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Women’s Trousers and Shorts Pre-fall 2022: 5 Stunning Trends


Women’s trousers and shorts have gained traction in the female apparel market over the years. In the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, they threaten to take over completely. 90s straight-leg pants are making a comeback and wide-leg trousers are stronger than ever.

This article delves into five of these trends, how they can be paired with other clothing and why businesses should buy them. But first, this is the size of the market and how it has been growing.

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The market size for women’s trousers and shorts in 2022
Five women’s trousers and shorts trends pre-fall 2022
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The market size for women’s trousers and shorts in 2022 

The women’s pants market revenue was valued at $211.95 billion in 2021, with an anticipation to hit a CAGR of 4.7% from 2022 to 2028.

The availability of trousers in designs that meet seasonal demand and requirements, the rise in the working-class women, and high purchasing power are all factors that contribute to the market’s growing size.

This market is expanding as corporate cultures increase around the world. Additionally, apparel producers are switching to automatic machinery to boost production while also working to cut costs.

By connecting with consumers in a variety of ways, including through e-commerce platforms and other channels, apparel manufacturers are working to grow their customer base.

Five women’s trousers and shorts trends pre-fall 2022

Wide-leg trousers

A woman wearing brown colored wide leg trousers

Image source: Pinterest.com

Wide-leg trousers have always been fabulous statement clothes when it comes to women. They are long and drape around the ankles and flare out, which has a retro, 90s feel to it.

These pants are made from relatively thin and soft fabrics like silk and linen, which make them easy to wear and comfortable, especially around the thighs. Some others are made from cotton, cotton blends of polyester, and even corduroy, which is thicker and also really durable.

Wide-leg trousers pair a lot better with thicker materials such as sweatshirts, hoodies, denim jackets, and big coats.

Woman rocking a tank top over gray wide-leg pants

Image source: Pexels.com

A style of wide-leg trousers is the pleated trousers, which are sewn in a way that has creases running down the length of the legs. It is perfect for semi-casual and casual visits to the park, walking a dog, or going to the movies.

The nipped wide leg trousers introduce the flare by having a seam along the knees or calves, which then spread out the trouser legs. They are good to pair for semi-casual as well as formal attire to work and work-related activities. Women can wear them with button-down shirts or turtlenecks.

Statement legging

A woman in teal colored statement leggings

Image source: Pinterest.com

Women who wear leggings know they are a versatile piece of apparel for virtually any environment or setting. They are casual wear as much as formal wear and that quality is what makes it one of the top trends this season.

When paired with an oversized blazer and highlighter pink leggings, the outfit is instantly stylish.

A woman wearing black statement leggings

Image source: Pinterest.com

Instead of the traditional black, women can also dress up their athleisure appearance with light purple leggings for a look that is at once casual and stylish.

For a stylish athleisure look, women could also go for a matching navy activity outfit in a single color. It works with a jacket with a sports aesthetic.

Metallic liquid leggings are a good way to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, they are ideal for a night out. Women can tie these at the waist and wear them with a sheer blouse.

Re-tility cargo

Woman rocking dark brown cargo pants

Image source: Pexels.com

Representing the re-tility cargo trend, these beauties reveal all that is unorthodox and extremely classy. The distorted dye and ultra-relaxed fit find their way into this trend.

These cargo pants are made from different fabrics like wool, corduroy, and denim in some rare cases. Being an unorthodox trend, the colors are all over the place as well. From bright pink to a real dull brown, extreme colors find their home in this trendy style.

Lady wearing a white top over army green cargo pants

Image source: Unsplash.com

The distorted dye is a mix of colors that contrast heavily like pink and black or yellow and green. There are no rules as designers and fashion enthusiasts aim to go insane with the combinations this season. Women can pair these tie and dye trousers with matching tops or neutral single-color shirts like white or black.

The corduroy pants look a lot better with elastic bands around the ankles for a semi-casual look. Riddled with pockets, they remain cargo trousers for women everywhere. They can easily pair these with button-down shirts for semi-casual events and ruffle shirts with statement arms for simple casual outings.

Any occasion flare

Woman rocking a white bra top and orange flare pants

Image source: Unsplash.com

This trend pays tribute to the beloved wide-leg trousers and raises the bar by making them as wild as possible. With statement legs and ankle hems that threaten to sweep the floors, these occasion flare trousers are going to be up for grabs.

These flared trousers are usually rendered in knits and stretch woven materials. They are extremely soft, skin-friendly, and elastic to wrap around the leg frame and add a sexy chic tone to the whole ensemble.

Woman rocking beige flare pants

Image source: Unsplash.com

The extended split trousers have split hems that are either ankle high or go all the way up to the thighs. These, as semi-casual wear, pair well with simple shirts made from thin materials like silk and satin. They also go well with ruffle shirts that feature ruffles around the sleeves, torso, and back.

90’s straight-leg trousers

Woman rocking a white crop top and gray split-hem pants

Image source: Pinterest.com

It is common knowledge that straight-leg pants are unattractive and challenging to style. But the contrary is true. For any occasion, these trousers can be styled in a wide variety of ways.

Straight-leg pants can be dressed up for the office or down for weekend activities. For a girls’ or a romantic night out, women can dress them up.

Lady rocking split-hem denim pants

Image source: Unsplash.com

Any occasion can be made more pleasant with cuffed jeans. Pressed jeans in a darker color can be worn to work for a relaxed yet polished appearance. Women can go ahead and run those errands after work without feeling overdressed or uneasy in business-casual gear.

Women can rock straight-leg pants with their shirts tucked in to get a curvy silhouette that highlights the body’s shape. If they do not want to tuck the shirt all the way around, just tucking the front and leaving the back untucked will achieve the same look.

Wrapping up

The trends mentioned in this article are perfect for women who like to be outdoors and discover new places. The 90s straight-leg trousers blend in and look great in all circumstances, whether they are informal or formal. The gorgeous wide-leg trousers as well look amazing on picnics and on set. 

The semi-casual occasion flare trousers can be worn for such occasions as well as to stay indoors and ward off the cold at home. 

In essence, businesses and retailers need to stay on top of these trends because they are swiftly monopolizing the market.

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