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Focus on These 5 Trends in Women’s Pants for 2023


Key competitors in the women’s trouser segment are making heavy investments to keep up with customer demand for trendy options. There are many exciting trends in the market taking a new perspective on all the fits that have been reigning over the past few years. Here are the trends in women’s pants businesses should include in their product offerings for 2023.

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Learn about the women’s trouser market
Trends in women’s pants for 2023
Stay informed about trends in women’s clothing

Learn about the women’s trouser market

The global revenue in the women’s trouser segment of the apparel market is forecasted to increase by USD 15.3 billion between 2023 and 2027 to amount to a total market value of USD 152.7 billion in 2027. This anticipated growth represents a 11.16% increase in revenue within the forecast period.

The major players in the market are investing heavily in new fashion trends in response to changing demands in the women’s clothing market. Although the polyester segment dominated the market, the cotton segment is expected to expand its influence on the market at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2022 to 2028. Cotton is breathable and absorbent and can be used to produce clothing for either warm or cool weather. Some customers may also enjoy how comfortable cotton is against sensitive skin when compared to other synthetic fibers.

Trends in women’s pants for 2023

Wide leg trouser

Purple satin wide fit lounge pants
Businesswoman wearing black wide trousers

Whether for a casual day out, the office, or a night out, the wide leg fit remains popular in 2023. Wide leg pants are fitted at the waist and flare out from the hips to create volume around the ankles. A wide pant gives the illusion of curves and longer legs on every body type. 

For 2023, the trend is expected to become more extreme with exaggerated volume through the leg. As a reference to the 1990s, wide leg trousers this year may also be designed in a barrel cut, which features a roomier fit around the hips that bows out at the knees and leads toward a slightly tapered ankle. The ankles on wide leg bottoms can be rolled up to emphasize the shape.

Although neutral colors remain classic for any occasion, pinstripe patterns are ideal for business dress pants, while satin or leather and vegan leather finishes are great for evening parties. Corduroy wide leg trousers in warm or earthy tones are another popular rendition of the trend for day-to-day wear.

Cargo pant

Woman in gray camo combat pants
Black women’s cargo pant with drawstring ankles

A cargo pant is a loosely cut pant that was originally designed for rough work environments and outdoor activities. Nowadays, cargo bottoms are a big item in fashion as early 2000s dress gains traction.

Cargo pants can come in loose fit silhouettes or a tapered cut with rolled up ankles. They commonly come with details like oversized utility pockets and elastic or adjustable drawstring waists and hems.

For the time being, denim cargo pants in lighter washes are still popular with a crop top and casual shoes like sneakers. Alternatively, neutral cargo pants in a tan, green, or gray khaki fabric remain the most versatile year-round. However, customers are starting to experiment with other luxe materials in 2023, such as satin or wool blend. Designers are also beginning to explore sophisticated versions of the cargo pant with refined pockets and tailored cuts.

Cropped pant

Distressed light wash cropped straight leg denim
Black crop pants with distressed hems

The cropped cut is a new trend for 2023 that can be seen on casual denim bottoms or dressed up trousers. As opposed to capri pants, which are considered a longer version of shorts that go past the knee, cropped pants are more versatile and elegant because they cut only a few inches above the ankle. 

Cropped trousers are a fun way for women to show off stylish socks or booties. To successfully adhere to the trend, a cropped pant should be designed with a straight, wide, or flared leg fit since slim or skinny pants will look outdated.

For cropped denim pants, frayed detailing or raw hems give the cropped bottoms a grungy personality. As an extension of the cargo pant, cropped bottoms with drawstring hems or waistbands help fuel the athleisure trend.  

Colorful flares

White and orange floral print flared bottoms
Pink ribbed knit flared pants

The maximalism from the disco era of the 1970s is making a stronger appearance in 2023. Multicolored pants are back in style, particularly in the flared cut. 

These types of colorful flares are often worn with understated pieces such as a plain white t-shirt or strappy sandals for a refined hippie aesthetic. Flared trousers designed from materials like satin or silk can also be used for a more elevated look.

Within the denim category, flared pants are being produced with psychedelic prints and patterns like butterflies, flowers, smiley faces, peace signs, and hearts. Jeans that give the appearance of having been personalized and modified with embroidery, embellishment, graffiti prints, patches, and markers are on the rise.

Tailored joggers

Woman wearing light pink joggers
Black joggers with red and green track stripes

For 2023, tailored joggers are a popular fashion item. Joggers are an upgraded version of sweatpants that are typically elasticated at the waist and ankles. 

Although they are designed to be worn while out on a jog, tailored joggers are stylish enough to be incorporated as part of an outfit. A tailored jogger can be paired with a cropped hoodie or sweater and casual sneakers or dressed up with a t-shirt and strappy heels for special events.

Trendy details like track pant stripes along the sides and pastel colors or jewel tones will give joggers a refined appearance. To play into the wide-leg trend, customers may also be interested in joggers that combine baggier thighs with a cinched waist and ankles.

Stay informed about trends in women’s clothing

There are many new trends in women’s pants this year that provide an update to tried-and-true styles. Cargo pants and joggers are reinvented for 2023 through luxe fabrics and tailored silhouettes. Wide leg pants and cropped trousers play with shape and length, while colorful flares use playful color, print, and pattern to make a nostalgic statement.

Although early noughties styling has been trending for a few years now, the fashion industry is witnessing an upcoming consumer shift towards vintage designs from other eras. Looking forward, major industry players are also investing in the latest AI technology to enable customers to try and test products remotely. Businesses are advised to continuously introduce new styles and invest in emerging technology to remain relevant in the women’s clothing market.

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