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Emerging Planter and Terracotta Pot Trends You Need to Know

Assorted flowers blooming in planters

The world is increasingly prioritizing sustainable living and environmental protection, and the gardening industry reflects this trend via a surge in innovative solutions, especially in the realm of planters and pots. Understanding and staying ahead of these trends is crucial for businesses to navigate these changes effectively.

According to Expert Market Research, the global planters and pots market size was estimated to be USD 4.56 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 6.95 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 4.80% during the forecast period.

This growth is attributed to the growing popularity of horticulture and gardening. Many people are turning to gardening for related mental health benefits or the physical benefits of growing their own produce, or both.

Moreover, innovations and new designs like self-watering planters, which take some of the more arduous elements out of gardening, are boosting the growth of the planters and pots market. Furthermore, growing access to such planters is contributing to the growth of the market overall.

Overview of the self-watering planter and terracotta pot market

Self-watering planters: A game-changer

Plants in yellow self-watering planters

Self-watering planters are not just a fad, they represent a revolution in how people engage with gardening. These planters have ingenious watering systems that regulate water supply and cater to the busy life of the modern consumer.

Self-watering planters have multiple benefits, making them particularly attractive to novices and seasoned gardeners alike:

Save time and effort: Time is a precious commodity in today’s world. Thanks to self-watering planters’ hassle-free gardening experience, users don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring their plants.

Healthier plants: Many people may unwittingly kill their plants by forgetting to water them, or by overwatering them. Self-watering planters help to maintain moisture levels, helping to keep plants healthier and live longer. Moreover, with self-watering planters, there is no risk of overwatering or underwatering the plants.

Terracotta pots: A timeless comeback

Plants in brown terracotta pots

Traditional terracotta pots are making a remarkable comeback amidst the rise of modern materials. Their appeal lies in their timeless aesthetic and versatile functionality, featuring warm, earthy tones and a porous material that provides excellent breathability for plant roots.

Two of the main selling points of terracotta pots are:

Aesthetic appeal and versatility: Terracotta pots bring a rustic charm to any garden thanks to their rustic, artisanal designs. Moreover, their versatility allows creative displays that go well with many interior styles, enabling retailers to cater to their customer base’s diverse tastes and preferences.

Sustainable and eco-friendly: Terracotta pots align with many customers’ preferences for natural, sustainable materials in this increasingly environmentally conscious era. Retailers can capitalize on this by promoting the eco-friendly aspect of terracotta in their marketing strategies.

There are many emerging trends in planters today, from sustainable planters to self-watering planters. Some of these emerging trends include:


Today, many customers are environmentally conscious and want sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Customers increasingly demand planters made of natural materials, like woven hanging planting and recycled planter boxes. To tap into this market, retailers should look to stock sustainable and environmentally friendly planters.

Neutral tones

Brown ceramic pots on a brown surface

Increased demand for products made of natural materials and with earthy tones has helped boost the popularity of terracotta planters.


A white planter on a stand

Many customers seek sleek, modern, and minimalist planters. Many consumers want to keep plants but may have limited space. Products like plant stands are an excellent example of how people can care for plants but maintain a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

Rustic and rusty

Flowers in a bicycle planter

Another emerging trend in planters is the rustic and rusty look. People are repurposing old and rusty junk to planters. For instance, pots, wheelbarrows, old tires, bicycles, and sinks can all be adapted to make great planters.

In gardening, the choice of planters and pots plays a vital role in defining an indoor and outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Thanks to the huge range of planters, there’s something to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of plant enthusiasts and interior designers.

Some of the most popular pots and planters include: 

Plant stands

White flower pots on a white and wooden stand

Plant stands have become an essential piece of furniture in modern interiors with indoor plants. They offer a stylish and elegant way to display plants at various heights, coming in different materials like metal, wood, and even woven options to cater to the needs and preferences of all customers.

With sleek, minimalist designs, plant stands add a touch of sophistication to indoor spaces, creating visual interest and allowing for creative arrangements.

Planter boxes

Flowers in a whitish planter box

Planter boxes fuse form and function, offering versatility in plant variety and arrangements across outdoor gardening and urban landscaping.

They are best used for herbs, flowers, and small shrubs. They allow for a structured and organized display of plants and come with innovative designs like self-watering features, making them low maintenance and a good choice for beginners.

Hanging planters

A plant with red flower in a hanging planter

Hanging planters are a good solution for those with limited floor space or who like dynamic and suspended plants. These planters come in various materials, from macramé to modern metal designs, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hanging planters allow for creative arrangements and transform any space into a lush and visually captivating haven.

Wall planters

Wall planters can be mounted on walls, fences, and balconies, transforming plain surfaces into vibrant green settings. They’re therefore great for customers in urban areas who want to maximize their green footprints in limited spaces.

With flexible and customizable designs, wall planters are a creative way to introduce greenery to urban environments, boosting sustainable and visually appealing living spaces.

Large outdoor planters

Pink flowers in large outdoor planters

Used to frame entrances, line pathways, or create focal points in large outdoor spaces, large outdoor planters command attention and add drama in the world of landscaping and garden design. These oversized planters allow the cultivation of substantial plants, trees, and shrubs.


The world of pots and planters is defined by the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. From the timeless allure of terracotta pots to innovative solutions provided by self-watering planters, each style brings a unique charm to the display of plants in homes and gardens.

As plant enthusiasts continue to explore creative ways to integrate greenery into their lives, the demand for versatile and stylish pots and planters will continue to grow. By understanding and adapting to trends in the gardening market, retailers increase their chance of success by capturing their desired market.

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