looking to explore a darker, more edgy side of beauty, inviting a new generation to experiment with looks that stand out from the crowd.

Budget beauty: Glamour on a dime

In 2024, TikTok’s budget beauty trend has become a beacon for those seeking to marry affordability with style, proving that looking fabulous doesn’t have to strain your wallet. This movement is characterized by a collective sharing of tips, tricks, and product recommendations that deliver high impact without a high price tag. It’s a testament to the community’s ingenuity, showcasing how drugstore makeup and DIY skincare concoctions can yield results that rival those of luxury brands.

Budget beauty Glamour on a dime

The budget beauty trend on TikTok is breaking down barriers, making beauty more inclusive and accessible. It resonates with a wide audience, from students to professionals, who are all eager to discover how they can achieve stunning looks on a budget. This democratization of beauty fosters a sense of community and empowerment, as users exchange their best finds and creative solutions, proving that the true essence of beauty lies not in the cost but in the creativity of the application.

As this trend continues to evolve, it offers invaluable insights for online retailers and beauty enthusiasts alike, highlighting the growing importance of affordability and accessibility in the beauty industry. It challenges the notion that only high-end products can deliver quality results, opening up new opportunities for brands and consumers to explore beauty in a more equitable and economical way.


a trend gaining momentum on TikTok in 2024, promotes a rotational skincare regimen, utilizing different products on alternate days to enhance skin health without overburdening it with active ingredients. This approach tailors to personal skin needs, offering a customizable routine that maximizes benefits while minimizing irritation. Particularly favored by those with sensitive skin, skincycling enables users to address various concerns—from acne to aging—by systematically incorporating products like exfoliants, serums, and moisturizers into their care routine.


The trend’s popularity underscores a movement towards informed, intentional skincare, highlighting the importance of understanding ingredients and their effects. Skincycling not only champions skin health but also educates TikTok’s vast audience on crafting a mindful skincare practice that’s both effective and sustainable. As it continues to captivate, skincycling stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of beauty, where personalization and knowledge lead the way to optimal care.


As we venture further into 2024, TikTok remains at the forefront of shaping beauty trends, continuously influencing how we perceive, apply, and appreciate beauty. The trends highlighted, from the whimsical allure of coquette beauty to the thoughtful approach of skincycling, illustrate a dynamic beauty landscape that values individuality, accessibility, and informed care. These trends underscore a significant shift in the beauty industry towards more inclusive, adaptable, and conscious beauty practices, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

For online retailers and beauty aficionados, staying attuned to these viral sensations on TikTok is not just about keeping pace with the trends but embracing a broader vision of what beauty can be. It’s about recognizing the power of community-driven trends to democratize beauty, making it more accessible and customizable than ever before. As we look to the future, the ongoing dialogue between beauty enthusiasts and the industry itself promises a continuous evolution of beauty norms, where creativity, inclusivity, and personalization reign supreme. The viral beauty trends of TikTok in 2024 are not merely fleeting moments but harbingers of an ever-expanding universe of beauty possibilities.

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